The Journey of Three Trials (Featuring Ma Mousse)

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"Listen, my child, your journey is just beginning. Use your supplies well, stay alert, and keep your wits about you. You may never know when your totem chooses to appear.", the boy's father spoke, "When you have met them face to face, you will receive their blessing and can return home."

The Abenaki warrior nodded, "I won't let you down, father.", and gathering his spear and supplies, he set off in the morning light, beginning his spirit journey. He had prepared for a long time, and wondered who would appear to him as his totem. He had some supplies with him, but would have to forage for food. He was well trained and could handle himself well, and had his spear with him if he was ever in danger.

He would see many animals along this trip - scurrying rabbits, flying birds, a flash of deer in the distance. The warrior soon found a lake to rest, washing his feet for a little while. This was the first test, as he set his supply bag down, a fox had come, quickly and quietly, and poked his nose into the bag. The Abenaki did not notice this as his food supplies were being stolen. But in the distance a loud roar sounded, which alerted both him and the fox. He now saw the canine, and using his spear, he batted him away from his supplies.

The warrior had lost a small portion of his food as the fox ran off, and he looked to the distance where he heard the sound. He did not see anything between the trees, and could not distinguish what he had heard. He carried on here, back into the wilderness where he continued to look for a place to set his camp.

Nightfall came quickly, and he was in a clearing where he set a fire. He stayed awake tonight, unaware that where he had chosen to rest was too close to a wolf den. He heard the first snarl nearby, then more and more, and looking about he saw their glowing eyes from the fire. He grabbed his spear and held it outward, ready to fend them off if they approached. But before anything happened, he heard loud hoofbeats approaching, as if they were running in their direction. The wolves looked about to see what it was, and soon several of them began yelping and running off as a black shadow batted them away. The predators ran off, and the mass looked to the boy with piercing brown eyes. He kept his spear pointed toward the eyes as they backed away and left.

He would close his eyes here, falling asleep as he felt safe here. This was the second trial.

He awoke early, and packed his things. He looked to the ground, seeing what appeared to be moose tracks among the many wolf tracks that were around his camp. Keeping this in mind, he carried on his journey, now climbing a hill to get a better view of the land around him. He would reach the apex and to his shock he discovered he was not alone. A black bear was near the top, looking up to him and immediately snarling. He would soon realize why - it was a mother bear and her cubs were close. The bear began to ascend to where he was, now rearing up to swipe at him. He held his ground and put his spear before the bear, but with a swipe it was batted out of his hand. Now backing away, the bear was about to swipe at him...

The thundering hooves approached, and beside the Abenaki warrior was a moose, with markings he had never seen. The big cervine stood between him and the bear, and spoke to the bear, "This one is no threat, mi cher, he will not hurt zee petits.". The human would not understand her speaking, only hearing moos and other sounds. The mother bear nodded her head and turned away, "Come children, our friend said the monster won't hurt us.", she spoke to her cubs as they left.

The moose turned back to the Abenaki, who now knew who she was, and that this was the final trial. He reached out and petted her neck, understanding his totem and what she meant for his life. He was to be balanced - strong when needed, like facing the wolves; gentle as well, like dealing with the bear; and vigilant when discovering problems, much like the fox in his supplies. He understood what kind of life to live now that the moose came to his aid.

He would return alone, successful in his journey, and to a warm welcome from his tribe. He knew the moose would be watching, protecting him both as a totem and as a mother figure.


"How did it go?", Auriea spoke, appearing in the New England wilderness.

Ma nodded, "Très amusant, I am glad to be an inspiration for zee jeunes une."

Auriea nodded, "I knew you would be the right one for the trip. I fear if we did not send someone to protect him, he would have faced his death. Come, let us return to the Forest. You have earned a good rest."

The moose chuckled, "That would be merveilleux.", and with a flash of light, they were gone, back to the Endless Forest.
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Aww, Quad, this is wonderful!

Aww, Quad, this is wonderful! You captured Ma's protective spirit so well, this story was just perfect! Thank you so much, you tell such fantastic tales! <3
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It was nice for me as well

It was nice for me as well because I didn't know all that much about the Moose totem, but using this page as a guide, it's remarkable that they really do represent not only feminine energies (which is absolutely perfect for Ma), but also balance. They represent both gentleness and strength, and live their lives in balance between the two.

It's like a perfect yin-yang model. I can learn much from the Moose since I am a Zen Buddhist and Zen is all about balance.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the story, I had a few different ideas, but ultimately wrote it out this way.

It was also inspired by a real life experience I had where I was meditating in the wilderness: The first time I tried it, I kept watching and waiting for a deer to appear, but never saw one. The next time I tried it, I focused fully on my meditation, and at the very end, I turned around and a doe was behind me. We scared each other and she ran off, but I could see her stop and look back, snorting at me. It was pretty amazing, I truly believe we are connected with our totems and that they really are out there guiding and inspiring us. You really don't go on your spiritual journey looking for your totem, they actually come to you when they're ready.