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[scheren und nadeln und stoffmuster]

fyi! i play with pictograms off! sry if i don't recognize you!
it's mostly for anonymity and that i feel that characters can't see pictos,
also for my weak anxious heart lol ;>;




PHungry and Cold
NJust a bean trying to survive

Sex: Doesn't appear to have one?
Species: Valravne
Smell: That of new life
Size: Size of a hand

Within the wood, by a place of worship,
something blind to the world and its fate stirs.
With every soul that passes, it coos and gives
out pathetic whimpers of infant needs, squirming
to its best ability to reach the passing warmth of
body heat. Very little take notice for this creature
lays nestled and hidden to obvious eyes within the
foliage that lean against the base of the God Stones.
With the great effort of squirming, very little
progress is made other than burned energy and a
wobbling head to the sky, searching for the
constant disappearing warmth.
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vicious humanity


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In our beloved forest, though endless, I've felt....... unaccompanied.

Usually, every few weeks I'd check the well being of the forest, especially recently with the coming of a new era. That being said, I took some time to think about my personal experience in the place of my childhood and somewhat current dreams and I came across the phenomena of my lonesomeness.
I've been very motherless and mateless, nearly alone if you will; not that it's something that dulled my experience of the forest in any way but I'm looking for a slight shift.

I often yearn for a sense of family connection and the warmth of love magic.
A common longing for another soul to stand adjacent to mine.
The simple desire for acceptance from one's mother, her little buck is different from the rest.
One's longing for understanding from the populace that he has no want to be a protector but to be protected. To be a healer. A life bringer.

this little one cannot bear children like the mother they so long for. None the less, their love interests are still male......

( ill be in the forest soon....... look for my name)
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koshka - female/lady - roe deer - reference - size 12 - young adult, 21 human years - pansexual - single, secret crush Ooh
zodiac cancer, element water, color white, ruler moon - orca mask - dotd antlers - swan pelt - mini spell

shy - deep thinker - peaceful - loyal - honest - friendly - loving - caring - solicitous - compassionate - jealous - amiable
fearful - timid - submissive - moody - passive - overprotective - oversensitive - vulnerable - family and home-oriented - follower

cheerful or quiet/calm companions, sleeping, feeling protected and cared for
running with others, butterflies, fireflies, flowers, sound of the night, sleeping on someones back

deer who negatively reacts to her, being ignored, feeling lonely, the cold, violence

discord: weepingwillow#7233
someday i will do a better bio with more information. maybe.

by hautakumpu: 1, 2, 3
by jessickalor 1

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Flesh and Bone

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