Character names and picking them

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Honestly, this is something that very much intrigued me when it came down to character names.

I come from a roleplay community where when we searched for baby players or parents. The baby players would design the baby, but the name picking belonged to the parents. Most often it was like this at least.

It really felt interesting, it's somewhat a surprise for the parents how their baby gonna look, so it's exciting. But it's also a surprise to the baby player, on what name they'll have.
It's usually not an issue often enough since parents tend to give sensible and beautiful names to their kids, plus you tend to grow attached to the given name either way.
At least for some people, picking a name can be tedious so we'll end up resorting to asking for suggestions either way.

I'm always a bit saddened that this practice was very limited in its scope. But I suppose having neigh all the freedom is pretty nifty as well.
Plus I really miss that lol, I'm one of the people that can't decide often enough and If I don't pick a sensible name soon enough the 'silly work in progress nickname' ends up the one to stay oofff...... xD

I wonder what you guys prefer?
Are you one of those people that find having a name picked for you exciting?
Do you find picking names difficult and you end up resorting to parent suggested ones anyway?
Or how do you feel like about the name themes (I once had a character that went with Shakespearean inspired names. Or names belonging to X cultures.)
Do you prefer to be in total control over the naming process (as a parent or baby)
As a parent, do you find anticipating what name the kids pick exciting?
As a kid, do you find the anticipating what name the parents pick exciting?
Would you mind or not mind having a name picked for you?
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Usually in the few times my

Usually in the few times my characters have been parents, myself and the other parent player tend to give the kids themes to stick to, such as the parents nationality or the parents own themes (demon, tribal, indian etc etc). This allows the kid player to pick their own without it being too out there in relation to the rest of the family.

I wouldn't like other people to pick my characters name though, so I wouldn't do it to others unless they asked or there was a story reason why (such as one of my characters giving their children their 'true' names and then letting them have their own, OOC-picked name as an alias).

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I have some trouble picking

I have some trouble picking names, so I really like guidelines. Normally I do alright within guidelines and don't need someone to pick it specifically for me, but I don't mind suggestions.

However, I'd also consider playing a pre-named oc. It sounds fun and names aren't as important to me as, say, design.

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Haha, it's ironic that I just

Haha, it's ironic that I just made a post about a baby character I have, looking for parents, and then stumbling upon this post.
I would have to say that I'm someone who is very picky about the meaning of names for my characters, and letting someone else choose it, rubs on my nerves a fair amount. I always want a name to mean something to me, rather than just being a "pretty name". In all honesty, if "toilet bowl" meant something meaningful and comforting to me, I would rather that than something like... Aliciara (a random, somewhat beautiful name). I would be much happier with the baby character being named by me, regardless of what position I am in-- then again, I am very meticulous. Eventually I would grow to like whatever the name of the child is, as over time, it would gain that meaning.

I really think that the naming process is difficult. (My first character, my first baby, was named Crab, simply because his pictogram is a crab, so of course.. I of all people am one to talk pffftttt. But that's what I felt the forest named him, and it's respectable to me.) I still have characters that I struggle with the name of, but so many people know them as that name, so it feels wrong to change it. I usually think it just means I need to do more bonding.
Anyways, I think that applies to anything; bonding is really important. (unless it's your fingers and super glue!) If I don't like a given name, I usually will just suck it up and start thinking about things/people/places that have that name too or something similar, and trick my brain into liking it.

Overall, yes, the experience is exciting, no matter who you are, or what position you are in. It's just about as exciting as having a real baby, I would say. It's important to overcome that stinginess I get sometimes when it comes to names, and just realize that this is a new opportunity, new life, and it deserves a chance to go out and show off. It's rewarding, and in the end, the name doesn't matter.


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Those are some really

Those are some really intriguing perspectives indeed ^^ Of course, none are more right than others, but it does indeed prove just how diverse our taste can get to things as subtle as the naming process preferences.