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Divine Antiquity - The Complete History of Quad, Iugulare, and the Battle of Light and Dark

It all started with an idea. In June 2008 I began to write the first story of Quad, Divine Intervention. I never expected the tales would continue for five years, and that I would introduce so many characters including creatures from my childhood. It may be surprising to some that Iugulare and Anirapio were the same character in a story I wanted to write in my childhood - it was a male alien infection in the shape of a dragon, and he was simply called "The Infection". With the help of so many of you, I introduced Iugulare, Anirapio, Nekumbra, and Noctuis to the series.

I could not have written any of these stories if it wasn't for you. All of you. The interest in the series inspired me to keep writing, and all the help coming up with my characters was incredible.

The series has come a long way. And I will admit, I haven't been in the Forest as much as I used to be. I continued writing these stories never thinking they would end, though I did write the final Revelation stories to say "This is what ultimately happens in the end."

But I'm afraid that the saying is true, all good things must come to an end. I will admit I have slowly started to move on, doing other things with my free time, and looking into my future career. I know that once I start working, I probably will not have any time for this place. It does not mean I won't stop by and say hello, but as far as my writings...I don't know if I'll have the time to write any more stories.

Unless I decide to include any more short stories, Fall From Grace - The Beginning of the End will be the last story in the series that leads into the Revelation stories.

I wanted to make a chronological list of Quad's life, his journey through life, his struggles, and the battle against darkness and infection.
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Fall From Grace - The Beginning of the End (Story, Chapter 1 finished, Character Slots available)

This is the continuation of Fall From Grace - Rise of the Supreme Talux. I'm still working out the chapters for this but please feel free to track.


Character Slots - (More will be available when I think of what else I need)

2-6 infected deer who fight against their will for Noctuis (must have antlers, and will be cured of the infection later in the story)*** - Bastilion, Darkweaver, Nekumbra, Loki

Several characters who do as Noctuis says (non infected, minor role, can be anyone) - Julianna, Nate

5-7 deer who volunteer to be temporarily infected by Iugulare (can be anyone) - Ryff

(*** - Please contact me via skype at quadzilla7@live.com if you're interested in having a character fill this role.
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Memories of old (Poem featuring Balthamos)

Memories of Old
Featuring GuardianGhost's Balthamos

Shades, shadows, memories of old
Passing through the Forest hold
Their heads once held pictograms gold
But now they wander namelessly cold

I watch them pass many a deer
Who seem to miss those that appear
So I conclude that their presence here
May only be seen by those without fear

They call and call and ask for aid
Their voices quiet like a whisper fade
Those that hear run off afraid
Fearing they disturbed a deceased shade

I approach and try to assist
But they wander away, my help missed
I sigh and watch them vanish in the mist
They must not even know I exist

I go my own way into the Forest alone
Quiet and calm with little a moan
Until I become lost in the Ruin's throne
I sit in my cradle and rest my bones

Here all around me are those long dead
Who slumber without worry or dread
It's here I realize my thoughts were misled
Wanderers know always where they tread

I close my eyes and begin to rest
Settling quietly here in my nest
As shades and shadows linger depressed
Their situation mine not to contest
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Beautiful Dreamers (Story featuring Laghodessa)

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Beautiful Dreamers
Featuring Zergarikiaka's Laghodessa and Quad's Trunks

It was three o'clock, the witching hour, a common time of the night for the more restless deer to be wandering around. While the fawns slumbered and the does huddled with their mates, Laghodessa haunted around. She was bored tonight, and wide awake. Not a good combination.

There were the usual night-goers such as owls that hooted and broke the silence, as well as a rustle in the foliage of a rabbit that could not sleep as well. These held her interest for only a moment before she walked past. She was in a strange mood, as if something was missing that she searched for...or more specifically, the Forest was too quiet and she wanted some excitement at 3:00 in the morning.

She went to the Pond, and watched for a short while. The rippling waters let off a nice sound, but it bored her after a few moments, and she was gone once more. She began to head to the Ruins when passing by the Old Oak, she heard a noise. Turning, there was a brief flash of light.

"Hmm?", she mused to herself, and approached to see what was going on.

Within, there was someone standing over a fawn. She didn't recognize him at first, but she was more surprised at what she saw going on. Above the fawn was something peculiar...a mass of black smoke that had tiny tendrils, lashing out at the one standing above it. "Easy now...", the stag spoke, as the fawn beneath squirmed and shuddered.

Laghodessa watched quietly as the stag touched his antler to the smoky mass, and suddenly it burst into light, shimmering in hues of pinks, blues, and greens. The fawn settled and breathed a sigh of relief in her sleep.

The stag turned and was surprised to see Laghodessa there.
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Brightest Darkness (Story featuring Hälla)

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Brightest Darkness
Featuring Tornpaw's Hälla

She awoke, startled by something, but looking about in the darkness, she saw nothing. Standing up and stretching, she wandered off into the night, unsure where she was going, as if something was guiding her.

Mushroom circle. She just realized it, she had slept in one. Her body was brimming with the power of the Forest, just waiting to unleash a transformation spell onto any deer that was close by. She looked around, surprised none were even sleeping around here.

There were fire flies in the distance, buzzing and flickering off and on. It was the only light she really saw out here aside from her pictogram and the stars above. The moon was dark tonight, it was why she had a hard time seeing.

She began to approach the fluttering bugs when a quiet whisper sounded, "Help me...please help me..."

The doe blinked and looked about. There was nobody close to her. But then she began to see something.

Between the roots of one large tree were several fireflies, flickering brighter around something else.

A dead spider.

The doe peeked down at them. The whisper came again. "Please help our friend, she has lost her life tonight, and wishes to become a firefly like us."

"How can I help?", Hälla asked.

"You carry the spell she needs. Please hurry, she does not have long...", another firefly whispered to her.

The doe tilted her head. She thought transformation spells only worked on anyone with a pictogram, not other creatures of the Forest. But her body began to glow, and concentrating on the spider's body, she cast the spell.
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The Waterwalker (Featuring Aniu)

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The Waterwalker
Featuring RikkaChan's Aniu
Requested by SoliloquyChryseis

"Hey! Hey you!"

"Yeah, you!"

"Want to dance on the water with me?"

Aniu laughed, calling out to anyone and everyone who would look over. Sure enough, several deer gathered around the Pond shallows, looking out into the center of the body of water.

And there was Aniu, dancing on the water's surface.

"No way...", one fawn gasped. A nameless stag shook his head, "What a bunch of rubbish! I don't know how anyone can do that!"

The demon deer chuckled, "Come on, I'm getting lonely out here! Come dance with me!"

The fawn, gullible as he was, did a running jump and splashed into the water. He emerged a few seconds later, sopping wet and looking around in embarrassment.

Aniu chuckled, and kept going on "What's a matter? Can't figure it out? Come on out here!"

Another fawn, a different one with poppies in her ears, tried but slipped and fell into the Pond. She clamored out, shaking her fur out and looking around for her flowers, which had floated off into the center of the water.

This continued for quite some time, and every moment a deer jumped onto the water thinking it was solid and splashing in, Aniu held back his laughter. Soon, the crowd began to decrease in number, one by one each soaking wet deer walked off baffled and embarrassed, until Aniu was at the Pond all alone.

He looked down and smiled, "I don't normally ask you for favors, but this was great. Thanks for the fun!"

Beneath the water, he was standing on two fairly large flat turtles, who were really the Twin Gods in disguise. "You are quite welcome, but as they say, all good things must come to an end...", Auriea spoke, and before he realized it, the turtles vanished beneath him and he splashed into the water.
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I've come
to the decision
that no matter what,
I will remain patient. I
have waited for so long for
something to happen with my
life, and even though I have been
given some opportunities that
did n ot work out, it does n-
ot m ean everything is o-
ver. I will change s-
ome things and
try again.

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Any TEFers in Syria?

Hey guys, I'm not sure if we have any TEF players in Syria or not, but please keep them and all of Syria in your thoughts while they're going through a difficult time.

The Syrian government has shut off access to the internet for the country. I just heard about this tonight.

Here's a few links on the event if you'd like to read more:

Syria's internet in apparent blackout
Syria Internet Goes Down, Traffic Monitoring Sites Confirm
Reports: Internet down in Syria
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The Cardinal's Dream (Story featuring Tea)

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The Cardinal's Dream
Featuring SoliloquyChryseis' Tea

Most legends under the Sun
Were forged in ancient history
But this legend was one
That happened very recently

The recent legend begins
In the Birch trees very high
In a Forest that never ends
Sat a cardinal that wished to fly

She was a young child in her nest
And to her mother she sang
But when she tried to fly her best
She hit the ground with a bang

It was fortunate that a doe was close
Tea the feathered one she was called
She quickly and quietly approached
Fearful she would be appalled

"Please help me, I fell down!"
The little cardinal cheeped to her
"And my mother is a lovely brown"
She added the detail right after

Tea blinked, though thankful now
That the little one was still alive
And lowering her head with a bow
She spoke a pleasant reply

"I will find your mother, my dear.
That I will promise to you.
But I do not know how to get you near
Your nest in the tree too."

The cardinal closed her eyes
Saying something unexpected it seemed
"I know how to get to the nest of mine,
I'll fly just as I've dreamed."

Tea gave a tilt of her head
And came close to the little thing
"How will you fly back homestead
Without your feathery wings?"

"It is easy, mother taught me."
The cardinal cheerfully chimed
"With many flaps of my wings
I'll be there in no time!"

She flapped and fluttered and tried
But soon wore herself out well
But she was determined with all her might
To fly from where she fell

The doe watched, but had an thought
And from her headdress of feathers
She plucked out a whole lot
And attached them without tethers

The little one flapped and with peacock strength
She lifted right off the ground
"I'm flying!
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Medieval (Story featuring Vaharo)

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Featuring Staff's Vaharo

He sat alone, watching the birds hopping around and pecking the ground. He felt uninspired today. It was a strange feeling, and standing, he outstretched his wings and took flight. The birds were close by, following him to see where he was going.

The winged deer soon saw the old Ruins, and felt like it would be a good idea to perch there for a while. He landed on the old bricks and settled. It felt good, he liked the view and his wings and tail drooped down in relaxation. The birds followed and perched with him, chirping curiously and doing bird things.

Vaharo rested his head, and closed his eyes. Maybe a nap would make him feel better.

He opened his eyes and sat up. Yawning, he felt quite weary, and looking around, he didn't recognize where he was at. The birds weren't there, and the trees were strange species that didn't grow in the Endless Forest. He would then notice that he was no longer on the Ruins...but on the top of a very tall castle!

"Odd..., he thought at once, "How did I get here?"

He stood and outstretched his wings. The deer hopped off the castle and glided down to the ground level, but before he could land, he heard something zip past him. "What was that?", he asked and looked about.

Another thing flew past him. He now realized it was an arrow! He looked down in time to see someone in full plate armor with a bow, aiming right at him!

The deer flew and maneuvered to avoid the next arrow the knight released, and before could get the next one ready, the deer swooped down and flew above him. "What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?", he questioned at once.
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