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The Night Caller

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Little dark age ~Samael~

Samael. male / Weak, thin, moves and speaks little, gets tired quickly.


something dark's living down in my heart ; rhysand

smol tef bio for my favorite troublemaker, DISCLAIMER that he's sometimes naughty. i'll slowly be adding more.. and will prob post updates here as well at some point :3


Moved from Wormwoods to here!

I'm rabid (positive connotations ???????)

I'm serious I'm absolutely feral and unhinged with everything I say, this is what happens when you let someone from gen-z in a community from at least before he was born, nothing I say will make sense and I think that's what makes me funny, have fun seeing serious rants mixed in with art I guess and me returning here for comfort when I'm stressed and bored, I am often a serious character, then to pretending to being famous pop singer Pitbull... no I'm not okay, sometimes anyways. Anyways be prepared for my wholesome weirdness <3 (I use wholesome vaguely idk)
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Falea; Wounded is the deer that leaps highest.

Bringing this old girl back again (aa), art by MisterTrixter <3
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