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Popping in to check out the forest

A friend told me that TEF is making a comeback of some kind, so I thought I'd pop my head in to look around. And WOW! When did the pictograms get all....wispy? And when did the deer bios get so fancy? It's pretty incredible!
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The Rut - Laurel

Laurel's Rut Blog Logs
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root bloof

its incredible how much i already hate this
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~ { Rut Info } ~

Character Directory

Contact me here, via character bios, via email (clbeehr@gmail.com), or Discord (siellby#9733).
note: Please tell me who you are if you add me on Discord or email me! I won't accept if I don't know who you are.

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butt blog

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Rut blog


I just came back from a quick little outing and expected to find very few deer. I went out just to get a feel of the map. So I wasn't prepared to see about fifty deer. Everywhere I went I found at least one deer, sometimes two or three in an area. I dunno why I was so shocked.

I, I just was. Also, for some magical reason, all of my screenshots magically disappeared. That got me frustrated, but oh well.

~Sincerely, Harmony

A New Dawn!

Well, this is my first morning here on TEF. May you all have a better morning than me. Smiling I had probably the weirdest morning of my life. No, that's a lie. But still. I was sleeping so sound dreaming a wonderful dream. When... Exclaim BOOM Exclaim I find that my guitar lesson person was here and has been for fifteen minutes... Embarrassing and gave me a heart attack. Well. That's it.

~Sincerely, Harmony
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it's been awhile!!!

HEY, it's been awhile since I've shuffled around the community which is unfortunate because i miss this place and my own characters a lot.
I would say I've just been too busy but that's only half true because I'm lazy as hell lmao so most of my free time is spent sleeping or just scrolling through social media. BUT I WANT to spend at least a little of it back here, on my favorite internet community.
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Shep's 2019 Rut Blog

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