I've been playing this game for all of five minutes

and I'm definitely interested in it but I have no idea what I'm doing. Can someone point me in the direction of a post showing me the ropes? So far all I've done is run around, find a dead deer, get gifted some temporary antlers by other deer and find a church ruin. So advice would be helpful.

Also, I haven't been on a forum since I was a teen so if I've commited some faux pas here just holler at me.

- Ean

Is not the game working..?

Is not the game working or is it just mine? no one appears on the TEFc map. Sticking out tongue Puzzled
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Time to grow some poppies

Spring is almost here where I live. Does anybody have gardening plans?
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Mini-deer can't seem to keep his pelt?

Anyone able to tell me why I can't seem to get my deer to keep his pelt? I saved his appearance, but upon reloading the game, he only has the mask and antlers? Very annoying considering someone was kind enough to help me get the nightfall pelt.
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Help again -v-

Does anyone have a link to all the sounds of the masks? or website, anything, it's for my tcc (x
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Portrait requests

Hey everyone itsame, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some portrait requests of their characters, descriptions only. (they can have photo refs too but I'd rather draw from imagination, so just describe the face claims) just to clarify I am talking about a human version of your char.

Examples on my da https://www.deviantart.com/alice-ruby

Taking two for now of my choosing
1. Chizzu - done! Sorry it's a little poor, it was fun though and good practice Smiling Might redo it sometime. Right click for full view

2. Vessan
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CSS Test blog - 8 [-]

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