-I went down among the dust and pollen-

Ty to all who interacted with this boy during the rut, it was more than appreciated and I had a blast!

Looking for a baby player for an Aapeli and Tsubasa offspring,
Feel free to contact me at Wildflower#8793 !

To the old stone fountain in the morning after dawn
Underneath were all these pennies fallen from the hands of children
They were there and then were gone

And I wonder what became of them
What became of them


Original design - Tuhka

P: Tired but no serious injuries 70%
M; Calm, collected, content

-Rut 2019-
Fought & Sparred - The Nightmarker, Dajjal, Brent, Ceryn x2, Leto, Rossamund, Siddhartha, Vidal, Sindile, Galage, Vígolfr
Herd & company - 'Sin', Abilene, Zalyn, Tsubasa, Accendare, Sophie, Maryam, Ming Yue, Yumi, Lovelace, Plum, Red, Morganna, Kissare, Moloch, Irene, Ashe, ChiTz, Sebastian, Éasca, Thienete, Chiren, Aramantha, Kesari, Nathaniel, Jetta, Doitsu

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gentle headbonks for the

gentle headbonks for the little one
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Little Hex had fun
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Guess he got himself a

Guess he got himself a fangirl x D Hope she's not too much of a bother.

What an honour! Abilene was

What an honour! Abilene was far from a bother