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Tef critter adopts

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Seeking art trades

I'm seeking some art for art for my bio and I'm going to return some lovely cutesy inky art in return.
(or maybe if you're lucky, a watercolour)
Since traditional art doesen't look really good on bios Sad or you need a helluva lot of working around or editing it to make it look good, so I' hoping if anyone would like to help out (and get something lovley in turn back)(I can also take multiple trades for one character cause I just like other people's art in general <3 ))

-So I'm looking for something that would fit like a cookie here:

-whatever else xD...
Because art trades r fun yo.
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Taking requests

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Seeking a fawn player

The hind and the stag.

Being overwhelmed! ^w^
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25 foresty questions

Bunch of questions for the forest community if they ever feel bored and wanna fill out some questions Laughing out loud
I should fill out one form sometime too.

1) When did you first find out about the forest?
-Did you join instantly or needed some time before you joined?

2) What was your first picto
-How did you feel when you first entered the forest
-Do you like your picto or do you not?
-Is your picto still in your posession or was it given away?

3) What were your most fondest memories in the forest?
4) What was the most exciting thing that ever happned in the forest?
5) Do you have any painful memories of the forest?
6) Have you ever seen an abiogenesis?

7) Who did you hang out most when you first joined?
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DD_Test (pls ignore)

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Season chronicle

This blog is to record the past transformations and events belonging to the character Autumn/sprng/pomlad/sommer.

More stuff will be posted later.
But hey spring is resurrected again and shall be walking among the denizens of the forest once again!
Untill this is finished...
shoo, shoo l:v
unless you have suggestions how I should organize this?

I gotta categorize all sections and copy the information from each blog and such, maybe sort the art and fan art made of him for each season c:

-2015 (marked by earrings courtesy by me)
-first conceptualization.
-resurrection by vessan
-a rare shade in the forest
-2016 (marked by pains and lethargy(seeds growing IN him) courtesy by vee)
-resurrected by vee

A warm draft of wind shook the crowns of trees, rushing over their branches and trunks, bringing the awoken to bloom and burying the ones that were still asleep. With it in the forest, bird song had started long before the sun even came near to rise. Tranquil silence only filled one small spot,
and in it, there it lay all twisted in thorns and dusted with bone, the remnants of the one that stumbled, trotted charged and loomed in this place just weeks ago, and the time between then and now marked his sleep.
A sharp chill in the air; dead branches cracking under the intense grip of the sudden frost in its wake signified the gods arrival onto the scene. Outside, the living play, oblivious as though there is no change a short distance from them, and perhaps to them nothing had changed at all.
Vee silently graces over the ice-kissed earth he conjured towards the decaying form hidden amongst the thicket. His motives known only by himself.
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Seeking sommer's sibling

I've been really thinking about having sommer have a 'sister', a female counterpart that changes through the seasons and gets laid to rest once a year just like him.

You'd have to design summer and the autumn look or sniff through my abandoned concepts.
Spring and the winter are set, but winter is up to be changed if desired so. I think it might look too morbid.

The only reason the spring design is not able to be edited (you need to like spring snowflakes and the colour green, sorry xb) is because it speaks of the cute yet naive designs some of the pelts carry.
It is contrary to sommer's design, who never wears pelts, who is more of a character that is there to blend into the forest as is, without spells, and in a way also stand out.

So there would have to be duality in the concepts.
either similarity or differance.
Poke me on skype, or here. Though I'd like to all ready have some kind of connection with the player before this.

Vessan can bring her to life or any other diety character designated to do so this spring.
If not this spring than maybe next one, she's been in my sketchbook for ages.
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