no connection

Hi! Are the servers of the original game working now? I can't connect, it shows "No connection". News is loaded if you run "Settings.q3d".
P.S. Also I can't access the site with my old username-password.

Debian GNU/Linux - Wine - Lutris
The Endless Forest v.3.41 January 2012

cant log in game error

idk where else to ask and i've searched but can't find anyone else with my problem, whenever I try to log in in-game it says "!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DRD HTML 2.0//EN" under the LOG IN button. I have no idea what that means or what to do
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uhm... it's me again

so... a lot of you guys have wonderful skills of graphic art. i was wondering from what place i should start to create such breathtaking characters. maybe you can give some advice, such as link lessons and programms which you use while drawing on pc or laptop? i want to start from somewhere but i don't exactly know from where haha

i would appreciate this very much!
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FPS thing

hello darlings!

recently i have started noticing that i have problems with my fps and problems with the game overall, when i changed my windows 7 to windows 11. it started glitching and turning off all of a sudden even if i can click on a random spot in the game or when im trying to log in or load my character's skin

also i have an error with 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Runtime Error'. i tried to find VC_redist.x64.exe with which i could probably open the game, but i only have 'ForestViewer' which opens the game

i wanted to know what fps have you and have you ever come across such problems on new windows?

anyone know how to run TEF on crossover on mac?

im running crossover on macOS w/ a macbook pro m1, i can install TEF through an .exe but when i run the game it just opens as a white frozen screen before crashing. oddly enough i can run the settings .exe separately and it displays like normal.

is anyone these days running TEF on macOS?
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Where are all my veterans at? Howdy LOL
I really really need to wipe a lot of cringe/old stuff from my account and try coming back freshened up…!

fawn glitched

I have a little problem.

I made this account today but when I log in my fawn turns into a frog, when the frog vanishes I'm left with the same antlers and mask they also vanish shortly after.
I also can't save my fawn as I get "failed to saved data" message.
I don't know what to do, I installed the newest version and tried running it as an administrator.

Has anyone some clues?
Thanks in advance!


Hello all,

just a quick question because it's been quite some time till the last time I played the game.
When does the halloween event start? I vaugly remember something about the more days pass till halloween the longer it lasts till it is halloween (I could be wrong do)

I logged in few times the last few days but couldn't see that the event is triggered.

I'm bit confused now XD

city smog

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Casting Halloween Sets

Starling can cast the following:
Crying mask // Candles * // Day of the Dead set

The Halloween sets can be seen in Keepiru's "A Complete Guide of all TEF Sets"
*Candles can only be cast onto bare / default antlers, so make sure you sneeze them off!

If you would like any set pieces, approach Starling in the forest & tap the ground/lead us to some spell trees, etc. Smiling
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