Forest Poetry

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For Meadow's Community Collaboration.

Forest Poetry
By QuadRaptor

There is a place that endlessly lives
A Forest to admire
Where deer with human faces
Run and play and inspire

First is the great Old Oak
Singing a beautiful orchestra
Step inside and you will hear
A resounding magical mantra

The cooling waters of the Pond
Refresh both deer and log
But be careful if you jump in
You will hop out a frog!

Then there are the ruins of old
A structure quite prominent
Now a shambling reminder
That nothing is permanent

The Playground is definite fun
To both fawns and young of heart
A few hops upon the boulders here
And you'll never want to depart

The twin gods sit on their hill
And keeps the Forest in motion
A simple bow in honor to them
Grants a blessing of devotion

So come explore the endless land
And enjoy a mushroom and pinecone
As young and old both agree
The Endless Forest is home
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This is wonderful, thank you

This is wonderful, thank you again C=
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That is such a sweet poem, it

That is such a sweet poem, it was lovely to read it. C':
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Lovely poem! c:

Lovely poem! c:
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