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The Spirt Bear (Story featuring Zahava)

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The Spirit Bear
Featuring Riddledrhyme's Zahava

It was known to most Endless Forest deer that there were places in the Forest where once could 'pass through' into the rest of the world outside the deer paradise. Many had done this before, when they wished to visit other lands or had other things that needed to be done.

In Zahava's case, she just wanted to get away from the Forest for a while. A little break, some alone time, that's all she wanted.

She looked left and right before finding the portal to the lands outside the Forest, and passing through, it would look as if she simply vanished. In her eyes, she stepped through and instantly felt a whiff of different scents in the air. The land outside didn't smell the same as the Endless Forest. Predatory animals passed by here often, even humans at time, who could never find the entrance to the Forest.

Zahava knew how to get back, so she went off on her own. The place she was at was a dense woodland, and perking her ears, she could hear a river somewhere close by. She suddenly found herself to be very thirsty, and licking her lips, she went in the direction of the water, smelling it coming closer and closer. She stopped for a second, suddenly grimacing as she felt a slight pain in her chest. It was odd, as if she had just run a marathon and was out of breath, but soon it ceased and she felt normal. She ignored this and kept going.

The doe soon found a rushing rapid. The sound of water was much louder here, and as she looked across the place, she soon realized she was not alone. Not only were salmon jumping up-river, but in the center of the river, on a large boulder, was a white bear. It wasn't a polar bear, but a native of the area often known as a Spirit Bear.
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Crystal Tears (Story featuring Alina)

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Crystal Tears
Featuring Bladeliger76's Alina
Requested by SoliloquyChryseis

No one knew exactly how it happened, but the Forest was suddenly ablaze.

There was a loud bang in the Birch Forest. The sky was dark, as if it was about to rain, but no raindrops ever fell. The sky flashed like a thunderstorm. Maybe it was lightning that started it. No one was certain, but all they knew was that there was a raging wildfire burning the trees.

Everyone was running away, but the Forest was endless, and they would soon escape the fire only to come face to face with it. The flames were growing fast, burning everything in the way. The heat was unbearable to those who were too close, and before they knew it, the deer and inhabitants of the Forest were running to the Pond. They knew the water was the safest place to be, but the crowd was gathering quickly.

Alina was asleep, she had found a comfortable place in the Ruins and took a nap there. Her ears perked, and she heard the commotion, as well as the heat. She opened her eyes and immediately squinted, the flames were already close. She immediately jumped to her hooves and tried to run, but she soon realized the flames had already surrounded the Ruins. She knew she wasn't safe there, the old foundation could crumble on her at any moment. Still, she didn't want to be here.

She saw an opening in the blaze. She was already overheating here, and mustering her courage, she bolted and ran toward the place, barely singeing her fur and getting past the Ruins the time it collapsed. She was lucky she had left when she did, and that there was a clearing where the flames hadn't reached yet.

"Help! Someone!", she heard, and turning, she saw a pair of fawns alone and frightened. The fire was already closing in around them, and Alina rushed to their aid.
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Would anyone like a story? (Currently Full)

I'm in a weird mood right now where I'd like to write. So uhh...first three people to post a character and a link to their bio will get some kind of short story. You can choose your own character or someone else's, I really don't mind either way.

You're also welcome to suggest a theme for the story - comedy, horror, fantasy, science fiction.
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New character--postponed

Since my life is just about to get more hectic with school, I may or may not continue with this project. Or I may write his story but not make the character in-forest. I don't really know yet, but now that I think about it, you guys would probably be happier if you saw Quad running around in the Forest instead of some new guy with Blixt's pictogram. But anyway, thanks for all the help and suggestions, I'm not really sure if I'll continue working on this guy or not.

I've just come up with an idea for a new character. I'm planning on writing a long story for his origin but I wanted to post his basics and ask for some help creating him.

The Basics

- The character is a human being who is a master adventurer. He loves the thrill of adventure and has traveled across the world.
- He brings a variety of survival items with him, and uses many things including a machete, a bullwhip, and a set of boomerangs
- I wanted his country of origin to be Australia since he is proficient with boomerangs
- Reformed into a deer in the Endless Forest after his death as a human

The story

While adventuring in the wilderness far from civilization (Haven't decided if this will be a jungle, desert, or another environment), he finds either an ancient temple or ruins. He begins to hear whispering in his ears as he enters and explores the place. He soon finds some strange stones with glowing runes on them.

The whispering in his ear convinces him to destroy these stones, and when he does, an ancient evil rushes out in the form of a hydra. The hydra thanks him for releasing him and begins to escape to take over the world.

The adventurer, now realizing he made a terrible mistake, goes after the hydra, and using his weapons and boomerangs, he tries everything to stop the demon. He chases the hydra to the top of the ruins, and throwing a boomerang, he manages to dislodge something from the hydra.
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Free Poetry from Quad Hummingbird and Fortunes from Hex (Open)

In this day in reverence to the Earth
The one who inspires has arrived
I have traveled far and seen many lands
And thus have become inspired myself
So to all who desire to hear my words
Come forward and speak your name
And please leave the nectar out too

(Thanks again to SnowSauria for the artwork)
Note to self - Quad Hummingbird's speaking color is #4AA02C

In honor of Quad Hummingbird's return from his migration, he is offering free poetry to those who would wish for it. Just leave me a link to your character's profile and QHB will post a poem inspired by them.

"I am here as well, dears. The stars are offering to give the visions of the future. So if you would wish, I will be glad to read the stars and tell you what they speak."

In addition to QHB's poetry, Hex is also offering to read your deer's fortune. You're more than welcome to ask her for a fortune on this page as well. You're welcome to write your deer approaching her to ask for their fortune if you'd like, but that is completely optional. Also if you'd like to know what card was drawn, let me know. Feel free to check out this page for more information about Hex's Fortunes

So comment below if you would like a poem and/or a fortune. These are always fun for me to do Eye
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Welcome into the world - Iugulare's children!

Only a short time after their adventure in Fall from Grace - Rise of the Supreme Talux did Iugulare become pregnant, but Goxi children birth very quickly! She has given birth to three hybrid children, each with Quad's wings but with Iugulare's infectious stoat form.

The oldest of the children is named Gek, who takes Quad's strengths as well as Iugulare's light sensitivity.
The middle child is named Tauschen, and is a mental genius as well as obsessed with beans.
The youngest of the three is named Typerys, and has Iugulare's world domination plans but has Quad's fur pattern.

The children are officially born as of 1:47 AM April 1st, 2013. There will be a celebratory party at the Deermuda Triangle at 11:62 PM, and Black as Night pelts are required for the party. Those who come with permadevout pelts will be devoured by Anirapio, who is the bouncer for the party. There will be unlimited mushrooms, pinecones, and blueberry wine served.

I'll have a reference of the children soon, in the meantime, have a happy April Fool's day!

Edit - the scheduled party has been cancelled as Iugulare had a tantrum and tried to spike the blueberry wine with her infection. Please do not try to attend the party as this is all just an April Fool's joke.
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Forest Poetry

For Meadow's Community Collaboration.

Forest Poetry
By QuadRaptor

There is a place that endlessly lives
A Forest to admire
Where deer with human faces
Run and play and inspire

First is the great Old Oak
Singing a beautiful orchestra
Step inside and you will hear
A resounding magical mantra

The cooling waters of the Pond
Refresh both deer and log
But be careful if you jump in
You will hop out a frog!

Then there are the ruins of old
A structure quite prominent
Now a shambling reminder
That nothing is permanent

The Playground is definite fun
To both fawns and young of heart
A few hops upon the boulders here
And you'll never want to depart

The twin gods sit on their hill
And keeps the Forest in motion
A simple bow in honor to them
Grants a blessing of devotion

So come explore the endless land
And enjoy a mushroom and pinecone
As young and old both agree
The Endless Forest is home
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Esprit du Vent (Shortstory for Trigger_Mortis)

Esprit du Vent
The Spirit of the Wind

Inspired by Sail by AWOLNATION

He was drawn to the ocean, the thick smell of saltwater filling his nostrils as he found himself on the shore. It was a crystal clear day, the sky above perfect as the tropical air breezed past him, ruffling his fur in the same rhythm that the waves crashed on the shore. He looked around, alone with nothing but seagulls that cawed and squawked at one another.

The deer took his first steps on a wooden pier, his hooves clanking on the wood as he began across. It was exceptionally well built, but old as he could see some damage on the structure. Still, he wanted to be as close to the water as he could, and he went to the edge of the pier. Tails looked to the ocean, and squinting from the reflective sunlight, he caught a glimpse of something.

A rowboat was slowly making its way toward him, guided by the wind though seeming to be moving all on its own. He watched with curiosity, finally calling out, "Hello? Anyone there?". No answer, the boat coming closer and closer until it was before him, gently stopping with a bonk on the barnacle-crusted pier. The wooden boat was empty, but was surprisingly beautiful. There were not many distinctive features of it other than the painted words on the side - 'Esprit du Vent'.

"Must have come from France...", Tails spoke to himself, inspecting the rowboat with curiosity, "But what is it doing here?" He heard voices in the breeze, at first thinking spirits were speaking to him, but now realizing it was the seagulls. No longer were they simply cawing, but now they were speaking one word - "Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!"

He looked to them with a headtilt, then back to the strange rowboat.
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The Journey of Three Trials (Featuring Ma Mousse)

"Listen, my child, your journey is just beginning. Use your supplies well, stay alert, and keep your wits about you. You may never know when your totem chooses to appear.", the boy's father spoke, "When you have met them face to face, you will receive their blessing and can return home."

The Abenaki warrior nodded, "I won't let you down, father.", and gathering his spear and supplies, he set off in the morning light, beginning his spirit journey. He had prepared for a long time, and wondered who would appear to him as his totem. He had some supplies with him, but would have to forage for food. He was well trained and could handle himself well, and had his spear with him if he was ever in danger.

He would see many animals along this trip - scurrying rabbits, flying birds, a flash of deer in the distance. The warrior soon found a lake to rest, washing his feet for a little while. This was the first test, as he set his supply bag down, a fox had come, quickly and quietly, and poked his nose into the bag. The Abenaki did not notice this as his food supplies were being stolen. But in the distance a loud roar sounded, which alerted both him and the fox. He now saw the canine, and using his spear, he batted him away from his supplies.

The warrior had lost a small portion of his food as the fox ran off, and he looked to the distance where he heard the sound. He did not see anything between the trees, and could not distinguish what he had heard. He carried on here, back into the wilderness where he continued to look for a place to set his camp.

Nightfall came quickly, and he was in a clearing where he set a fire. He stayed awake tonight, unaware that where he had chosen to rest was too close to a wolf den. He heard the first snarl nearby, then more and more, and looking about he saw their glowing eyes from the fire. He grabbed his spear and held it outward, ready to fend them off if they approached.
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The Brave Little Fawn (Story)

There was a forest far from civilization where deer thrived. A young doe slowed, looking left and then right, before whispering, "Come, little one." Behind her was a fawn who kept close, not saying a word but looking all about with her big eyes. Her mother led her into a clearing, where the two moved quietly through. She slowed and looked back, "Quickly now, we're not safe yet.", she spoke. "Yes mother...", the fawn answered and scurried to her side.

They were near the edge of the clearing when a twig snapped close by. The doe raised her head, ears perked, eyes gazing outward. She didn't spot any movement, staying still as she listened. She bent down and spoke, "Stay here, keep low and don't move.". The fawn nodded and did as she was told. The doe moved slowly, silently, to get a better view. Her eyes were locked on the spot where the sound came from. She only wanted a glance to see what it was, whether a friend or a threat.

The fawn stayed quiet, her heart racing as she sat alone. Her own ears heard something, but coming from another direction. She raised her head, trying to see who it was, but the tall grass blocked her view.

She heard it again. She wanted to call out and ask if it was her mother, but she knew she could put herself in danger if she did. She did, however, slowly get up, peeking through the grass to get a better view.

There was a black mass that rushed by. She heard the sound once more, it was soft and quick, could it have been hooves in the dirt, or...?

A pair of blue eyes spotted her. She gasped and hid, now hearing that sound approach closer and closer. She knew she was in trouble, and slowly began to step through the grass. She made more noise than she planned, and when she heard the sound coming toward her, she couldn't help but run, screaming "Mother! Mother!!"

The sound was after her, she looked back to see the eyes approaching, the body blending with the surroundings.
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