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Make a character game

You can cross out certian things if they don't apply to you like... you no longer remember the last viewed animal on Tv or something like that or you don't read books etc.
I will respond with mine shortly <:

Fill out the bellow and using those 3 animals, those three colours and those three theme inspirations to create a character <:

Animal insp. 1: The last animal seen on tv or heard from a person in rl
Animal insp. 2: The last animal seen on digital media (yt, gif, meme)
Animal insp. 3: The last animal seen in person

Colour 1: your current wear
Colour 2: The last used physical colour (pens/pencils)
Colour 2: The current dominating colour of your ambient/environment/room

Accent: Your favourite colour

Mood/personality/theme insp 1: Last book you read
Mood/personality/theme insp 2: Last game you played
Mood/personality/theme insp 3: Last movie watched
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The elven child

Name is fleeting

Forest name

bleeding heart, self-sacrificing, kind to a fault
not naive, not easily tricked. haemophobic


secretive about her origin or past, when talking about,
contains mostly wide brush strokes of information,
bio will only contain info that will be considered as
common knowledge about her.
Female, Wapiti / Grey elf, Aquaphobic #18


adult portrait * metamorphosis

Met: Scarlet, Artemis, Jasta, Bree, Larkspur, Jethro, Persephone, Melanie, Rye...
Suspicious: Meth
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Chat with Vessie's ocs

Full character list:
Figured i gotta practice character speech. Which i usuallu do fairly quickly with my other non tef ocs...well huh.
Somehow I'm having issues with this in tef because often they are rped nonverbally and when u do i have problems.
Well. You can ask them anything more serious or apropriate for the character.
They can have IC conversations with other ocs.
but you can also ask general quiestions like uhh... what's your fav colour.
Practice is key. Might as well make it fun Smiling

Cannibriel: wise, motherly, all-loving, passive, easily overwhelmed.
The Apprentice: polymath, calm, well-minded, wise, helping
Zephyr: vulgar* agressive, skittish, manipulative
Maryam: whimsical, flirty, fatalistic
Dwarfycorn: impartial, regretless, closed off
Mare: whimsical, bashful, inquisitive, childish
Torfastr:Vindictivr, helpful, kind, active

Grimhildr: Childish, sweet, friendly
Bree: curious, inquisitive, very polite
Jagoda:chatty, frank, grounded, positive
Sommer: rare spoken, wise?Question?
Hecate: overly polite, sneery, sassy, haughty, higher-than-thou
Yngvarr: enthusiatic about certain topics, calm, cold, elaborate

Silver doe: She dun speak
Babu: cuteeeeeeeeeee (i think i got babu down to a T but ask anyway for death by aww)
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Zephyr's archives

Gonna make an archive for him here because I can't bother making the one in his bio scroll.

This is mostly for me, do what you want with it.

Cheers guys <3

some other art n refs. uber old, ignore

...i should probably add a link to this in the main thread hmmm......................................HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Found a really nice rock to perch on. Dozed off with his head up high just to wake up...being woken up by a really manly looking deer (Nikhil) Panicked, instantly jumped back just to see that there was yet another (Shardul) there. They both seemed polite and all, but Zephyr was just an utter trainwreck and backed off instantly, circling around them just to see even more were around. He preffered the pair did not look at him so he proceeded to just avoid their stare by moving away and away, because he still feels all awkward about this new body, the forest everything. BUT they kept looking so he just...ran off.
And he stumbled right back at them. "OTL

Eventually moved off to the birch forest where he met a dog. Much better. A dog mutt (Fain), a bit closer to himself, a; not a thing he normally eats. Just asked some stuff because he felt a bit calmer about this whole deal.
Actually at first wanted to attack him but decided against it because dog probably tastes bad..."""
Asked him some stuff before going back a nearby tree to just...look at the forest. Blue dog was noted too. Too mellow for his taste though.
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art trade for human aa?

Anyone doing arttrades atm?
I've got some chara that defo needs some human ver or maybe a ref and i'm unskilled af ;;;;;;;;
Modern themed ay.
I offer my skills in turn huehue
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.........................................::[TEF fight club]::

TEF fight club

Basically a mini event that can be hosted by anyone

Who is welcome? Everyone, either to fight, watch or act as the judge.
Where does the event take place? Anywhere at a mushroom circle.
Discord group:
THIS Saturday at 7pm UTC +1 !!(:Exclaim


Rule Variant 1

The combat is held within the mushroom circle
All spectators are gathered outside the mushroom circle
Spectators should be quiet but are welcome to dance and cheer

Single round combat
1) The round begins with two competitors gathering in the middle
2) The third deer that enters will act as a judge, he remains in the circle as well but can exit it at will to better observe the combat
3) The competitors must agree to the judge!
4) After all three are present, the judge starts the combat by mooing.
5) The judge stops the round by mooing and going towards the victor.
6) The next round can begin with a new trio or duo if the same judge remains.

Victory is decided on
The cleanliness of hits and elaborate display
The location of hits and how often clipping occurs
Basically which deer appears more skilled and entertaining to watch
Spectators can overrule a judge by flocking their preffered victor

Leaving or touching the mushroom circle is an automatic victory for the oponent.

10-11.02.2018 = a great start

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lets slam our charas at eachother

LETS just smash our ocs at eachother. bc why not.
im like always open via discord for tef. i discord for tef anywax. but like uhm.
yeah my headache.

like lets just plot som encounters or something.

Poly, manylegs.
She can't move so I can't start interactions ;;
but if you wanna say hi before she byebye or try to intervene, u welcome to.

He is good to fight with or chill.
or drink ale or mead with. Respects ladies.respects strok ladies even more. Dem warrior women

Whazever you guys suggest Cool
Her main source of food vanished so she need to pester others 8(

Friends n stuff, preffers lady company and she's quick to get kissy and smoochy and shower love at people.
drawn to pretty deer, ignorant of plain looking individuals.

could use moar similair aged friends, he's mostly an edgy viking. likes to spar n stuff, sleep, tease frands. friends with benefits would do good too.

Other galsto herd with maybe

Zephyr Iden.
He will eat you. I suppose you don't want want him sliming up all nice and sweet before doing a 180° turn and try to eat u. i guess he good for drama.

so uh get me here or on discord.
also i'm shy to a crippling degree so bear with me plz ;;
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Seeking a fawn

Yet again met with the golden sun stag.
Are you a fan of pre-medieval and early dark age european cultues? Namely slavic?
Are you a fan of red deer? Are you a fan of not having overbearing parents and want forest exploration freedom?
Want to get to know me or the older brother players more?
Well look no further!

-Human origin of alpine slavic descent
-Fawn will have a slavic name of your choice
-C. e. hippelaphus deer species
-Everything else up to player
-Please don't run away from home, bc jaga baba will eat u if u do
-Activity is pretty chill in game, but we also rp over discord

Discord:Fireflyness#3901 / Skype:fireflyness

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