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5 Years Ago Today....

^The password is manda
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I know I normally have Quad sit at Run's memorial by the Ruins, but today I figured we could sit somewhere else. Those of us who remember Run certainly do miss her, but I know many of those players have long left the Forest.

Quad's sitting at the Crying Idol today for the 5th anniversary of my father's passing away. He lost the fight to colon and liver cancer in July of 2010.

Please keep in mind that I will not be at my laptop the entire time, but just being there with Quad if only for a little while is all you need to do.

If you guys don't mind, please take screenshots for me. And if you can't make it, please don't feel bad, I understand completely.


I wish I knew a way to describe my Dad. It's surreal talking about him, remembering things about him.

We always say Dad is talking to us when we hear a train in the distance. We always see him when a Post Office truck passes by (he worked as a letter carrier for 48 years). I personally think of him any time I see anyone wearing a University of Alabama logo on their shirt or hat, or seeing a car with it driving by.

He's not here anymore, but he's always with us.

I wish Dad could see where I am now. What I'm doing. I think it would have made him smile seeing me working at my dream job.
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Reviving Evil - The Return of the Rock Hounds

Warning - does contain a post-death scene
Participate in the second Rock Hound Event here!

She wandered off into the night, while all the deer slept. Stopping close to the Blue Bowl, the stoat sensed something.

"More?", she asked herself, as she melted into the ground. The ground burst open, and the bones came out, covered in infection as Iugulare rested them on the ground. She left them and rubbed her chin. "Will I...do this again?", she wondered.

She took a yellow glowing crystal from her body and placed it inside the skull. The eyes glowed yellow, the creature awoke and stood before his master, snarling and dripping of infection.

Thanks again to Eyestrain for this gorgeous artwork!

Iugulare smiled, and petted the skull of the old wolf skeleton.

Quad had rejected her advances for too long.

"Yes. Yes I will. If he won't be my mate, I'll make him and his Forest suffer until he does!", she raised her paws to the sky, and suddenly, all the bones arose. She practically had a bone pile here, and growing massive herself, she waded through the bones, infecting them all, making them sort themselves out and become her new Rock Hound army. She began to place crystals in their heads, and when it was all done, she waves her paw.

They collectively howled and ran off. Those far away figured Michael and Auriea were working on their Abiogenesis magic when they heard the howl.

Those close by...they didn't stand a chance.


"How? How did this happen?"
"Who could have done such a thing?"
"Mommy I'm scared!"

Quad arrived to the scene, finding deer gathered around a single one.
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Rock Hounds, the Second Encounter (RP/Event Blog)

Reviving Evil - The Return of the Rock Hounds

Snuffed Out - A Rock Hound Story

This is for events that need to be written about the Rock Hounds but not necessarily in their own story. I'll post little updates on events that occur, such as crystal purifications and maybe Iugulare's thoughts on what is going on.

Anyone who would like to write their own Rock Hound Encounter stories can do those here instead of making individual blogs, but that's strictly up to you.
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Old Oak Uke (Save The Forest Reward [Officially open!])

Want a little song on the ukulele? Just send me a screenshot of your donation to ToT to cdpocase@live.com and if you had a preference as to which deer I got inspiration from! You can also post up your screenshot here, just make sure to censor your personal info like your address and whatnot.

Any donation is just fine, including subscriptions.


To-do list -


Want one? Get me your receipt from ToT and I'll make one for ya!


So yeah...I'm learning the ukulele, and thought I'd give this a try. Since we're trying to come up with ideas for rewards for donating to Tale of Tales...well...

What would y'all think about a little 1-minute or so 'song' for those who donate a certain amount? Just keep in mind that I've only been playing it for about a month, so there will be mistakes, but pretty much...I'll try to come up with a little something based on your character.

Here's a few examples...when I do the real ones, I'll be sure to wear better clothes and maybe a funny hat or something I dunno X3

Is anyone interested? I guess the best thing would be to take a screenshot of your receipt to ToT (make sure to censor your address and any other personal info if you do), and send it to me or post it here or something.
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War, Disease, or Hunger (Non-TEF Game!)

I came up with an interesting game today.

So basically, there are three things. War, Disease, and Hunger.

One of the three things can be completely eliminated, but at a cost, as another one would be dramatically increased. The third thing would remain the same as it is now.

So for example if you chose to eliminate War, there would be global peace, but there would be a dramatic increase in either hunger (worldwide famine) or disease (global pandemic).

Or if you eliminated Disease, all diseases would not only be simultaneously cured but also prevented, but you would either have to pick a global war situation or shortage of food.

Or if you eliminated Hunger, no one, humans and animals alike, would ever go hungry again as there would be bountiful food. But you'd either have a world at war or widespread disease throughout the globe.

So what would you choose?
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"The Deer God" game on Steam

I don't know if anyone's posted about this game yet on here, but if not, well here it is.

I found a neat game on Steam called The Deer God.

In the game, you were a hunter, but after an unfortunate event, you die and meet the Deer God, who reincarnates you as a fawn. You go through a journey to find various powers and to essentially restore the Deer God to their rightful glory. The path is very treacherous as you have many natural predators and there are a lot of obstacles like forest fires and spike pitfalls that can kill you. Also depending on how you 'behave' in the game is whether you are reincarnated as a fawn again, or if you are attacking innocent animals like other deer, rabbits, otters, ect...the Deer God may punish you for misbehaving. The first time I played through, I was attacking anything and everything and then died in a fire, and the Deer God punished me and transformed me into a porcupine, which cannot jump. I got stuck in a crevice where I starved to death and it was a game over. I also have heard that you can be turned into grass which the rabbits eat.

Anyway, I've encountered foxes, snakes, alligators, piranha, aggressive birds, scorpions...even other hunters. I've also read that when you grow older in the game, you can not only mate with does, but may have to fight other stags as well.

It's a challenging game, and I've only played a little of it and can't tell you how many times I've fallen into a pit of death, but I am very intrigued as to what'll happen later in the game and will be playing it a bunch.
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Rouen - The Angel of Death

Big WIP, please bear with me.

"And the little ones ask of me, 'Why are you here?'"

"I smile and say, 'I'm here to take someone to the next life. That's not so bad isn't it?'"

"The little ones ask, 'Will you come for me when I die?'"

"I nod my head, 'I will, and when that time comes, you'll be happy to see me.'"


Rouen, the Angel of Death, has come to the Endless Forest to take the souls of the soon-to-be-departed.

She is one of many 'Angels of Death' that work to lead souls away, a lesser grim reaper so to speak.

She is in the Endless Forest to claim one soul who has cheated death many times...Quad.

Thoughts so far -

- Lesser 'Grim Reaper' sent to get Quad's soul for the afterlife, but is having a tough time
- Sort of ditsy stalker-ish
- Appears like a lamb with either a deer or human skull on her head that is too big and falls off easily
- May train other 'reaper' characters, including Uroluk

Set ideas -

- Just wearing whatever is given to her
- Skull mask, Owl Pelt, Question antlers
I'll need an alternative mask for the time being before Halloween.
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TEF Meditation Walk Event (Today, August 21st, 2 PM EST)

I've been wanting to do some meditation walks for you guys, so I thought I'd make this blog.

The idea is very simple - walk with Quad in the Forest, not thinking of anything but just observing the beauty of the Forest around you. Clear your mind, be aware of your breaths, have a gentle smile on your face, and relax as you and your deer walk together.

I plan to do several of these in the future, with some quotes from one of my favorite Buddhist monks, Thich Nhat Hanh in the comments. Please feel free to take screenshots an post them here as well. You're welcome to come and go as you please, you don't have to walk the whole way. I will literally choose a random direction for us to walk (we'll walk around the Pond if we get there Eye ) and lead the way.


Date of the walk - August 21st

Time - 2 PM EST

Countdown Widgets

Where we will meet - The Old Oak

Duration - up to an hour, no exact time limit

Who to look for - Quad

Hope to see you all there! Namaste!
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4 years ago today (would you all do another one for me?)

Thanks again for all the artworks of my dad's grey rhino. I'd like to ask for another favor from the artists on here. The same year my father passed away, my cousin Mason also passed away in August. Would you guys please do another drawing for me, but of a golden-furred rabbit?

The same sort of thing is just fine as before. Any quality artwork, a doodle or however you'd like. If you'd like to make it extra interesting, please feel free to add wings to the rabbit, or have butterflies fluttering about (or both would be great too).

I want to surprise my aunt with a collage of your artworks on Mason's anniversary. I'll be forever grateful of all of you, and I know it will make my aunt's day as well.

Thanks guys.

Four years ago today was when my father passed away from liver cancer. I still miss him to this day, and even watching old videos where he spoke brought nostalgia to me.

I know I normally have Quad in the Forest all day on this anniversary, but I just couldn't this time due to work. I plan to do a meditation walk sometime soon (I'll announce when very soon and where to meet)

I wanted to ask a favor from everyone.

Would you draw a grey rhino for me? Quality doesn't matter, a doodle is fine or however you prefer. I want to make a collage of all your drawings to share with my family. You can make it however you please.

Thank you guys. I love all of you.

Here's the links to my old posts...

RIP 7/24/2010

The Grey Rhino
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