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My only limit for fawns is that if it's a competitor, they should've been favoured at least once. IF there is interest from multi'ple males there shall be a rematch >Smiling

The apprentice - Wildcard - not sire
Wants to see new people and expand ties.

Maryam - Judge - maybe dam
She's a flirt, a massive flirt, easy to get jealous though and might abandon a competitor solely on that premise. Biased against visuals. Very vain.
-Met +Aapeli, Brent, ++Moloch, Ceryneitan, Ross, LEto, plum ming...

Hecate Mallory Maria Desdemona - judghe - not dam*
Seeking cattle, might allure with femenine charms but is otherwise infertile

Zephyr - ct like judge - not dam or sire
Trying to meet people mostly. Not touchy, dislikes male, favoures female competitors.

Torfastr - competitor - not sire
Prove his competative worth, meet new friends. Not flirty, a bit awkward with flirtyness.

Cannibriel - Judge - dam
Preffers competitors that are swift and agile, lightly flirty with cervines both male and female. Tends to preffer those of smalelr stature and high mobility.

nameless - wildcard act challanges and pushy in herds - not sire*
may have kids. Very not into flirtery or touchyness. Easy to get pushy.

Siddhartha - competitor - sire
Uses speed and size to his advantage.
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Torfastr Legacy blog (mood blog) 2

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The mistlands beckon [Haidi]

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His eyes see only the thing that he seeks, and he is able to find nothing...

...and the vessel was not full,
his intellect was not satisfied,
his soul was not at peace,
his heart was not still.

ty wake!

Currently in his winter pelt, which is much paler and browner.

Male, Roe deer, Feral
+ Cannibriel, Nyssbriel, Rubra, Iliya, Herne, Woden.

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Please credit the designs!

Please on toyhouse and any other site. Propperly credit the character designers if you've gotten them from another person, adopted them or bought them even. It allows the creators easier time tracking as well as prevents fraud and confusion when a design is traded away/sold and probably the new owner headache when trying to find the true creator.
Especially on toyhouse where that is mandatory!

Thank you for your understanding Smiling
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Character service directory

This is a character service directory. Some services for characters lay hidden in bios, some other are in threads that get lost forever. This won't clutter the forum much while giving old and new threads good visibility.
Many people and characters offer good listing of all those activities and rp opportunities that lay dormant.

What things I need:
Link to character:
Link to contact or detail thread:
Character name, service type, service detail, contacts, expiration date if any
I'll add new categories per need.

If say, you are too shy to ask any of the people around, just post the desire in the thread and there's a chance you'll get a respond or maybe I'll play matchmaker ;P

Shopkeeping and Enchanting services
The apprentice|Shop and Crafter| He sells goods, however he can be asked to craft items from existing materials|Thread is here, Fireflyness#3901|
Sage|Enchanted Items/Enchanting Services| Using mostly a bartering system. Enchants and sells items she comes across both in and out of forest and can custom enchant items brought to her. |Thread is here, Sycamorre#8919|

Magic and Witchery services

Vampiric services
Hecate Mallory|Feeding-Turning|Hecate will feed upon your character regularly, mking them weaker and ill >Smiling , however she can also turn infants and unborns into vampires|Fireflyness#3901|


|| ||
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If [Saturn] were a star

Saturn in Epiphanes
name undisclosed
Named Smoke by mouse

Rough, Pushy, Intimidating, Big, Muscular, Athletic
Appears male, however, lacks testicles
Frustration and anguish is often shown through agression
Quick to act and quick to jujdge
There is a weird hissing and rattling sound in their stomach
Top of fur is very coarse and clumped, undercoat is soft but matted.
The coloured specks glimmer and eye shimmer seem to move.
Scars healed, seems to be active and healthy now. Very agressive towards 'pretties'.

loving, soft-voiced, whispery
Unable to propperly express themselves


> Mouse. Lieva*. Kissare* Ryuu

*unknown name but remembered


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Das Rotwild, Ferdinand von Raesfeld, Kurt Reulecke (realistic deer information repository)

I have a book about deer biology and husbandry.

It has many chapters.

I actually translated part of it in the TEF directory group, but that stuff was not pinged and got lost a long time ago.

I am offering to translate the book again only fragment by fragment for those that are interested.
I also only have the first part of the book.

IT goes into absolutel CRAZY amounts of details from,
what specific movements a deer makes during mating that signal that it came to insemination...
To gauging ages by tooth degredation and tooth amount.
What pose they make when they're scenting the air.
How baby fawn scent glands 'close' when danger is near and does eat grass downwind from their fawn.
How wounds, parasites and diseases affect the growth of antlers.

I will start off with antler falloff, next follows antler growth patterns.
If one needs to find the parasite growth inhibition check under the tef directory discord group under the search key word "parasites" it should be in the media channel

Links to specific posts/information sections:
all about antlers falling off
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dUMB. OppoRTuniSTic OmnivORE

Future possible note, will give their name to a predator once on a full blood moon
I hope this is what you expected
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