Free Poetry from Quad Hummingbird and Fortunes from Hex (Open)

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In this day in reverence to the Earth
The one who inspires has arrived
I have traveled far and seen many lands
And thus have become inspired myself
So to all who desire to hear my words
Come forward and speak your name
And please leave the nectar out too

(Thanks again to SnowSauria for the artwork)
Note to self - Quad Hummingbird's speaking color is #4AA02C

In honor of Quad Hummingbird's return from his migration, he is offering free poetry to those who would wish for it. Just leave me a link to your character's profile and QHB will post a poem inspired by them.

"I am here as well, dears. The stars are offering to give the visions of the future. So if you would wish, I will be glad to read the stars and tell you what they speak."

In addition to QHB's poetry, Hex is also offering to read your deer's fortune. You're more than welcome to ask her for a fortune on this page as well. You're welcome to write your deer approaching her to ask for their fortune if you'd like, but that is completely optional. Also if you'd like to know what card was drawn, let me know. Feel free to check out this page for more information about Hex's Fortunes

So comment below if you would like a poem and/or a fortune. These are always fun for me to do Eye
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Oo this sounds like fun!

Oo this sounds like fun!

Welcome back, Quad Hummingbird!

Could you do a poem for my Tea, in exchange for a picture of Quad hummingbird? I'd like to do a little something in return. ^_^

A poem and a fortune for

A poem and a fortune for Nika, please? Smiling

This is an excellent way to

This is an excellent way to celebrate! Could I get a poem and fortune of my Silas?

(If we want a fortune, should we write an approach to Hex here?)
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SoliloquyChryseis - Some

SoliloquyChryseis -

Some spend their lives collecting treasures
Others spend their lives being angry at the world
But this one spends her life to the fullest
The mistakes of the past are lost in time
The present is all that matters now
We all could learn from her
Because we all could use a little Tea

NikaGika -

Flowing ebony locks of hair
Eyes curious as that of a hawk
Wandering through fields of blooming nightshade
The birch trees call your name once more
They constantly ask, "Where is Nika?"
Their voices are whispered into the wind
Leading you to your home

The seer bows her head, "Yes, hello there. I am sure there is something in the stars for you, so let me see what they speak...", she says as she raises her eyes and takes in the starlight.

"In the near future there will be a crisis, and the Twin Gods will call for aid. I see a leader emerge, someone who is more than willing to stand up against the evils that come. While others are running away, this person is going into the danger, helping all those who cry for assistance.

This person, this leader, is you.

Keep your head held high, keep your wits about you, and do not lower your defenses for one moment. When the world is turned upside down, you will be more than ready to answer the call in your time of need."
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Uun - The approach is

Uun - The approach is optional, I can write the fortune with or without it. You're more than welcome to have your deer approach her if you'd like Eye

I'll write your poem and fortune in a little while

Alright, I think I'll do

Alright, I think I'll do without the approach then.
Thank you! I look forward to reading them! (And if it's not too much trouble, tell me what card you drew for me! Smiling)

Aww, what a sweet poem!

Aww, what a sweet poem! Thank you! Laughing out loud And thank you for the fortune! Smiling I forgot to ask, what is the card you drew? Smiling
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That was beautiful Quad

That was beautiful Quad Laughing out loud Thank you ^^
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Nika - Your card was the

Nika - Your card was the Knight of Wands

Uun -

There are those who are physically beautiful
And others who spread beauty through their actions
In either case, beauty can be attained perfectly
There are those who are not afraid to speak their mind
And are not afraid to be who they are
This is the essence of Silas
The world could use more like her

The doe nods, "I can see something glimmering in the sky, it must be for you my dear...", Hex speaks as she looks to the sky.

"There are places in the Forest where some are fearful to tread. You will be walking with someone, perhaps a friend or even just an acquaintance, and they will stop and shiver in fear, for the path is particularly frightening to them.

Take the initiative, lead the way, encourage them that there is nothing to fear. Through your example, you will inspire others, and in return, inspire yourself. You will know when this is to come, and you will be far too confident to allow your friend's fear to infect you as well."

(Your card was the Three of Wands)

Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling

Thank you so much! I love the

Thank you so much! I love the poem and the fortune is very inspiring!
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These are awesome little

These are awesome little poems ^^ it's so nice of you to do them!
would you mind doing one for my Zahava?
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Riddledrhyme- Sometimes it


Sometimes it is best to do things alone
With no help involved, everything done just the way it should be
Like the lone wolf on the hunt
No chance for mistakes, no chance for folly
I see this sort of spirit within Zahava
The path of the lone warrior is a challenge
But the rewards from self reliance are endless
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thank you so much! I love it

thank you so much! I love it ^^
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You're welcome guys XD Would

You're welcome guys XD

Would anyone else like a poem and/or fortune? I'm really enjoying doing this and can certainly continue this all week if you'd like
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• If you're up for it

If you're up for it still, I'd love to see what poem you come up for my boyo. I'd love to draw hummingbird Quad in return.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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Waning-Sun - There is a

Waning-Sun -

There is a library, a place full of books
Where every shelf holds flawless tomes of knowledge
On the highest floor, in the farthest bookshelf
Among all the shiny, perfect tomes
Sits a book worn, scarred, bent, frayed
But one must never judge a book by it's cover
Especially this one bearing the name of Zash

Upon first glance of him, one may avert their eyes
But upon speaking to him, one would know him better
Like opening the scarred book and finding written treasures within
Our eyes will deceive us if we judge him too quickly
For Zash is the Adonis of perseverance
When all others turn a blind eye
Look to the one who perseveres
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I love it, Quad! Thank you!

I love it, Quad! Thank you!
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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Hey sweetheart! ♥ I'm

Hey sweetheart! ♥

I'm here to request poetry for my dearly Beloved. I insist that you take your time. I'll reveal it to him afterward.

Thank you in advance.
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((sorry for the wait

((sorry for the wait XD))

Our hearts are so easily fooled
When we are in the presence of the Beloved
Some may go too far into the rabbit hole
Others will be skeptical and wary
The depth of this one is inconceivable
But those who stand before him
May feel his heart throbbing in their own chest
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Not to worry! All good things

Not to worry! All good things come to those who wait.

And a good thing indeed! It's adorable. ♥

Thank you. I have let him know.
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You're very welcome XD Would

You're very welcome XD

Would anyone else like a poem or a fortune? I know it's way past Earth Day but I'm still more than happy to do more of these, they're a lot of fun
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Could you do a poem for

Could you do a poem for Lilith?
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.
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Ebony3 - Oh what a sight to

Ebony3 -

Oh what a sight to see as Lilith
One who is fluid both in heart as well as body
Unafraid to be bold and strong
To gaze upon her is quite intoxicating
To see her muscles dance beneath the skin
Some say that in that very moment
It is already too late to escape her will
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finally replying to this I

finally replying to this
I spent a long time trying to decide what to say, it's perfect, it literally is, and I feel that words would bring down, somehow, the sound of the sincerity in my thank you. It would sound too cheesy.
So I say this:

Thank you Quad. It is perfect, you have captured our being so well in so few words. You are truly a wonderful artist and friend ♥

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(No subject)

<3 I do so love your work. Eeeee~
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Heartstrings - I've always

Heartstrings -

I've always been impressed with the depth and creativity of your characters that I was more than happy to write something for Beloved. I'm glad you liked it XD

Zerg -

Heeeeey want something? I'm still doing these even if it's way past Earth Day! Send me your duuuurrrr!
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Hey Quad, welcome back! It's

Hey Quad, welcome back! It's good to see you around here again ^-^. I just got back as well about two weeks or so ago. Great poems, by the way =).

© Rell
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These are beautiful ;u; Would

These are beautiful ;u; Would you mine writing a poem based off my Donovan?

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Not everyone walks the dusty

Not everyone walks the dusty trail
Only those who dare to walk alone
Can go the path with their head held high
Past the cacti and scorpions he goes without fear
Donovan may be a loner and go his own way
But those who ask for his wisdom and guidance
Will learn and follow the very best there is
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Ahhh that poem nails him ;u;

Ahhh that poem nails him ;u; <3 You have real skill in poetry,you know.<3 Thank you!

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Buuuuuuuump I'd love to do

Buuuuuuuump I'd love to do more of these tonight! Anyone want a poem and/or a fortune tonight?

If you're up for a challenge,

If you're up for a challenge, maybe a poem for Darcie? She's not very well-developed yet. But you might can come up with something!
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The stag was intrigued by the

The stag was intrigued by the offer of a fortune. Some of the people that he had visited to tell him his future over the years had come out with interesting things. Overwhelmingly, he was told the same as everyone else who wandered into such places, but occasionally, there was a glimmer of wisdom that wasn't seen in many of the charletans. Sometimes the advice offered; if not the prediction was useful.
"I've come to seek a fortune of you," Nathaniel said politely, bowing his head a little in deference at the moment; seemed the polite thing to do when one was asking for a fotune in stag form, although the etiquette of individual fortune tellers varied a lot, so it was a gamble, but it was usually conveyed as polite, so it seemed one worth taking.
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Acer - A stroll through the

Acer -

A stroll through the Forest, a walk of faith
To the place where the blue flowers grow tall
Here sits a doe, gentle and quiet
Her eyes find solace in the spirit of the Forest
And she shares her peace with all she meets
So to Darcie shall we sing songs of praise
Dreamer, peacemaker, soul of the Blue Bowl

Mick -

Hex smiled and bowed her head as well. She did not see or know that Nathaniel bowed to her, it was just a natural thing she did in greeting. "Yes, I know your voice...and I know there is something in the stars just for you. Let me find it...", she speaks and looks to the sky.

"Ah there it is...a troubling era will come in the future, and with it the need for a hero. You may see others running away, afraid to take initiative, afraid to sacrifice for the greater good. But you know you have the power to make a difference.

What would you give to save those who matter the most to you? What would you sacrifice to prevent an era of darkness?

Or wish to see the world fall? I see two outcomes here, and neither are certain. The decision is yours and yours alone."