Deery deer, art, herding and educational discord group

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It started as a small idea of a discord group where I could compile my translations for the book about Deer by Ferdinand von Raesfeld and Kurt Reulecke. A book very in-depth about red deer which sadly has no english translation.
But the concept has since changed.

Now it's a group dedicated to deer where everyone can share resources related to biology, behaviour and anatomy. Or just learn about deer, discuss deer and our deery characters or plan out rp where we can try apply some of our knowledge in practice.
There are also channels in the sideline dedicated to birdwatching, botanics and other animals, so there may be a little bit for everyone around.
It's also a very light-weight group.

It now includes it's first information entries, and we're already plotting for some good fun.

Everyone is welcome.
It's called The Wild Ones and its acronym is TWO.
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The discord now has a fun

The discord now has a fun bot-still-in-development that we can use to befriend animals of the world as a sideline.

New translations will follow.
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Uppity up. Also looking for

Uppity up.

Also looking for any people living in Germany or Austria, if they could find a specific book in a library for screenshots/translation <:

Das Rehwild by the same author. (We'd be happy to find books about other deer as well, perhaps any Americans can borrow a book on their deer species?)

Here is a small preview of references you can't find on the internet.
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Bumping this up. ~ Since I'm

Bumping this up. ~
Since I'm a bit more active again, I'm offering to, if there is demand, to translate 'rutting behaviour' passages in my book on red deer.

It may be rather thematic.