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The Trial of the Cotton Sage(Story)

Continuation of The Trial of the Battle Born, a part of The Totem Quest series.


It was the following morning when Quad awoke. He went straight to the Twin Gods' hill, where oddly enough they were waiting for him there.

"Hello Quad, did you enjoy your trip to visit the Battle Born?", Auriea immediately asked as he approached.

He hesitated, "It was...interesting...though he certainly put up a fight. I feel much stronger now, maybe even ready to take Iugulare on now...", Quad replied.

Michael and Auriea looked to one another, then back to him. "We're not through with your training, unfortunately. There are other trials we want you to take. Many more teachers that are very, very eager to meet you.", Michael spoke.

Quad blinked in confusion, "Wait, you mean there are more trials? You don't...have faith in me?", he asks

The two gods shakes their head, "On the contrary, we know you will not let us down. But we want you to be as prepared as possible. Quad...", Auriea says, "once we transport you to the next trial, you will be doing them consecutively from here on out until each one is finished. You will not be brought home until they are done."

"Do you accept our training? We want the fight to be as easy as possible.", Michael asked.

Quad hesitated. This may be a long time, they didn't even say how many trials were involved. But with a slow gulp, he nodded, "Y-yes...I'll do them..."

The gods smiled. "We knew you would. You will be leaving immediately to visit the Cotton Sage.", Michael spoke, and Quad began to blink. The second his eyes closed, he opened his eyes and found himself in a springtime meadow. He looked around, blinded by the sunlight right at first. He wasn't used to being in the open like this.
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The Totem Quest (Story Series)

I've still got a lot of planning for this since I just thought of this last night, but I wanted to write a series of encounters where Quad visits various 'totem' animals and learns from them. This will be similar to The Trial of the Battle Born (and will include that story as well).

I'm going to work on a synopsis and a list of animals he will encounter in the stories. The idea is that since he has lost his way from the Twin Gods' guidance (Ignoring his responsibility to defeat Iugulare by having a truce with her), they send him on a series of journeys to visit various animals that represent different totems. I'll incorporate actual totem symbolism into the stories as well, with help from a symbolism resource I like called whats your sign.

So feel free to track this if you'd like, it should end up being something interesting soon.

Animal stories to include (Tentative list) -
Pronghorn Antelope
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Book suggestions? (Non-TEF, will delete asap)

Hey guys, this won't stay up for very long, but I thought I'd ask about something real quick.

I'd like to get a new fiction book to read, maybe a short science fiction or fantasy book. Short chapters are a plus for me too. Anything involving space travel or dragons are pluses too.

Anyone have any recommendations?

The last thing I read was Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein if that helps with what I'm interested in. One person on Facebook suggested I read Ender's Game, but I wanted to get a few more suggestions before I start looking.

Thanks guys XD
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Quad's Flight Rising Signature Banners (Non-TEF)

Hey guys, I hope you don't mind me making a thread like this here. This is in reference to the Flight Rising game we've been playing lately.

I'm posting this here because I want these to be TEF-member exclusive. I've made a few signature banners for the Flight Rising forums and thought I'd offer to make some for you guys as well. Just keep in mind I've got somewhat of a busy schedule lately so they may take a few days before I get to them, but I've enjoyed putting them together anyway.

So here's the ones I've made so far...

If you're interested in one, I'll need the following info -

Dragon(s) you want included (up to two) -
Color Scheme -
Element banners? (0-2) -
Username? (Yes or no) -
Quotes, titles, sayings, ect? -
Background texture -
Anything else? -

(Feel free to just put "surprise me" in any of these categories too. Eye )

Here's an example using the one I made for myself -

Dragon(s) you want included (up to two) - Quad
Color Scheme - Yellow and white
Element banners? (0-2) - 1
Username? (Yes or no) - Yes
Quotes, titles, sayings, ect? - none
Background texture - Sunburst, rising sun style
Anything Else? - Samurai style text

Payment - Basically it's a donation system.
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3rd Annual Rememberance Day (July 24th, 2013)

This is an announcement for an event I will be hosting on Wednesday, July 24th, the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's passing away.

Also please keep Heartstrings' family in your thoughts while you attend.

Date - July 24th, 2013
Time - All day (I'll try to log into the Forest around 7:00 AM CST, and will most likely log out around 8:00-10:00 PM CST)
Place - Run's memorial near the Ruins (see below for a few screenshots of where to sit)
We prefer you sit around the light, and please do not stand/dance in the center.
No dress code, wear whatever you have on at the time.

Here is where we will be sitting at:

Look for Quad, and please feel free to sit with him as long as you'd like. Please keep in mind that I will not be at my laptop the entire time, but just being there with Quad if only for a little while is all you need to do.

If you guys don't mind, please take screenshots for me. And if you can't make it, please don't feel bad, I understand completely.

Previous Remembrance Days - 1st Annual; 2nd Annual


It's hard for me to realize it's been three years since Dad passed away.
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Flight Rising - Official TEF Memberlist and Discussion Blog

If you decide to change flights, let Quad know and he'll put you under the correct flight listing.

Important messages from the Flight Rising crew here

Scythe introduced me to this game a few days ago, and since then I've become addicted with it. So I wanted to make a blog for us TEF members who are playing. Basically, it's a game all about raising a clan of dragons and battling with them Pokemon style.

You choose from 11 different elements at the beginning, and depending on which you pick, your first dragons will be that element. You have your own dragon god and area on the map based on your element, and you can breed dragons to build your clan and trade with others.

Anyway, check the game out here.

If you're a member and want to be on the list, let me know your username and element and I'll add you. (A link to your clan profile really helps me for linking purposes Eye ) I've got a bunch of TEF members on my friends list on Flight Rising but I'd rather you let me know you want to be on the list than just add you without permission.

Also feel free to talk about this game as much as you'd like in the blog.
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The Mark of the Gods (Featuring ZiraBay)

From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

The Mark of the Gods
Featuring Bayleen's ZiraBay

The doe walked through the Forest
On a quiet afternoon
Just to find some fun around
And humming a lovely tune

Bay stopped and noticed something strange
On a boulder it seemed to spark
She approached and looked with curiosity
At the strange glowing mark

With a quick poke of her hoof
The mark granted her power
Before she realized what had happened
She created a giant red flower!

Bay gasped at the sight right then and there
Before she discovered her gift
She had gained the powers of the Twin Gods
As the Forest began to shift

The sky turned purple and the sun went down
And twilight came upon the land
As great big flowers bloomed all around
Many quite large and grand

With a laugh and a dance, the clouds rained bubbles
And the Pond became the color of gold
The trees dripped maple and honey sweets
And many more things to be told

The night soon came with a great meteor shower
And bright rainbows that filled the sky
As all around every deer raised their head
To marvel at the sight so high

But then it was time to give the gift back
As Michael and Auriea soon came
The power now gone and the Forest changed back
Everything that was once the same

But they smiled to Bay and asked her this
"What would you like to stay?"
She thought quietly and then replied
"Can we keep the bubble rain?"

The gods nodded and the sky bubbled once more
For the deer to all dance and play
And for finding the Mark of the Gods'
We had but to thank our Bay
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The Gift of Flame (Featuring Rhoda)

From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

The Gift of Flames
Featuring RedRaptor96's Rhoda

Fire, fire, burning bright
Bringing warm and kindling light
We wish we may we wish we might
Wish upon a fiery sight

Her hooves spark fire as she runs
Fierce and burning like the Sun
Who knows how fire was won
But Rhoda was lucky to be the one

Those who see may think at first
That the doe was clearly cursed
But she quelled a primal thirst
For agility with every fiery burst

With every step she left a flame
The only marking of her game
How could anyone hope to tame
The one who is too fast to claim?

She laughs and grins as she runs past
The doe was simply way too fast
A blur in the eyes of those who asked
What just ran by with fiery blast

And as the day and night now shift
So ended the doe's flaming gift
But she was happy she could be so swift
As the fire in her hooves quietly rift

Rhoda went to her place of rest
Wondering if anyone could have guessed
That she was the runner of flame so blessed
She smiled as her secret was never addressed

The doe of the sun laid down her head
Her heart still pulsing and beating its stead
The flames now soot where her hooves had tread
But the fire within would never be dead
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One sheep over the fence (Featuring Nidhem)

From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

One sheep over the fence
Featuring Kallonate's Nidhem

The lambs plant their memories
Of hopping over the fence
For those who cannot sleep
On nights loud and tense

But not every planter of dreams
Is wooly lamb or sheep
Many are Forest deer here
Who themselves cannot sleep

Nidhem walked carefully
Past restless stags and does
And with a whisper in their ear
They slumber through their woes

They never hear him coming
On three hooves he walks
And his voice is much like the gods'
Strong and powerful words he talks

The stag does his job well
As he makes sure none stay awake
The Twin Gods know the importance of sleep
So insomnia is never at stake

Though Nidhem knew his sacrifice
There was a price for this flight
For as others fell asleep around him
He would not sleep this night

The stag found the last restless deer
And nipped his ear with the words
"One sheep over the fence"
It was all that needed to be heard

The Forest slumbered thanks to him
Every deer but him slept now
So Nidhem sighed and went to the Pond
And sat quietly in the shallow

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep
But his mind was full of clutter
He couldn't keep his thoughts still
Almost like a hummingbird's flutter

But he had one last thought
And it broke the spell
He thought of a deer hopping a fence
And fell asleep quite well

So the moral of this tale
Is that no sacrifice is ignored
For every gift given away
Even greater is the reward
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3rd Annual Art Request for Writing?

It's been a long time since I've had one of these up. 2 years in fact XD.

Anyway, I've been nutty over a particular theme and wanted to ask for artwork of it.

The theme is Anirapio pouring an entire pot of coffee into her pouch.

The running gag I've had going on is that during Iugulare and Anirapio's separation (while Iugulare and Quad are dating and Ani's been on her own), Ani began to try different Earth foods and became addicted to coffee and caffeine. So she literally makes a fresh pot of coffee, picks up the pot, and pours all of it (yes, scalding hot too) into her pouch.

Artistic liberty is encouraged, feel free to draw Ani however you'd like and experimenting and surprises are awesome. I usually consider these to be the best references of her - one, two, three. And in return I'll write something for you. Let me know if you'd prefer a short story or a poem (or if you'd want me to surprise you) and also if you have a character in particular you'd like something done of. Please keep in mind that I'm currently in school so it may take me a while to get to writing your request.

If you need any more information about Anirapio, her history, how her pouch works, ect. feel free to ask.
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