Crystal Tears (Story featuring Alina)

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Crystal Tears
Featuring Bladeliger76's Alina
Requested by SoliloquyChryseis

No one knew exactly how it happened, but the Forest was suddenly ablaze.

There was a loud bang in the Birch Forest. The sky was dark, as if it was about to rain, but no raindrops ever fell. The sky flashed like a thunderstorm. Maybe it was lightning that started it. No one was certain, but all they knew was that there was a raging wildfire burning the trees.

Everyone was running away, but the Forest was endless, and they would soon escape the fire only to come face to face with it. The flames were growing fast, burning everything in the way. The heat was unbearable to those who were too close, and before they knew it, the deer and inhabitants of the Forest were running to the Pond. They knew the water was the safest place to be, but the crowd was gathering quickly.

Alina was asleep, she had found a comfortable place in the Ruins and took a nap there. Her ears perked, and she heard the commotion, as well as the heat. She opened her eyes and immediately squinted, the flames were already close. She immediately jumped to her hooves and tried to run, but she soon realized the flames had already surrounded the Ruins. She knew she wasn't safe there, the old foundation could crumble on her at any moment. Still, she didn't want to be here.

She saw an opening in the blaze. She was already overheating here, and mustering her courage, she bolted and ran toward the place, barely singeing her fur and getting past the Ruins the time it collapsed. She was lucky she had left when she did, and that there was a clearing where the flames hadn't reached yet.

"Help! Someone!", she heard, and turning, she saw a pair of fawns alone and frightened. The fire was already closing in around them, and Alina rushed to their aid. But once she reached the two, she realized she had doomed herself - she and the fawns were now truly surrounded by the blaze.

The doe stood above them, hoping her body would somehow protect them, though she cursed the inevitable. The heat made her pant, and all she could do was shut her eyes and expect the worst to happen to her and the two she was with.

"Twin Gods...please help us..."

The prayer was enough to spark something within her. It would not be known right away if she had unlocked some hidden power within, or if the Twin Gods had granted her a gift.

She felt it growing inside of her tear duct. It was solid, and shed down her cheek much like a liquid tear. She opened her eyes just long enough to notice it - the solid tear shimmering and sparkling in the flame light much like a diamond would. It finally dropped from her cheek and shattered on the ground, creating a rush of energy that erupted like a blast of wind. She watched in awe and sheer disbelief as the wave of unexplainable energy snuffed the blaze all around them.

" saved us!", one of the fawns cried. The other was speechless, looking up to her in the same amazement that Alina had herself.

They were safe, but the fire was still burning in the rest of the Forest. Alina hoped she could do it again. She shut her eyes, prayed, and felt the crystal tears grow once more within her tear ducts. She watched as two dropped and fell at the same time, and with a blast of incredible energy that radiated much farther from them. The wave of energy quickly blew out much of the inferno, and Alina followed it, stopping where it couldn't reach and trying once more. The crystal tears came on request, and she would repeat this until all of the blaze was put out.

The Forest was charred, the ruins demolished, the Old Oak burned to a crisp. But no deer lost their life, and the only ones who witnessed how the fire was extinguished were the two fawns that were with Alina. Very soon after, the Twin Gods appeared before all the deer at the Pond, and using their powers of Abiogenesis, they restored the Endless Forest to it's former glory. The trees, Old Oak, and Ruins were once again as they were, and the deer all bowed and paid their respects to the Gods for saving their Forest.

Alina would wander off alone, the true savior of the Forest this day, but her deeds hardly sung. She kept the new power as a secret, knowing how to channel it now and how to use it if the time ever came once more.

The End
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Beautiful job, Quad! I

Beautiful job, Quad! I totally enjoyed it Laughing out loud And I hope Bladeh likes it too! ^^ Thank you for doing this for her Laughing out loud
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I'm glad you liked it and

I'm glad you liked it and hope Bladeliger enjoys it too. I love Alina's character design, she makes me think a lot of my own Zephyr.
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Awh! I love the story ^.^ and

Awh! I love the story ^.^ and awwh. Glad you like her design 83

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