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TEF congregated gaming channel [Discord]

Greetings my fellow tef gamers.

Since the results were overwhelmingly positive the congregated gaming channel now exists <3
For now, we have much to fill with the basics laid out. Any future suggestions for games to add as joinables or their separate sections are welcome.
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Tentatively looking for kiddluns

There is a chance that The Apprentice and Hanae will have more children. He really means a lot to me as a character so I'm kinda err on the part, but just because I don't want the kids to be made and never touched ever again.
But if you plan to be active with them, at least so in actively engaging with their life (not necessarily in forest, but an update here and there is just dandy enough for me)

There is a limit on names, as well as some limit on designs, (so to make them look related, but there's freedom in it as well with a sufficient pint of creativity).
The kids will be brought up as traders, artisans and merchants.
The kids will be hatched from eggs. There's no restrains on other parts of development as long as they're not too outlandish for the first few years of life.
_there might be some dark plot involved_

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Plotsssssessssss r cool [bully breeds r cool]

soooo I got these two bullys and maybe I wanna use them for something.

who knows.
Got ideas?
Come to me.
Siddhartha and Kitartás would love some attention hmmmmhhmmm,
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Bathed in blood of your kin

Minor warning, bio might contain gore at a future or present day

And they say children are born innocent

Yseuld Baheera

Daughter to Týr and Peonia


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The Alchemist : Zuriel


Newly hatched child of Jonah and Elijah
Biological child of Enchante and Cadaver

quamar +, yrsa +, kalei ++, Iorunnr ~
Lavinia, Varg, Runa,

Meeting people of all sorts, this time around lots of children and their parents. Lots of playing, attempting to push kokabiel into water. roughousing with Quamar.
Snugged up with the seemingly shy little kalei.

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Of Blood and Orchids

Bugmila of Kraina
idk what this is

Ske is kind...and she hates everything. <- Ver important
Thinks she needs to carve out her own destiny.
Does not like being close to people.
Yearns for closeness. a needle wrapped in cotton

- Vuk

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Looking to play...yet another kid!

Decided it's time for some new oc eh? I have too many girls...essentially!

+I'd really preffer a male.
+I like to play around more creatively this time around hmmmm

+tbh anything crazy is a plus
+dark stuff never bothered me, preffered in fact.

I'd be happy for some...dubious origin or dubious parents. With a dubious plot.
!!! I'd love to have this as an oportunity to get to know some other people more. !!!
-My activity -in game- is spotty and random, but!
-always depend on me to have some update and development planned for the kid as well as rp! me maybe
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Sika deer (3/4) x Tengu (1/4)
Can transform into a japanese kite
Daughter to Kaito (The Apprentice) and Hanae
Sister to Kokoro


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Seeking guardian figures

So my lil elf wapiti Tuien ... she...
Well she's a big one, but she's a child still, but she's all alone for her age.
So I was curious if anyone would be up to take her in. Or prefferibly two vaguely unrelated people whom maybe know eachother but are at odds. Morally or not.
Even if the influence is bad or maybe not too well aligned with her outlook in life which is more leaned on preserving it, so having two guardians at odds with eachother on her and eachother would be fun.
All for maximum complexity and emotional juicing.

Things to keep a note on:
Tuien is a bleeding heart and does not harm even if it comes to harm her.
She's fearful of water due it seperating her from her homeland, middle-eart and bringing her here to tef. (and i don't have plans to return her there too soon)
Tuien is not going to work well with characters with more modern origins unless said origin is not presented to her.
Not looking for parent figures, just guardians and teachers.

Any things I should keep a note on?
Prefferibly people poke me here, that way people can get accustomed to see who else is interested, unless people come up with more characters and already come with more people that wanan work together in a package, that's always a bonus. After that hit me up on discord for more ^^ i'll probably be fine with most/all doing their part in it but as with time limits go probably ony a few might be able to fully invest in her.
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