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IRL Deer Photography

As you may be aware, I take a lot of screenshots in the forest and upload them as "candid" photos (also known as wildlife photography).

What you might not have known is that I do a little photography in real life.

So for your enjoyment, I've decided to upload two sets of zoo/park deer that I have taken:

Set one = Mobile Zoo, Alabama, USA.

I will divide these into two "groups" - the whitetail deer and the mule deer.

Whitetail deer - these deer were shy and never came close except when being fed. There were several does and at least one stag.

Mule deer - there were actually two of them, but one never got up. The other, however, was the friendliest deer I've ever met. He followed me around, constantly stomping his feet and looking around. I got to feed him peanuts, and later learned that he'll lick your hand if you reached into the cage.
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History of Quad's forum avatar....

I saw Sockpuppie do something like this so I wanted to post mine.

Here are all of my avatars I've used on the forums and their descriptions:

The very first avatar, based on the first enchantments Quad got while he was a Phase 2 deer. He got the mask and antlers that he generally wears today, but the pelt was different from his usual black and white pelt.

The re-made avatar with the correct pelt, and one of the first screenshots of Quad with this look.

The "WooHoo" avatar. When I downloaded the more recent version of the game, Quad reverted to a fawn and lost his enchantments, so I changed my avatar to a fawn. He was wearing his traditional red petals on his head, and the avatar shows him running/flying over the pond.

My "christmas" avatar, although I changed it before Christmas. This was a deer taken from a clip from the animated movie "Eight Crazy Nights".

A dumb avatar I made when Quad finally grew up and I got his look back. It depicts him stepping on Kaicow while she was transformed into a bat, but of course I didn't include her pictogram and instead it states, "You in bat form".

The "Butt Sniffer" avatar, which was only used for a day or two before being changed. Quad doesn't butt sniff anymore so this was a pointless avatar. I believe the "butt" belongs to Cyric in the avatar.

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A great day with Shoe and Red Kora

Quad found Shoe and Red Kora playing with Trois, so he decided to join them.

But when Trois left, Shoe and Red Kora began to circle Quad. He started to get dizzy.

A few more deer showed up, including Twilight Demon (I'm sorry I don't know the name of the other deer).

The trio began to listen out for other deer.

A fawn began to enchant Quad, and he looked so funny that Shoe fell over laughing.

Then the trio began to get silly.

Quad really enjoyed the company of these two. He hopes to see them again soon.
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First blog

Well I'm here, and the site is pretty cool. The Forest Map is probably the coolest thing I've seen, and it would help us find out who's online and how many deer are sleeping as opposed to actually running around, ect.

I posted on the Forums asking if Pictures were limited to drawings and artwork or if screenshots could be posted. Who knows, maybe I'll have my own sub-section for Quad's Candid Camera. Only time will tell.

Until then, Quad hopes to dance with you guys in the forest soon!
- QuadRaptor
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