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Free ink doodles.

I have some ink, lots of time to slack off while waiting for the models and lots of brown paper.

Colours won't do much but feel free to suggest some interesting characters for me to doodle.
Mustn't be your own.
Can be pairs, but no more than three.

So yeah, free ink doodles.
Will be random I guess...experimentative. Try to capture somebody with as much grace and expression with as little as possible.

Will be doing these for one week starting with the 13th.

AAAND here they are:

If i hadn't forgotten them at the academy!!! GRR
You'd have scans lol...
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::|Biche Argentée|::

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Shield bearer [Bree]

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Happy new year!

Happy new year from Central Europe!
Whew. I'm all ready missing 2016, what a funny year.
Let's all cheer for a glorious 2017!

Gosh I haven't finished setting up a new bio for an oc
since like...last year.

oh well! Enough funzies.

and for those that live in the past. Oh well. Greet you like in a few hours.
Smiling YEAH!
and for those that live in the future. Sweet dreams ^w^
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Havessan's design workshop, up for adopts. (Too many lol) humanfaced!

Oh hey! OBVIOUSLY the unique linearted adopts will cost more. However I price recolours way way less.
Anyway. just... ugh. so many design lol

This here is my design workshop Laughing out loud I'll toss designs in as I get bored or as when my gallery fills up. Revisit characters that never really took off...
Basically I have a very creative mind and I cannot possibly play all characters 8( ...

All designs here are up for sale, just give me a note here or on my skype with your offer.

Here is the link for the bunny trade adopts:

Discord: Fireflyness#3901
Skype: fireflyness

8 USD for just colours on a template.
20 USD for a custom shaped design of odd styles. (any of the pictures styles)

Each design adopted will contribute to me being able to upgrade Clip studio from pro to ex.
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Winter is here... [Interraction blog and winter updates]

Snow settled, the skin fell off like a simple mask.

Winter is here and winter is cold, winter brings death, winter brings pain.
The pain it felt the pain it will give, for the ache deep within can no longer stay hidden.

stay away if you want to keep safe

Post here to interract with winter, or call me on skype (fireflyness) if you do not catch him in-game...
Winter cannot be reasoned with! Be aware of what you're getting your characters into by interracting with a thorns-draging, agressive/mean spirit!
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Test blog_LL

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Giving back, what tutorials or guides would you like to see?

Considering I've got some help a while ago from whoever that decided to contact me. I want to return some of my knowledge to the community.

I am skilled in some ways, but not in all.
I know well the propper ways to reference and over my creative experience, learned much about colour study, composition and quite a few ways to learn or relearn skills. Or turn your style head over heels.
Aaaaand, not many people know this, I do graphic design and been thought to do graphic designs (which i never display lol)

So I'm curious what you guys would like to see from me.
I can't really teach style as mine is all over the place. (like goddamn how many times I change it :3 )
But I'd like to hear some suggestions.
My gallery on DA is LittleTamarin
I show off some of my work over here.
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