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Havessan's guide to creating species

-Something I always wanted to do-
-Will be updated periodically-
-Will preety much include a lot of 'key traits' and how they relate to creatures-
-from how they live together/social structures to leg structures vs environment- + rl examples
-creating ecological nieches-
-kind of an aid to make believable animals/beings-
-mainly for me, but also for others <3-
-Think of it as a quick, 'salad bar', and a starting point to traits-

And God said, "Let there be light..."

Light sensetive cells/eyespots
-Only able to determine light from dark

Seen in:

Eye holes
-Due the cup shape, able to distinguish directional light

Pinhole, with or without lense
-Image reflects, making one able to discern the environment more clearly. Better directional sensetivity.

Seen in:

-more eyes...+ fine tuning
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more art trades

I like ppl's art. Ppl like my art.
more art trades.
this time i'm thinking i'll open up fof three.
I'll do them in an experimental style. All different. Style lottery there u go.

Also please if you are unable to finish withing one week, do not bother. (The deadline will be longer but please if you plan to get busy with things...I mean. there are two that are perpetually busy, one more and i stop doing these forever.)

-yngve ...
-luksus (finished, wait for a biiiiit)
-dampir (finsihed aa)
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Vess did free biography templates

I am bedbound and bored.
I do stuff when bedbound and bored.

Have some css templates!
Also includes a single box which you can edit however the heck you want.
Don't forget to include credits and build onto em depending on how you further edit this css.
Be it tables or ...idk... whatnot.
Some colours need to be altered.
But will need to alter most if not all colours if you'll change the background images.
(basically search F-search for .png and you'll find two results)

Solemn traveler: (brown-gray based)

Lonesome wanderer (Refreshing green moss based)

Refreshed wanderer (green moss based)
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TEF deer demographics

Uhhh I love doing statistics and this was sometihng that i always wondered about. And also because I am very curious just about how many different deer we find in the forest and in what kinds of different ratios!

So i'll be gathering data on:

+ ALL species included in the family: Cervidae (including your custom subspecies/variants)
(Needs to have it's species stated, this will be split into multiple categories by species)
+ TEF deer group 1 (Only TEF in-game faced) Example
+ TEF deer group 2 (Real human or deer faced (and both)) Example
+ Fantasy/custom deer (Perytons, custom deer species(not including custom subspecies of exsisting deer) etc.)
+ Hybrids between various Cervidae groups (not seeking cervine x none cervine mixes)
Sex (categories are: male, female, intersex, and none/unknown)

Things to note on All real life species:
What all counts into the 'All species in the family: Cervidae' besides the ocs created, inspired of real life variants.

All these examples are part of their respective species!
Example of unrealistic colouring (Fallow deer) * Example of human faced (Roe deer) * Example of 'something not usually found on real deer' (Red deer)

And that's all! (also state down name and player, why? So i don't count the same character twice...hnn)
When i have a feeling that I gathered a large enough sample.
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|Torfastr Galthjálmr|>

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Seeking !!serious!! rp! Vessies rp ads??

Soooo. I saw my academy shedule Sad
No good, no good.
Bye bye tef
Bye bye randomly meeting strangers and interacting with them.
Bye bye.

Anyway so I ought if i'd invest in more rp partners sob.
Or group rps, that too. That would be fun.

Mostly because my characters need acquaintance, and other people prolly need tooo, sooo.
Also I need to shape their personality more...sob.

I am probably as shy as most people here so feel free to contact me, i'll probably kiss you on oth cheeks and we'll go through some helluva fun.
One more note, be a bit more serious about it, like...We plan this out together on how and where/when and then we rp it out.
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Vessie's rutblog: All in one woooo

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