Esprit du Vent (Shortstory for Trigger_Mortis)

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Esprit du Vent
The Spirit of the Wind

Inspired by Sail by AWOLNATION

He was drawn to the ocean, the thick smell of saltwater filling his nostrils as he found himself on the shore. It was a crystal clear day, the sky above perfect as the tropical air breezed past him, ruffling his fur in the same rhythm that the waves crashed on the shore. He looked around, alone with nothing but seagulls that cawed and squawked at one another.

The deer took his first steps on a wooden pier, his hooves clanking on the wood as he began across. It was exceptionally well built, but old as he could see some damage on the structure. Still, he wanted to be as close to the water as he could, and he went to the edge of the pier. Tails looked to the ocean, and squinting from the reflective sunlight, he caught a glimpse of something.

A rowboat was slowly making its way toward him, guided by the wind though seeming to be moving all on its own. He watched with curiosity, finally calling out, "Hello? Anyone there?". No answer, the boat coming closer and closer until it was before him, gently stopping with a bonk on the barnacle-crusted pier. The wooden boat was empty, but was surprisingly beautiful. There were not many distinctive features of it other than the painted words on the side - 'Esprit du Vent'.

"Must have come from France...", Tails spoke to himself, inspecting the rowboat with curiosity, "But what is it doing here?" He heard voices in the breeze, at first thinking spirits were speaking to him, but now realizing it was the seagulls. No longer were they simply cawing, but now they were speaking one word - "Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!"

He looked to them with a headtilt, then back to the strange rowboat. He did not know what he was getting himself into, but there was something urging him, pushing him to hop in. He reached down with a hoof, getting his front into the boat, and then pushing off with his hind legs, he made it in as it began to drift back out to sea, against the current. He was at the mercy of the Esprit du Vent, unsure where he was being led to or what was to come.


He awoke, not realizing he had passed out. Sitting up, he looked around, no land in sight on the horizon. He must have drifted far out into the ocean. It was strange as he looked around, no seagulls cawed anymore, and he was mostly alone here in the boat. He did notice that surrounding the boat were several coconuts, floating in the water like a minefield the boat was passing through. He occasionally heard a thump! as one would bounce off of the vessel, and he began to ignore the strange fruit being out here, though he considered that they could be useful for food if he began to grow hungry.

However, before he could do anything, one of the coconuts popped out of the water and went into the sky like a rocket. Upon the descent, it exploded, the heavier coconut pieces plopping back into the water, while within a hail of brilliantly colored confetti floated down onto Tails and the boat. This startled him at first, unsure what was going on here, when another coconut shot into the air and exploded into confetti.

It was here he saw the dorsal fins, they were pink in color, a strange color for fins. Before he realized it, he saw another strange sight - dolphins were emerging around the boat, pink in color and squeaking a laugh to one another as they used their noses to send the coconuts flying into the air like beach balls. Upon the descent, the coconuts continued to explode into confetti, now more and more being sent up at one time, as the dolphins were enjoying themselves. The explosions and constant confetti rained down, and Tails smiled the entire time, unsure what this all meant but laughing with the dolphins as the boat was covered in the colorful paper.

Soon all the coconuts were gone, and the dolphins splashed and bounded out of the water, now leaving Tails once their fun was over.

It was quiet again, nothing but the splash of the waves on the boat. But Tails' ears would perk up, as he heard something on the distance...

A distant rumble of thunder, and a darkening sky on the horizon.

Before he realized it, he was in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. The waves were crashing and causing him to slide and slam into the side of the little boat. The sky cracked with thunder and rain poured down on him. Tails held on to the boat as he was nearly thrown out and into the violent waters, and shivering, he shut his eyes and wished it would all end.

"Give up, little one. You were foolish for treading into my waters, as I will claim your life."

The voice spoke to him as he opened his eyes. Peering up, in the darkness of the storm, he could see a silhouette from the lightning cracks. Tails called out, "Who are you? Tell me!"

The voice cackled as a huge wave crashed into the boat, sending Tails into the ocean. He was thrown left and right, feeling as if he was being forced down, but finding strength, he managed to swim to the surface. He pulled himself back onto the Esprit du Vent, gagging and coughing up water as he continued to hold on.

"Little fool, you will not survive.", the shadow spoke, as the rain got worse and the lightning was now hitting the water.

"I'm...I'm not afraid of you...whoever you are...", Tails mustered to speak.

The shadow groaned, "You dare challenge Paricia, god of the Incas? That will be your last mistake, little one!", now revealing himself, and outstretching his arms, a massive wave towered over Tails and the Esprit du Vent. The deer shut his eyes and braced himself, but spoke, "Alrba swbak? saadwny!"

The wall of water began to crash onto him, and he prepared for the worst when a bright light appeared above the boat. He looked up, squinting at first, and saw a giant golden ankh that took the brunt of the crashing wave, as water rushed on either side of the Esprit du Vent. Paricia snarled and shielded himself, as the giant ankh that saved Tails now moved to the shadowy figure. Upon contact, the shadow dissipated, and the waters calmed. The sky cleared of the stormy clouds, and everything became still.


Tails sat up, not realizing he had passed out after the storm. The water was eerily calm, and looking above, he saw an ethereal golden sail attached to the Esprit du Vent, guiding the boat gently along the calm waters. He saw the image of an ankh in the center of the spiritual sail, and once he was awake, the strangest thing happened - the boat actually lifted up out of the water, and floated across the sky. He was taken up high over the ocean, where he saw nothing but the starry sky above.

Finally, a voice spoke to him, but not that of Paricia. This was a deeper, calmer voice that said, "I have come to your aid, my child. You are no longer in danger."

Tails watched as the ocean became land beneath him, and the Esprit du Vent gently descended, eventually landing in a great river. Tails knew immediately that he was now sailing along the Nile.

He saw several crocodiles swimming alongside the boat, accompanying him on the journey. He was led to the shores of Kom Ombo, where the crocodiles left the boat once Tails stepped ashore. He ascended a long stairway where the ruins transformed before him, the old stones now turning gold with every step he took. Soon the entire temple was glistening in gold.

He walked past murals and carvings of Sobek, before finally stopping before a giant statue of the Egyptian god. Here Tails bowed his head, "Thank you, Lord Sobek...I would not have lived if it was not for your aid.", he spoke.

The golden statue began to move, and reaching down with his staff, he touched the top of Tails' head, where a shimmering ankh formed just above his pictogram. The god spoke here, "You have my blessing, as well as the blessing of many of the old gods. Chalchiuhtlicue of the Aztecs has favored you. Delphin of the Greeks sent his dolphin guides to protect you. Rán of the Norse is at your side as well. You are never alone in your journey, and can call upon any of us when you cross into turbulent waters."

The deer was speechless, he trembled in honor, and watched as the statue of Sobek returned to his natural state, the golden temple now returning to its natural state. Tails, now filled with humility for the blessings he received, gave one last bow to the statue and left, descending the stairs and returning to the Esprit du Vent. The golden sail remained as he rode across the Nile, his eyes now looking skyward and astounded at the sight. The stars were numerous, and now he saw a giant galaxy looming above, spiraling gently and illuminating the land brightly. He was able to see the pyramids in the distance, pointing skyward to the galaxy above. It was here Tails rested on his back, looking upward as he was carried along the river. It was here he realized that despite being small in this universe, he was an important part of the balance of life.


He awoke, on his back and partially underwater. He sat up, shaking the water from his fur and looking around. It was night in the Endless Forest, and he had fallen asleep in the shallow part of the Pond. He looked to the Twin Gods' hill, and for a brief moment, he saw the image of an ankh above the statues. In that moment, the wind rushed past him, before the ankh vanished and the air calmed.

Tails smiled, and exhaling, he went on his way, now full of the spirit of the wind and the blessings of the water.

(The End)
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;o Can't wait to read more.


Can't wait to read more.

Siggy by Shey

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XD I just realized it may be

XD I just realized it may be a little like Life of Pi. But it'll be different enough and does not involve tigers whatsoever
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*giddy girl squeal* I'm so

*giddy girl squeal*

I'm so in love with this already Quad, ocean imagery is something I adore. I can't wait to read more, I'm hurting my cheeks with smiling!

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The journey is far from over,

The journey is far from over, I still have more to write, but I wrote Tails' first encounter on the voyage, as well as the hint to what was next to come.

Edit - Finished this now, enjoy
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<3 times infinity and beyond

What a beautiful story Quad, your imagery was stunning, and you've given my dear boy new life. Thank you so very much, I feel so privileged to receive your gifts! I feel I cannot say enough to express my joy at this!