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Faulkon's Bio (2020 redo)

Name: Faulkon
Gender: Male
Age: Was 18 when he was human... aging is a strange thing in the forest...
Picto: My picto ^.^ (just think of the Pokemon Swellow's head at a side view and it's a pretty recognizable picto XD!)
Size: 26
Set: Owl mask, Owl pelt, Key antlers
Diet: Various fruits especially raspberries and blackberries
Scent: Similar to the smell before it starts raining
Likes: Helping others in the forest & napping under the willow trees by the pond
Dislikes: The ruin... It creeps him out a little
Personality: Gentle and friendly


Are you familiar with the tale of the Endless Forest?


...Well dear reader, I recommend you listen closely lest you suffer a rather unfortunate fate...

It was perhaps three thousand years before your birth, on this very evening that a young man found himself yet again at the mercy of his village elders...

A prankster and a thief he was, and this time he was being scolded for chasing the village's sheep out of the confines of their pen and into the nearby forest. One of the elders stood up and proposed a plan.

"As punishment you shall retrieve the flock from the forest and once you return... perhaps some chores will do you good"

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[ Calligeneia ]

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[ ??? ]

Hello c:
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forest keeper | Cernunnos

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the price of magic

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The Moon Will Sing A Song For Me- Kya

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{ A small foxlike creature with an Owl-like face, wings, and front limbs. Seemingly carved from a shimmering colorful stone, this creature adores moonlight.
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