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Of Blood and Orchids

Bugmila of Kraina
idk what this is

Ske is kind...and she hates everything. <- Ver important
Thinks she needs to carve out her own destiny.
Does not like being close to people.
Yearns for closeness. a needle wrapped in cotton

- Vuk

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Looking to play...yet another kid!

Decided it's time for some new oc eh? I have too many girls...essentially!

+I'd really preffer a male.
+I like to play around more creatively this time around hmmmm

+tbh anything crazy is a plus
+dark stuff never bothered me, preffered in fact.

I'd be happy for some...dubious origin or dubious parents. With a dubious plot.
!!! I'd love to have this as an oportunity to get to know some other people more. !!!
-My activity -in game- is spotty and random, but!
-always depend on me to have some update and development planned for the kid as well as rp! me maybe
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Sika deer (3/4) x Tengu (1/4)
Can transform into a japanese kite
Daughter to Kaito (The Apprentice) and Hanae
Sister to Kokoro


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Seeking guardian figures

So my lil elf wapiti Tuien ... she...
Well she's a big one, but she's a child still, but she's all alone for her age.
So I was curious if anyone would be up to take her in. Or prefferibly two vaguely unrelated people whom maybe know eachother but are at odds. Morally or not.
Even if the influence is bad or maybe not too well aligned with her outlook in life which is more leaned on preserving it, so having two guardians at odds with eachother on her and eachother would be fun.
All for maximum complexity and emotional juicing.

Things to keep a note on:
Tuien is a bleeding heart and does not harm even if it comes to harm her.
She's fearful of water due it seperating her from her homeland, middle-eart and bringing her here to tef. (and i don't have plans to return her there too soon)
Tuien is not going to work well with characters with more modern origins unless said origin is not presented to her.
Not looking for parent figures, just guardians and teachers.

Any things I should keep a note on?
Prefferibly people poke me here, that way people can get accustomed to see who else is interested, unless people come up with more characters and already come with more people that wanan work together in a package, that's always a bonus. After that hit me up on discord for more ^^ i'll probably be fine with most/all doing their part in it but as with time limits go probably ony a few might be able to fully invest in her.
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Keyne the Fearless

Keyne the Fearleas

in the woods lies the horror

- = unexpressed traits
Stout headed, proud, extremely vindictive, xenophobic
bloodthirsty, playful, trickstery

* Born as Keyne to a coven witch and wandering bard, but was soon raised solely by her mother soon after the departure of her father. Lives with her mother and grandmother in a witches' forest.

* Knows how to sing as to enchant and enthrall people. Also knows the names of many gods to be able to 'curse' individuals of various cultures by evocation.
* Posesses a magical ring that evokes her primal shape.
* Raven haired with icy blue eyes and pale skin.

*Predominantly canine in shape with lynx ear tufts and tail
*Body is heavy and stocky like a bovid, also has an eelstripe
*Legs are a bit longer like a deer's

Female, child: 6, celtic origin #4

Daughter to Boudiccea and Morcant
Granddaughter to King Conan & Andraste
Niece to many.
Friend: Heller, Vuk, Beleth, Jóarr., Porunnr

Cervine x Canine x Aurochs x Lynx


Got to meet her paternal grandfather. Learned her dad is dead.
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The big * bih / Arsonist hallelujah. Octane burner.


Female, dog thing
Scars make an X on her chest
Two hearts
Attitude varies from agressive/moody to playful and goofy
Extremely curious and shameless

-'Chase instinct' if you run swiftly past her her muscles will give in and she'll launch a chase after you. Sometimes malicious, sometimes playful.
-Not particularly strong jaw muscles, but her bite is uber nasty in the sense that the wound will probably get gangernous rather quickly.
-Communicates only through barking but appears to SOMEWHAT understand speech
-Best way to move away from heri s to back off while giving a staredown.
-About the size of ye standard tef deer but slightly lightly smaller
-Tail is thick and fluffy, but still coarse due poor hygiene
-Hates direct eyecontact, but gives plenty herself.
-Always in for some stupid shit
-Unicorn horn is for stabbing.
-Fur is coarse and rough

Sometimes it's uber playful
Her memory erases on a daily basis, so I won't bother updating this. Essentially she never remembers anyone.

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Sir dragonborn, honourable wolf precious-peace (It's him! Vuk) YOU HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN MY PENULTIMATE FORM

Player note: You don't know how much I suffer.

More player notes: *QUIET SCREAMING*

MOAR PLAYER NOTES: Added artwork.

subtle player note: Added more missing artwork.
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Special little fawns

I am looking up to 2 fawn players for our lil Roes. There's lore attached to both the linages, one of which is divinity from the mother goddess while the other is fae and will play a significant part in their appearances - We'll later explain that in detail. Cannibriel and Duva will be co-mothering so their fawns would be raised together.
Fathers may or may not play a role in raising the kids. I'm aiming for June. hmu if interested please. <3

Cannibriel x Firyn - 2 x

Duva already has a fawn <3
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The western wind brings fortune [interaction blog: EGOO LEGGOS]

Look at him, what a proud stag!?
Who would have though that he'd ever have fawns...err...eggs!
He says they were brought by a woman with a wingspan to embrace the whole forest.

It's a beutiful time to have children indeed.
flowers and blossoms are everywhere.
fields covered in sunkissed dandelions and blessed dasies.
the trees of fruit coated in white and pink dresses.

Now the little twins in basket for all to see
the father all proud wants to show them off to all.

(Also lowkey looking for a nanny/aid to help him raise kids because hhhhh children have baby immune systems)
(positive interactions with the eggos (under apprentice's watch obv) or with him are welcome)
(or with Yoji the shetland pony)
(This will last 2 weeks or so.)
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