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Hello, White deer with a skull mask and red candles on your horns!

im not sure if you'll see this, but im the little fawn you've been with! the other big deer is my friend, just thought i'd say hi!

an undying spirit, to be forged

a couple questions about the community!

will delete later, but i have a few questions as im still fairly new aha,,

1. what exactly is a rut blog? i have a few guesses, i've seen some around
2. what are the little updates for in some peoples' character pages/blogs/biographies? they seem like journal entries but im confused of the purpose
3. how do you add photos to your blogs, aside from doing the single picture blog? what exactly do you use, photobucket?

thank you!!
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TEF noob here!! could use guidance

pretty sure i played this game at some point back in the day, but that was years ago now and i've since fallen out of it. got reminded it existed yesterday though and decided to revisit : D
i'm pretty disillusioned as to the workings of the game and where the community's at though, so i have a few questions

- is there a discord? a toyhouse group?
- how do you get masks and pelts?
- how do you find who pictograms belong to?
- when is the game most active?
- how long will i stay a fawn?
- where do people get those css templates from? has anyone made a directory of a bunch of them?
- where's the main place that people roleplay?

thanks so much to anyone who answers :] TEF is so peaceful, i love it. can't wait to get to know you guys

Searching for a friend I met in game!

(whoa, my first post... blog? post? scary.)

anyway, hi hi! my s/o and i very recently got this game (today) and after they got off i met someone really nice! we played for a bit until my internet went out and i couldn't find them again. then i found them a few hours later and we had a lot more fun together until they went offline! so, im searching the forum in hopes that my friend is in the community! here are a few pictures that i took while we played :]

(their pictograph is most visible in the second! im on the right, they're on the left)


game connects but i cant see anyone

i downloaded endless forest today and it seems to run completely fine.. except that i cant see any other players. if i run endless forest with all other programs closed i get a green dot/connected network status, but ive never seen any other pictograms besides my own, even when trying to meet up with my friend at the exact same coordinates D:
anyone know what could be causing this / any possible solutions? thank you :>

Comeback :))

Hey everyonee!!

I haven't been on here in a million years (6 years actually) and I'm really wondering how everyone is doing and if the game is still alive.
If you want to you can send me your deer for me to draw because I really have nothing to do rn
Sending love

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TEFc Addons

Content pending
This is for some site QOL addon stuff

- Map URL
- Map floor
- Skins
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Sometimes I do it.
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