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About This Site

The Endless Forest community is a social site linking the silence of The Endless Forest multiplayer game with the chatter and creativity of its real life players.

Learn more about The Endless Forest game here.

The game is free to play but if you give your deer a name you get more features in the game and you get access to this website. Using that username and password you can log in and contribute your drawings and stories, make new friends, and have discussions with other players.

The TEF community is very diverse and for all ages. Please keep this in mind when posting.


We do not host your image files but the posting interface makes it easy to link to your images on your own server or hosted at one of the many free online image hosts. Many players use Photobucket. And I can recommend Flickr, where we also have the official TEF Image Pool. There is also Deviant Art where players have started The Endless Forest Fan Club!

Image widths are limited to 1024 pixels across. Anything larger will be scaled down. Please be courteous to people's bandwidth and compress your images as .jpgs if you can.


What you choose to write about is up to you. Reading and commenting is also fun!
When posting to your blog, consider entering relevant entries in one of the available categories so that other players can browse entries of a particular type.


This site is maintained by Tale of Tales and we are always listening to your feedback. If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better please let us know. You can contact us via this site or via email Arrow the.endless.forest@tale-of-tales.com.

Enjoy the community!
See you in The Forest!

Ooh Auriea.