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Quad's 5 Year Birthday

So today's Quad's birthday, he's been with TEF for 5 years now. I don't know the exact date I joined but I know it's in October since the BZD was in the Forest. I chose October 15th as his birthday since it's in the middle of October.

I remember back when we were on the Forums (TEFc wasn't made when I first started), I called Quad "Deerman" because I didn't have a name for him at the time. In fact back then we originally didn't give our deer names, as their name was their pictogram. But eventually I decided to give him the first part of my username, QuadRaptor.

That was also back when he wore his very first set, which was almost identical to his current set with the exception of having the Kabuki pelt instead of the Beluga pelt.

So a lot has changed back then. As a fawn, Quad was adopted by Walter and Ephra. Then as an adult, Quad became a notorious 'buttsniffer', then I decided he was getting a bad reputation for the antic so I stopped doing it. I used to do "Quad's Candid Camera" back then, where I would take countless screenshots of who I interacted with and would post them up with funny captions. And then on June 24th, 2008, I began writing Divine Intervention, which eventually became the first of five stories ultimately called the Divine series that told the history of Quad - how he was brought into the Endless Forest, his adventures to discover his powers as the Grand Talux, the introduction of Iugulare, Anirapio, and Nekumbra, and many other things that would ultimately shape who Quad is today.
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The Witches Tree (Featuring Alphafrost)

For Alphafrost

The leaves were already turning, making the Forest a vivid display of orange and yellow hues. The land was transforming naturally, without the Twin Gods' help as the season would start the process of making the trees bare.

Alpha sat at the Old Oak, watching this happen. She sighed, knowing what was to come in the next few months...unsure if she was ready for winter. Still, the doe made the most of the season, considering she enjoyed tree bark, she would easily find food in the Forest during the coming months. She knew the Twin Gods provided food regardless, but there was something about knowing she could depend on herself that she felt a sense of pride. She didn't need the Gods' help, she could survive the winter all on her own.

The thoughts of food made her hungry, and standing, she stretched and left the Oak. She would head around the First Forest, stopping at trees that had the most appetizing bark. She began to feed off of one, but was surprised when it didn't taste as good as she was used to, and she aptly spit the bark out. She tried another tree, and was met with the same result. After several tries, the hungry doe grimaced, there was an awful taste to all of the bark she tried, and now she began to worry about the winter. She feared the worst would happen - that all the trees had this disgusting taste to their bark, and that she would starve or be forced to ask the Gods for food.

But as she stood there in her dismay, the doe sniffed the air. Something caught her attention, and turning, she would run toward the scent, past many orange trees. Soon she spotted it, and slowing, she would only stare for several moments in amazement.

The tree was much like all the others around it, but the biggest difference was the color of the leaves that adorned it. They weren't orange, yellow, or red. They weren't even green!
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Memorium (Featuring Orinoco)

For OrinocoFlow's Halloween Trades

It was a nice morning, a bit foggier than it had been. The doe let out a gentle yawn as she tried to stand up. She felt a bit more weary this morning than she normally would, as it took her a few tries to stand, and when she was finally on her hooves she stumbled back a bit. The doe looked around, the morning relatively quiet aside from the occasional call from another deer. She felt woozy, so she went straight to the Pond for a drink of water.

Orinoco lapped up the cooling water, and sitting up, she noticed another doe approach and begin to drink from the Pond as well. "Good morning...", Orinoco spoke, and returned to her drink. She waited for a response. Sitting up, water dripping from her chin, she saw the other doe continue to drink, not responding.

"Umm...hello there?", she asked again. The doe kept drinking, not acknowledging her, and then sitting up, she walked away without a word. Orinoco blinked to this, shaking her head, "How rude.", before she walked off herself in the opposite direction.

She would continue on until she noticed a few stags bounding around in a flower patch, pronking and laughing this morning. Orinoco smiled and approached, asking, "Hello there, could I join in?"

They didn't respond. They didn't even stop. They just kept going with their game. "Excuse me!", the doe spoke up. The two stopped, looking around before staring to each other. The first asked, "Did you say something?", the second replying, "No, I thought I heard someone speak...that was really odd."

Orinoco tilted her head to this, "Hello! I'm right here!", she spoke. The two perked their ears and looked around, but apparently not seeing anyone, they shrugged and continued their game.

Annoyed, Orinoco left and walked aimlessly.
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The History of the Jack-O-Lantern (Featuring the Leowolf)

For Pegasicorn

There have been many legends on how the Jack-O-Lantern became an iconic symbol for the Halloween season. Some believe the Legend of Stingy Jack, in which a ghostly figure roamed the land carrying a turnip with a burning coal. Others believe the Jack-O-Lantern helped lost souls find their way during All Hallow's Eve. As these stories added to the history of the Jack-O-Lantern, there is one that is not so well known, at least for the human world, but is a more familiar legend for the Forest dwellers.

The story goes that a long time ago a hunter named Jack lived deep in the wilderness, where he lived off the land. He was fortunate to have good soil to grow some crops, including pumpkins and gourds during the right season. He often heard wolves howling in the night, and would open his door to find them eating the crops he grew. Unnerved by this, the hunter would shoot at them and always miss, the wolves escaping while his crops lay destroyed.

One night, he ventured deep into the woods away from his house, and came across an ancient statue of a pagan idol much like those found in the Endless Forest. He was surprised to find it glowing a bright green light as he approached, and before he knew it he was on his knees groveling before the idol. That night he prayed the wolves would leave his crops alone or else suffer for destroying what was rightfully his.

The pagan idol ceased to glow immediately after the prayer was asked, and the man returned to his cottage and went to sleep. That night, he heard the howling of wolves, and running out the door, he was shocked at what he saw before him.

The wolves were certainly being punished for eating from the pumpkins, but not in the way the hunter had hoped for. Instead, the wolves were running around with the pumpkins stuck on their heads, howling as they could not find their sense of direction.
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dlroW rorriM|Mirror World (A story featuring Euriea)

For Mauvable's Halloween Trades

She was walking alone, sniffing flowers and smiling to butterflies. The little one stopped and raised her head, looking around for others in the area.

She was alone here, in this very green Forest. There were occasional calls in the distance, but they were far away and she didn't understand what they were saying.

Euriea carried on, walking aimlessly, though she felt like she was being pulled in one direction. It was an unusual feeling, more as if she was being called somewhere.

She slowed to a patch of violet flowers, reaching down to smell them, when she heard, "Hello there!"

The little deer bounced back, startled at first, before slowly creeping toward the flowers.


She ran and hid behind a tree, peeking out slowly. She didn't see anything unusual in the flower patch. It just looked like normal flowers. "...H-hello?", she asked.

There was an awkward moment of silence there. Then she heard the voice again, "Yes, hello! I am right here!". The next thing that happened was incredible, as the patch of flowers slowly morphed upward and formed into a violet doe, looking almost exactly like Euriea. "I'm so glad I finally found someone! I wasn't sure if anyone lived here!", the flower-deer spoke, "My name is Lavender, pleased to meet you!"

Euriea slowly stepped out of hiding, still a little unnerved that someone would seem to appear out of nowhere, but she replied, "I'm Euriea..."

[=purple]"Oh we are going to have so much fun, Euriea! Come on, I want you to see my world!
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Halloween Writing Trades

Well I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon as well. XD...

After writing a few stories the past few days, I'm kind of in a really weird mood where I just really, really want to write more. Plus being kind of an art fiend...yeah. I guess it's because I haven't written in a long time, so it feels like getting out of a writer's block or something.

So anyway, I'm offering to write a spooky Halloween-ish story of your character in exchange for some artwork. If you'd prefer to write me a story in return, you're more than welcome to. You can pick your character for me to write or I can pick one for you. As for my characters, please feel free to choose whoever you'd like from the following, and you have total artistic liberty so feel free to be creative.

Quad - Victor - Zephyr - Pema
Iugulare - Anirapio - Nekumbra

If you need to chat with me about any of this, feel free to send me an e-mail at lapras316@hotmail.com or contact me on MSN at quadzilla7@live.com

[=red]Also please note that depending on the nature of the writing, it may or may not receive a mature warning - just let me know if you do or do not want any kind of violence or blood in it.
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The Woman in the Locket (Featuring Radio)

For Chickenwhite's Halloween Trades and featuring Radio

It was said that there were some artifacts left of the old world in the Endless Forest. Those who lived in the Forest before the deer inhabited it. These things were not necessarily uncommon, but rather...buried in the dirt where the deer never bothered to dig.

Radio sat in the graveyard of the old Ruins. He watched the butterflies fluttering in the nearby flower patches, and observed the occasional deer run by. He wanted something today, he wanted to talk to someone. But the butterflies didn't speak to him, and those deer that ran by didn't stop long enough to say hello. He shifted just a bit, and began to close his eyes.

"Hello? Are you there?"

Radio opened his eyes, looking around. "zzzzzZZZ Did I just hear zomething? ZZZzzzzz", he asked, waiting for a response. Nothing at first, he settled and began to close his eyes again.

"Yes, hello there. Down here!"

The deer's ears perked, he now looked near the ground, where there just happened to be a small, odd patch of dirt that seemed out of place, just behind one of the tombstones. He reached out and began to dig a little, his hoof catching something. He pulled up, and a small golden locket on a chain emerged from the ground. He lifted it up to his face, tilting his head. "zzzzzZZZ Did you juzt...zpeak to me? ZZZzzzz", he asked.

The locket was heart-shaped, and opened. Inside was an image of a beautiful woman, and she was actually moving inside of the thing. She smiled to the deer and replied, "Yes, at long last someone found me! My name is Princess Genevieve, I am of the royal family who ruled this land so long ago."

Radio tilted his head the other way, "zzzzzZZZ Royal family? Do you mean...zomeone who lived in a caztle?
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Process X85 (A story featuring Roomba)

For Kaoori's Art Trades, featuring Roomba

On Halloween Night, an amazing event was to take place on Earth. An electric storm would surge through the sky, and for the most part it would be relatively harmless and beautiful to see. There would be a few devices across the globe that may be affected by it, such as circuits frying or random malfunctions, but for the most part, this event would come and go with few issues.

Roomba was not at all concerned about such things. He just wanted to get the Forest clean.

"Whirrrrrr....", he sucks in a small pile of debris, then moves to another area and cleans up a spill. He would even find many opened cans of beans, which didn't make sense, but regardless, he disposed of them too.

Roomba was working on cleaning the Playground when the electric storm passed over the Endless Forest. A flash of blue light, a surge of electricity that sizzled and sparkled all over the sky. As it ended, the deer who observed it returned to their normal routines.

Roomba, on the other hand, was motionless, speaking in binary, "01001111 01101000 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110100 01110111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100111 01101111 01100100 01110011 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101111 01101110"

And then silence. Roomba restarted, then spoke, "Process X85 initiated."

He immediately dropped everything he was cleaning, and went to the spot known as the 'Deermuda Triangle'. There, he sat, acting odd as if he was attaching to something. "Vrrrrmmm vrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm...", he made odd noises and spun around faster and faster.
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Cryptozoology (A story featuring Manako)

Warning, violence and gore near the end of the story

For Scythe's Halloween Trades

She had only stepped outside the Forest for a moment. She needed some time alone, somewhere nobody would find her. She knew the way in and out, there was one spot where one could leave the Endless Forest and step into the world outside.

The problem was that she had gotten lost on her trip outside the Forest.

Manako had walked through dense, unrecognizable trees, thinking she was going the right direction until she managed to step out of the wilderness. She stumbled upon a small farming town, where she saw for miles from the treeline. It was here she spotted something running toward her. It was an odd-looking creature, small with beady-red eyes, and long, sharp fangs. She didn't know what it was as it ran away from the town and past her, the two making visual contact as the strange creature darted into the treeline.

She looked back to the town in time to see a gathering of humans and their barking dogs, standing around what appeared to be a resting farm animal. Whatever that thing was that got past her had apparently caused some havoc in the town, as soon Manako would realize there were others who were laying awkwardly on the ground, a mangled, bloodied mess...dead...

"Look, up there! El Chupacabra!", one of the farmers called, pointing to the trees where the were-doe was watching them. Manako knew it was time to run, they had spotted her and mistook her for the creature that had killed their livestock. She turn and bolted into the trees, keeping her wits about her, keeping her ears open and listening. They had sent the dogs on her, she could hear them approaching. She wasn't running out of fear, she wasn't at all afraid. She just knew she was in the wrong place a the wrong time.

The dogs were clever, and knew these woods better than Manako did.
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(Non-TEF) Anyone else play League of Legends?

Hey guys, I didn't want to bring Non-TEF stuff here, but...this game is really addictive XD!!

I was wondering if anyone else played League of Legends, and if so, who your favorite champions are.

They give you a random selection of champions to play for free each week, so when I started, the first one I ever tried was Warwick, because...well...I kind of like werewolves.

But when I was looking over the list, I really wanted to try a character who can take lots of damage, and of the ones they listed, I ended up buying Volibear. He's become my absolute favorite, especially now that I've figured out a good way to 'build' him. My other favorites are Anivia, Kayle (who I thought was a guy the first time I ever saw her), and Nasus. I also just got Fizz but I didn't try him out yet.

And a few champions that are on my wishlist include Karthus, Kog'Maw, Pantheon, and Renekton.

So anyway, this game takes a little while to figure out who you like playing as the best. Fortunately your teammates are usually friendly (you get the occasional player who cusses at everyone).
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