The Brave Little Fawn (Story)

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There was a forest far from civilization where deer thrived. A young doe slowed, looking left and then right, before whispering, "Come, little one." Behind her was a fawn who kept close, not saying a word but looking all about with her big eyes. Her mother led her into a clearing, where the two moved quietly through. She slowed and looked back, "Quickly now, we're not safe yet.", she spoke. "Yes mother...", the fawn answered and scurried to her side.

They were near the edge of the clearing when a twig snapped close by. The doe raised her head, ears perked, eyes gazing outward. She didn't spot any movement, staying still as she listened. She bent down and spoke, "Stay here, keep low and don't move.". The fawn nodded and did as she was told. The doe moved slowly, silently, to get a better view. Her eyes were locked on the spot where the sound came from. She only wanted a glance to see what it was, whether a friend or a threat.

The fawn stayed quiet, her heart racing as she sat alone. Her own ears heard something, but coming from another direction. She raised her head, trying to see who it was, but the tall grass blocked her view.

She heard it again. She wanted to call out and ask if it was her mother, but she knew she could put herself in danger if she did. She did, however, slowly get up, peeking through the grass to get a better view.

There was a black mass that rushed by. She heard the sound once more, it was soft and quick, could it have been hooves in the dirt, or...?

A pair of blue eyes spotted her. She gasped and hid, now hearing that sound approach closer and closer. She knew she was in trouble, and slowly began to step through the grass. She made more noise than she planned, and when she heard the sound coming toward her, she couldn't help but run, screaming "Mother! Mother!!"

The sound was after her, she looked back to see the eyes approaching, the body blending with the surroundings. She was just near the clearing when she did the bravest thing she could do.

She turned and faced them, huffing breaths, legs trembling. "Go away! Don't come any closer!", she screamed. The thing slowed, now revealing itself - a red fox with blue eyes glared at the fawn, licking his lips.

The fawn continued to scream, "Don't you hurt my mother!!"

The fox didn't respond verbally, but only stepped closer. The fawn stood her ground, crying once more, "Go away!!"

The predator charged at her, maw open, ready to snatch her right up. It was too fast for her to react - the fox grasped the fawn by her back and punctured her body. She let out a shriek of pain, and not a moment to spare when the doe slammed into the fox. The predator dropped the fawn and was thrown into the grass, but stood and began to approach. Now standing over her daughter, the doe cried, "Away with you, fiend!"

The fox, now knowing he would not get his meal, backed away and vanished into the grass. The doe now looked down in shock to see her little one was bitten, shivering and gasping for air. "No! Stay with me, my dear, I can't lose you!", she cried.

"Mo--mother...", the fawn replied, as her eyes started to close.

The doe had no choice, she bowed her head and began to pray. In an instant, two orbs of light appeared before her. "Please...I can't save her...", the doe pleaded.

"We will take her. She will be safe with us.", the Twin Gods spoke at the same time, and in a burst of light, the fawn was transported away from the field.


She woke up, looking around. Nothing but blue flowers. Her body was sore, but she felt her wounds had been healed.

The fawn looked around for her mother, even calling out to her, but would never see her again. There was a stag close by, grazing that spotted her. He approached and bowed his head, "Hello little one, are you new?", he asked.

"Mother...I don't...know where Mother is...", the fawn replied.

The stag looked around, not seeing a doe anywhere, before turning back to her, "I did not see a doe here. Come, let's go to the Twin Gods' hill. They always have the answers, and may know your name too."

The fawn nodded slowly, and was led away with the stranger to explore her new home...

The End

Too cute for words!! ^_^ It's

Too cute for words!! ^_^ It's so adorable! Laughing out loud it's a real good story. ^_^
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Quad! When did this get

Quad! When did this get here?? I totally did not see this! ;; <333
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I vaguely remember writing

I vaguely remember writing this one, it's been a few months XD...but I'm glad you guys liked it anyway
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Yea, I just totally missed

Yea, I just totally missed it! Sorry 'bout that. But I do really appreciate and love this little story