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Feral fawns, Roe deer. Seeking fawnletts (ty, gb)

Considering there is a desire for more feral characters, decided it might be interesting to bring some more feral fawns into the world, but with a somewhat more genuine real deer experience. Except sped up ;'/

Some notes to consider:
-Feral or semi-feral with a more feral leaning tendancy.
-Two fawns as it is normal and realistic for Roe deer
-In the first weeks of their life Cannibriel will only visit the children to nurse and clean them like deer do, so don't feel bad if you'll be spending early life huddled alone.
-When they are older they can wander together an join loosely knit herds
-Interaction will be based solely on in game actions.
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Vessie's character IN GAME activity and presence tracker.

So what's the character activity tracker.

It's a tracker that tracks weather one of my characters is ingame. I edit it normally and i'll edit it every time I go online. I will not be posting in this thread, only updating it. If it's updated it means i'm ingame.

Aproaching policy
1) Ooc characters are ooc, and are welcome to just be ooc. No serious rp with them I guess.
2) If I am active it's easy enough to check, I'll be happy to both actively interact in game or to just chillax
3) If I do not respond in game but you contact me on discord and I appear active, we can do something! yeey. Be it in game or discord huee, or both!
4) If I don't appear active on discord I'm probably briefly AFK and will return shortly huee.

(keep in mind i don't continously stare at the tef window if nothing is happening, but every time i look i move my character a lil or make them stand up, so if you see that movement when you're aroundm e it's worth checking the window more often <Smiling

I guess i'll be embracing the all random aproach! And will be receptive to basically anything really. (Except the obvious TW stuff which I think has no palce in forest in the first place e-e ...)
The only off limits character is Lil babu, however. (He is my comfort character, hands off!!)
-IF I am ingame I am obviously receptive to something happening in game, I don't have characters in forest out of some kind of sense of obligation, thank you for understanding, oooor rather, don't be scared to aproach me if you wanna do something crazy, because i'm game by default...
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[ ??????? ] what is this; Kriegslied

From the megalanian plains

Young, horned canine
(image does not represent her true age visage)
(her art is also like temporary hue)
forest name
Speaker of common, crimean gothic and ancient greek

Very opinionated and outspoken
She doesen't take no-ones shit
Can't even be bribed
Short tolerance for BS
Has a levelheaded view on death
A crimean goth from the 300s
Christian faithed

Loves to sing ____ but is no pacifist
Will kick butt hard -> look at those horns
just not rn cause young lass, young lass...~~
For some reason always has the bedroom look
Her favourite colour is white, pure alabastrine.
Her preffered hobbies are hiking and the like
Somehow super weak for the purty ppl
Did you notice this is a heart yet?
Yeah i bet u did not, haha
What is this?

Vess why are u doing this again?

8.5.2019 Began existing

++ Tameka, Niamh, Torhalla,
The unnamed doe (ChiTz)
The little crocodilian ???

? Neath

Thanks to Vee, Lowlights and Pandalanda for the colour help cooperation!

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An open realm

I generally wanted to keep this place as a background for one of my characters but has since decided that it would be far more interestings if it was built by people who use it.

The Meglanian fields, I've been thinking as a name so far. It's indoeuropean for for/mist, still present in plenty of live languages nowdays. But! Probably every culture will have it's own name for it anyway...

The things I set down;
It's generally perpetually foggy, lightly or heavily. Nice weather is guaranteed in higher elevations. The weather is often overcast or downright gorgeous.
It's a landmass bordered by many bodies of water and inspired after europe.
-The -native- inhabitants are usually mixes between one or two species, max three. One dominant one and two accompanyting ones in lesser dominance.
-The inhabitants are culture builders and live in societies or alone.
-Culturally and namewise it's very pagan european; slavic, celtic, germanic etc.
-Clothes are crafted and worn as well...
-Also very folkloric, mistifying, at times supernatural.
-The land is perpetually tied to tef via portal obelixes that lead to the forest where the weather is nicer asdfgh...

-The place I already defined as my character's homeland is open grasslands mixed in with woodlands and pastures.

So, this is open for interpretation by people and further development, it's easy enough what's above my character's homeland is open for in-spirit-of editing and actually cool n creative 'rule' breaking is encouraged lol. This can be a homeland, a plot device, a region to go to or come from... No one barred but please be respectful of eachother.

Moodboards welcome haha.
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TEF congregated gaming channel [Discord]

Greetings my fellow tef gamers.

Since the results were overwhelmingly positive the congregated gaming channel now exists <3
For now, we have much to fill with the basics laid out. Any future suggestions for games to add as joinables or their separate sections are welcome.
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Tentatively looking for kiddluns

There is a chance that The Apprentice and Hanae will have more children. He really means a lot to me as a character so I'm kinda err on the part, but just because I don't want the kids to be made and never touched ever again.
But if you plan to be active with them, at least so in actively engaging with their life (not necessarily in forest, but an update here and there is just dandy enough for me)

There is a limit on names, as well as some limit on designs, (so to make them look related, but there's freedom in it as well with a sufficient pint of creativity).
The kids will be brought up as traders, artisans and merchants.
The kids will be hatched from eggs. There's no restrains on other parts of development as long as they're not too outlandish for the first few years of life.
_there might be some dark plot involved_

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Plotsssssessssss r cool [bully breeds r cool]

soooo I got these two bullys and maybe I wanna use them for something.

who knows.
Got ideas?
Come to me.
Siddhartha and Kitartás would love some attention hmmmmhhmmm,
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Bathed in blood of your kin

Minor warning, bio might contain gore at a future or present day

And they say children are born innocent

Yseuld Baheera

Daughter to Týr and Peonia


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The Alchemist : Zuriel


Son of Jonah and Elijah, Esteemed Alchemist and grand macaw dragon.

Biological offspring of Enchante and Cadaver

quamar +, yrsa +, kalei ++, Iorunnr ~
Lavinia, Varg, Runa,

Finished constuction of his library and alchemical study room. Afterg athering some rudimentary reagents, he is now on a search for reagents specific to the endless forest.

Meeting people of all sorts, this time around lots of children and their parents. Lots of playing, attempting to push kokabiel into water. roughousing with Quamar.
Snugged up with the seemingly shy little kalei.

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