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Fan art in the game!

Hello there!
I am Margo Putzeys, a student Game- and Digital Design and I am currently doing my internship with Tale of Tales. I am still studying but I will be entering my Master year next schoolyear.
For my internship Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn asked me if I wanted to work with the players and make models and concept art together. And with great pleasure I accepted this of course! This means you will be able to add art to the game!

But there are some 'rules' attached to this: If you make a 3D model, pleas send it as an .OBJ file to me. But a .Blender file ( Blender's file extension ) would be even better! But a .OBJ is good as well! As for the concept art you can send a photoshop file, PNG of JPEG.

So what can you make? Well it's like a set that the deers can wear in the game! This set includes: a mask, antlers and a pelt. Both made for the adult deer AND the baby deer. You can (if some of you know how and want to) texture these models by using a UV map. If you do texture them, send texture files as a PNG. ( PNG supports transparancy )
But of course you are never obligated to making more than you like. The meaning of this task is also for me to make stuff, so if you only would like to make the adult deer's models, that's fine by me. I can always texture them, add models, etc.

So if any of you are interested in putting your art or 3D models in the game. Send them to me and I can adjust them if necessary or take a look if something needs to be changed and so on.
You can of course also send your concept art to me and I can realise that concept art into a 3D model which may have a chance to be put in the actual game: The Endless Forest!

My e-mail adres is : I hope I will be hearing soon from you guys!!


EDIT: from Michael and Auriea --
To be clear, we want Margo to do ALL of the modeling and ALL of the texturing. Because that is what her internship is about.
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Our wait is over...

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How is everyone?

Haven't been here in a while. Just dropped in shortly some time ago because of the picto trading thing and left again.
How is everyone? What's going on?
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New Year's Eve 2019 video - Tag yourself!

Name: Duir (DOO-er)

Name Origin: Celtic Ogham
Name Meaning: Oak, Door, Strength & Courage

Age: 5 weeks
Diet: Likes chestnuts & acorns

Gender: Male
Species: White tailed
Scent: Cedarwood & Thyme
Picto: X

If sleeping, then I’m OOC and most likely AFK.

There was some trouble with Pictos, so if you recognize your deer please tag yourself below! Smiling

Did we play together?

(If there is a way to post the embed video here, please advise me. lol)

There was some trouble with Pictos, so if you recognize your deer please tag yourself below! Smiling

Did we play together?

(If there is a way to post the embed video here, please advise me.

Looking to play a youngster!


I would really love to play the child/fawn/cub/anything of a family. It's not something I've tried before and I'd like to give it a whirl.

While I really value freedom in character building from personality to design to interaction, I'm always open to suggestions and it can be fun incorporating the ideas outside of my own head. If there are any guidelines the parent players would like to see upheld, I'm happy to try adhering to them, too.
But drama's really fun for me and it takes a lot to make me OOCly uncomfortable. Dark themes are just as enjoyable to me as more peaceful family settings.

The only catch is that I'm not always able to get into the game due to some of my life situations, so there will likely be spells of inactivity on my end where TEF itself is concerned. However, I'm generally pretty consistent on Discord, so that could be a way to bridge that gap? Whatever works best for everyone involved.

So.. yeah! If you need someone to play your OTP's kid, I'm happy to do that. ;v;
Edit: I'm also very open to single parents!

I can be contacted on this blog or Discord at Tsu#4957

Fables and Folktales

Merry Christmas in The Endless Forest!!
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[Video] Halloween Abiogenesis 2018!

Happy halloween The Endless Forest

Thank you M&A For making the Halloween Abiogenesis again!
It was so fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy the video ~
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