-I went down among the dust and pollen-

  • Rut Notes

    Aapeli is a complex and conflicting mixture of feral and non. He is instinctually driven and thus is open for fathering but it is not his only motive and equally is here out of curiosity for this place and its residents. Fawns and friends are both welcomed.
    While he won’t be responsible for the upbringing of any offspring he is not going to be entirely absent. He may check in every now and then to ensure the wellbeing of said children and distantly care for them.
    Depending on how this rut goes he may or may not become a more frequent presence in forest.

    Gentics-wise offspring could possess wings or feathering and females could be antlered. His appearance differs slightly from what is shown below, he needs art.


    You can contact me here;
    -on his tumblr https://the-springtide.tumblr.com/
    -or leave your discord below




To the old stone fountain in the morning after dawn
Underneath were all these pennies fallen from the hands of children
They were there and then were gone

And I wonder what became of them
What became of them


Design - Tuhka

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gentle headbonks for the

gentle headbonks for the little one
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Little Hex had fun
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Guess he got himself a

Guess he got himself a fangirl x D Hope she's not too much of a bother.

What an honour! Abilene was

What an honour! Abilene was far from a bother