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Beyond repair [Zephyr]

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Summer dance off

There was some slight developing of this in the events section in the discord channel. But it never really got pushed far and I as one person am not enough to really fully develop it or bring it to light.

Idea origin:
whenever people are dancing and they start making it more elaborate with other moves.

The vision:
A summer event
Dancers compete for fame and adoration from the watchers/judges/guests

The specifics... no idea.

Definitely there will be:

dancers -> They do dance offs to impress spectators
spectators -> The spectators pick the best moves among multiple competing dancers (or just one)

Possible extras -> Extras (people who help dancers by dancing with them)

How are dance offs judged? (do spectators come JOIN the dancers or flock them?)
Where are they danced?

etc etc

also how to organize this all
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(RP interaction blog blog)(Meet Nedirien)

The forest seemed largely still
By the largest mushroom circle encircling de drinkplaats, a bright flash of light in a oval fashin iluminated the nearby region.
The formless pillar turned into a deer of golden hues, stumbling down onto the ground. A red dot on her forehead formed last, by the time that she laid down onto her knees.

She looked around, a tranquil forest of sorts, she ought she caught herself on her hands, but looking down she only saw elegant doe hooves.

She did not seem to be dazed of it and quickly stood up, wobbly like a newborn fawn, stumblng into the forest, but blocked by a barrier by the mushroom circle.
But there was nothing, just air...
She forced herself once more through with greater force, slowly getting through, but the golden pelt washed away, showing a deep chocholate brown doe beneath.

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Come rp with me

I am very unable the play the game recently due computer strain, self stress and just being overworked.
However rp is a belowed past time of mine, especially active short rp.
So I was curious if anyone wants to rp a bit with my characters.
I'm open to all kinds of interactions.
Im also open to refining interactions between ocs that met in game.
I. open to starting interactions that can be furthered in game (for when i can be active again)

Available ocs:
Jagoda (+ children if they wanna take part)??)
The Apprentice
Lil Babu (On his thread only)
Hecate Mallory (bad bad bad doe)
Bree (id rather her meet riends in game ;; but i cant so lets jumpstart sometig)
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Bunny deer, a-where-are-they-now?

Just curious what's going on with the bunnydeer designs ^^
If they have been traded away/gifted away or dunno what else. How their shapes got altered, personalised... Poooosily any kits yet? xD

My Torfastr is doing great, but i'm just that bit more curious on how the others are doing and tracking em down one by one gonna be hard lol and not many have bios to begin with or are used just on this site.
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The apprentice's traveling pony cart

(spoiler: The pony is on vacation)
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