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Selling designs

Got tons and tons of designs in different price ranges that I need to clear out!!

You can find all the designs here; https://toyhou.se/Jepha/characters/folder:467773

Feel free to contact me via TH or on discord at Jepha#7649

Ahragon. Mythical and Iceage creatures!

*Oh, it's snowing! You stick your tongue out to allow the small frozen flakes to fall into your mouth. Mmm. As you look around the vast whiteness of the horizon, you notice a lone, black Dire wolf coming your way. Uh oh, things might get rough. Though, as this wolf approaches you, he seems rather kind. Hes curious, but his demeanor tells you that he is obviously no threat.*

*"Hello there!" He called, wagging his tail as he trots up to you. The pair of you exchange a greeting before you just have to ask, what exactly is this place?*

*"This is the land of Ahragon." The black wolf states, "Four kingdoms live here, though we don't always get along."*

*You ask why, wouldn't it be easier to get along with one another rather than fight? The black wolf explains to you that it wasn't always this way, but with the various species of folklore that roam outside the kingdoms, the fight for habitable land was never ceasing. Habitable land? Folklore? What on earth. This wolf must be crazy! He informs you that his kingdom, the kingdom of Ulvin, thrives the best right now. Even though it is surrounded by the creatures. So, what exactly are the creatures?*

*"We mostly have a hard time with Wendigos." He stated, clicking his tongue for a moment before asking if you had ever seen one. You shake your head no. You don't really want to see one, especially when they are called a **when-di-go,** or however he said it.*

*"The Wendigos are foul creatures, they sing songs and scream out of those who desire affection, or who are lonely. That's why I came up to you, I wasn't sure if you were okay, and I didn't want you to have a run in with one of those things." You thank the wolf, but say that you are alright.*

*"If you would like, you could probably join one of the four kingdoms. As long as you don't have any kind of folklore DNA." The wolf chuckled, but you could tell he was being serious. Hmm. You might just have to take him up on that offer.
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anyone got a link to the rp discord?

what it says on the tin. there was a link in the main discord but it expired. would really like to join it if it's still active < / 3
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Some gen1 or gen3 inactive accounts for giveaway? ;0;

discord: Luz#1288
e-mail: mandupuppy@gmail.com
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[Adopt me!]

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Looking for..

SO after some thinking I've decided to kinda put some feelers out to possibly find a player for Masao
He's Yumi's oldest child and only son, being the twin brother of Naoki and older brother to Oriana and Engla.

The reason I'm looking for a possible player for him is because I really, really don't want to play 80% of the family myself and would rather see him flourish in the hands of someone else instead of sitting on the back burner in my care.
You can keep the design as is or make something completely new if you wish.

Since Yumi is a very dear character of mine there are some guidelines to follow in order to make me feel comfortable with the setup. Overall the family is rather quiet without major drama or obligations, something I'd be keen on keeping as it is.

Guidelines and whatnot can be discussed through discord of course to find a middle ground that everyone's comfortable with!

Contact through discord; Jepha#7649

Hi, there!

Hi! I'm new to the Endless Forest, and I'm excited to join in all the tranquil fun that it holds. I can't wait to meet all my fellow deer friends!

Old Account recovery?

I have had a very old TEF account and was wondering what ways could i recover it if any?
I have tried through the new password, but it seems to me email accounts and TEF accounts don't link with eachother.
Any help? :')
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[Casting DotD and Candles] [[Offline]]

Sooo...I can cast Candles and DotD if anyone is interested. Gonna be in forest for a while. Just tap at me or moo or something. Feel free to request some set casting too. I don't mind popping in forest for a bit to help when I can. ^_^


Apologies If I don't see some folks very quickly. Some of you guys are invisible. xD
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