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Watercolour art requests

In honour of spring comming near. I decided I'll draw a small scene with charactrs. It'll be something like this:
(Watercolours, characters will be drawn as infants)
I'll stop collecting submissions at the end of February.
I'm collecting ALL submissions, they'll be split up depending on amount of lines or songs made)

There is a catch.

For each deer you want in the drawing, you need to write down one line of poetry!
(The first submitter gets to decide the rythm and starting rhymes, wo-hoo)
Also make sure your lines relate to the previous submitter's lines for extra flow.

It should be springy and foresty.

So far:
1: Nirya: Kefi:
2: Kamaya: Kamaya:
3: tigerart27: "lilshitt":
4: Mozdog: Dazent:
5: Chizzune: Amaroq:
6: Fainalotea: "Cafloray":
7: Vessan: Spring:
8:SoliloquyChryseis: Sonali:

Rhyme: Line: line text)
A_1: A flutter of feathers, the faint hum of trees...
A_2: The wool of a wether, the honey of bees...
B_3: in thick summer air, that feels lazy and slow...
B_4: Can be cooled with darkness and a wind's blow

B_5:Wind blows trough the Flowers, which started to grow...
C_6:The doves fly above, they coo of their dreams...
C_7:joined with cuckoos and singing in teams...
C_8:Light of happiness, bursting at their seams...
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Deer age shenanigans

So, I and my friend lelled at this one site where they try to guess your age via photos.
Aaaand what do I do? I plopped in picturea of my OCs.... And hillariousness ensured: old are your (human faced) deer?
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Beast from the past!

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ANU & ADA, the lost unicorns...

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