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    Jay's passing is still sore, I find myself thinking about him if I'm driving in the rain. He has brought to light that I've not really been living for a while; my hobbies were consumed by work, so I'm making an effort to get those back or at least find new ones.

    One of which is enjoying a certain fantasy deer characters again, at least low key now that I've brought my old pc back from the dead. Maybe Dag will see you in forest sometime?

    He'll be 11 years old on the 21st March (:


    Uuo (OOC) False God (special use)
    Kusakage (inactive) Kyte (inactive)
    Sulfur (event demons)

    Contact Info

    Discord: Find me as 'Dag' in The Endless Forest Server, feel free to add me!

"His presence seemed to be the Forest itself, loving and wise and without grudges or harbored shadows." - silentlikethat

{ I a u r d a g n i r e THE FORTRESS

Respected - Wise - Humble - Good-humoured - Articulate - Righteous - Authoritative - Dutiful - Fearless - Fatherly
Timeworn - Intelligent - Diplomatic - Limitless - Reliable - Altruistic - Resolute - Gentle - Charismatic - Genuine

"He walks with a gawky elegance, breaking the top of the hill. His hill. Though he hardly guards it with the malice of a dog.
Instead, this is where they gather. To play, to know that not everyone will belittle them." - Mjrn

     A sight-seeing tour of the forest with his lady love as if everything was brand new.



    Identity }
    Dag's full name is pronounced 'I-or-dag-nyre', and was given the title 'The Fortress' in recognition of the guardianship he gives to and inspires in others. He is a symbol of unyielding strength of will and exhibits an impenetrable, one-pointed focus to rise above any situation. The emblem of victory - the Peregrine Falcon - still remains with him from his first and very old title of 'Wings of Peregrine'.
21st March 2009 | Pictogram
Stomping Grounds | Fireside | Valley View | Dandelion Hill | Sanctuary

    The Fortress }
    Voice - Deep bass; an equal balance of gentility and authoritative power associated with a voice of moral substance and leadership. Feral vocalizations are rare from him, though he is known to produce brontidal rumbles and has an extraordinarily low, growling bellow.
    Scent - His scent is very gustatory - likened to the smoulder of a warm, damp bonfire in the middle of open fields; burnt soil of old forests long gone.
    Build - Based on an old-world ice giant Eucladoceros species; the first species of deer genus to have highly evolved antlers yet is a primitive mass of strong bone and muscle. His body type is a visually solid domination with a dense muscular structure most noticeable around his barrel-chest and shoulders, reinforcing the relatively short, strong neck that bares the weight of a heavy square skull - resembling more bull than deer - and its gargantuan artillery; both of which being the most prominent indication of his skeletal bulk. Being top-heavy, his posture is almost restricted to one position when still. A long body means legs are stationed far apart to accommodate and spread the weight, and his head is always held high in balance giving him a kingly air, which is also reflected in his fluid and powerful gait. At full speed, there is very little that can stop his bulldozer momentum.
    Antlers - Fortress by design. Supernumerary, elongated branched-antlers where the beam has grown outward behind him, tines growing upward; his outer primary tines are the largest and grow into long forward-facing pincers. There are 12 tines per pedical and are split into four sets, all of which together are specifically designed to interlock with any antler type. Central clusters suited to single beam pronged deer, outer and brow tines designed for the larger supernumerary or palmated antlers such as Irish Elk. They are incredibly thick, astonishingly heavy, and an impenetrable defense that cannot be breached.
    Visual - His coat is made up of dense, varying shades of grey that give him an overall arsenic colouration, but his mane and face are the most striking; dirty white for the most part with a carnelian-red pattern draped around the contours of his beady-eyed, frill-cheeked face. The white of his mane continues only half-way under his stomach, and ends in a point with a very thin separating line of charcoal.
There is also an enormous patch-scar that tears through the left side of his neck which is coupled with the nick in his ear on the same side. This was given to him by the Spring Wolf in 2010*.
    Conqueror - Being the placid giant he is, Dag never lowers his antlers without reason; rarely has his combat been seen within the peaceful confines of the forest. However, heed the warning of his scar. Events leading up to his present existence shed further light on this war-hardened battler. There is something prehistoric and almost predatory about his combat - the misfortune of colliding with such a monolith is simply an all-sensory deluge.

    Antediluvian }
     Iaurdagnire's story has become that of Endless Forest legend, starting in 2009 and ending in 2013. His story involves the Forest, the Gods, and the spiritual embodiment of the Seasons whom he served with perpetual lives as a God-given duty. Dag wanted to escape, and continually fought for a life and death that was his to dictate; to cease to be a higher power's fuel for intellectual evolution. But in learning about his place in the world and a way to put an end to his duties, he became even more lost. Ultimately, Dag's story is an exploration of purpose and morality in all forms, and almost entirely community driven. The community has been involved in each section in some way, and these are referred to as "Season Events" by those who have participated; the events were designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of the story.
Winter '09
Crackéd Smile
"I am here as a friend."
Autumn '09
I: Collapse the Light
II: Numb the Infection
III: I'd choose right now
Spring '10
I: Brontide
II: Thunderclap*
III: Colossus
IV: Oblivion
Summer '10
I: Fissure
II: Ignite
III: Mountain Masquerade
Autumn '10
I: Duty
II: Ender
III: Nothing Gold can Stay
Winter '11
I: Splinter
II: Restrain
Spring '11
I: Hesitance
II: Acrid Lullaby
III: Amalgamate | †
IV: Play the Hand
you are Dealt | †

Catalyst '11
Incubus | Reprise
I: Jack to the King
II: Overthrow
III: Start Your Descent
War Drum '12
I: Long Live the King
II: Dandelion Hill
III: Warrior Hysteria
IV: Wasteland Soldier
V: Your Supremacy
Elysium '13
The Fortress and The Raven | Epilogue

Background art by J!n

    Core }
    Ravenflight - The Queen His love and greatest treasure; indescribably bound to her like no other. Their history had long ran parallel, and although their paths crossed only rarely in bygone years, they were connected by a deep empathy for their respective trials and desire for freedom. Behind closed doors they each played a part in helping each other fulfill a purpose in order to escape, and then found themselves lost without it. When Dag returned to the forest, Ravenflight tried to help him re-adjust through her understanding of what it is like to feel truly detached from the world around you. As they spent more time together, Dag increasingly began to dote on her and fell very deeply in love. Captivated by her in every way. Ravenflight has given him a new purpose, and Dag is utterly devoted to her continued happiness. Adores and is enchanted by everything she is.
    Cry - The Ace Guardian; a source of security; life indebted to. Dag has known Cry for a long time, and upon his return was healed by him (see 'War Drum' Act V). Displays an affectionate "big brother" attitude towards the small white stag when around him.
    Ephiré - The Jack An unspoken natural affinity; indebted to. The two giants have much in common with the way they cope with the world around them, and it is this understanding that lead Ephiré to become the catalyst in Dag's journey (see 'Catalyst' story arc Act I-III). Has a profound trust in him and admires him greatly. He is also the only deer within the forest to have witnessed the full brunt of Dag's combat.
    Virgil/The Red - Part of the Fortress' strong foundations. One of his oldest friends of a different world to his own, wild and unrestricted. At the time of his trials, Dag thought of Virgil's existence as "real", moreso than his own and one he wanted to achieve. Events between then and now strongly effected Dag, but their friendship remains strong and has been rebuilt. [to be re-written]

  • Bonus Material

    Autumn '09 Act III: I'd choose right now, was the first song 'read along' blog to appear on TEFC (to my knowledge!).
    War Drum '12 Act V: Your Supremacy was my most successful community-wide event, where 68 TEF players participated.

    Antediluvian - There are two reasons why I chose to use this word for Dag and his story. The first is that it was originally a biblical word meaning the time between the creation of earth and the great flood/deluge myth; a narrative in which a great flood is sent by a deity to destroy in an act of divine retribution (the Spring Wolf). A parallel of this is a metaphor of rebirth, which was the premise of Dag's rebellion against his original purpose. Secondly, the modern meaning for this word is simply to be old fashioned/ancient in the most possible way (as if they lived before the great flood).

    Playing card references - A great metaphor for life in general, where one must simply play the hand they are dealt, good or bad. One of my favourite card games is Whist, where the object of the game is to simply score the most "tricks" by having the highest card in the suit that is being played. Therefore the cards you would like to see in your hand are the highest: Ace, King, Queen and Jack. The Jack is a good card to have, because it will generally weed out the other players higher cards in their desire to win the hand, so it is more common for you to lose that round but win others as you have exhausted the other players good cards. The Jack was the role of Ephiré, in Jack to the King. He killed Dag - referenced as the King - and although the hand appeared to be lost, the game was not over. The card that trumped Velocity's hand was the Ace, Cry, in Your Supremacy.

    As a character, Dag was originally inspired by naturally powerful characters like Mufasa from The Lion King and Riki from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin - characters the hero-type protagonists typically look up to for guidance and leadership.

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Woo! Biography again <3

Woo! Biography again <3 You're still amazing me with your detailed descriptions |D
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D'aww Apparanza was added to

D'aww Apparanza was added to his friends section <333 His words are so kind, and since she looks up to him for guidance and wisdom and such, she will listen to what he said :3



By Leuvr
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Yes, we shall. I've been

Yes, we shall. I've been meaning for some time to get to know Dag better, it's really a matter of catching you at a suitable time!
By the way, next time you can lead the way! >:U

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I love the little piece you

I love the little piece you wrote about Sao<3
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I'm glad =)

I'm glad =)
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Have you done a new bio or

Have you done a new bio or haven't I just (for some reason) tracked this! D8> Gosh.
/pointless tracking comment. C8<

*tracking/stalking this

*tracking/stalking this bio*

Iaurdagnire's picture

Haha no I haven't Rouda, but

Haha no I haven't Rouda, but I am re-working it now =) I deleted the entry the original bio was in during the little character twist (the previous entry 'cracked smile') just to be a bit more dramatic XD but this entry is staying.

Shimmy -> I love your little icons 8D
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Aww, I love the "Today"

Aww, I love the "Today" addition C:

And all your updates keep making want to finish Oseaan's update, but I just never have the time |D
Iaurdagnire's picture

I like the today addition

I like the today addition too =3 it's to satisfy my thirst for writing from Dag's perspective without having to write something substantial XD
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Kaoori has a ball playing

Kaoori has a ball playing with you. xD

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

Lightbringer-apprentice to Yorres
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Yay, I finally know who you

Yay, I finally know who you are! Dag's been seeing her a lot lately.
*goes to track her bio* =)
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I'm sorry for not commenting

I'm sorry for not commenting much.. I'm very bad with words.
Still I appreciate that you include Saosin in your writings. I enjoy reading them. (:

Iaurdagnire's picture

It's ok; I'm just glad that

It's ok; I'm just glad that you enjoy reading about Saosin (though I never write very much about him XD). So there's no need to apologize - I'm not a very good commenter either =)
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Rev: *Following around the

Rev: *Following around the forest....*
"I am not the Kirin Prince my father wished me to be. I am the three-horned darling of the Forest,
and my friends are my strength."
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NEKKID?! Ladies, avert your

NEKKID?! Ladies, avert your eyes! D:

Haha XD At first I thought the nekkidness was on purpose as he still had the rest of his set 83 This is what made me laugh aloud though:
Virgil: *stomp stomp* >C GET HERE FASTER
Dag: lulzwhut 8D
Virgil: *sleeping fawn stomp*

Arrikanez -> Rev was being so sweet!
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i had great fun following

i had great fun following you today XD realy like your antler's ^_^
my alt account is spirits my deer's name's are Leeadora(this account) and her brother Leeon(Alt account)

Leeo's on the left and Leea's on the right of my avatar pic

Leea, Leeon,Lady Masquerade amd Lady Adora
Iaurdagnire's picture

I had great fun being

I had great fun being followed! Feel free to come and pester Dag whenever he's in the forest ;D
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The deer with the orca pelt,

The deer with the orca pelt, real deer mask, and key antlers was my doe Liange xD Her bio is here although it's not quite finished yet x3 She is definitely my shy character, and usually it takes more for her to feel comfortable around a deer but Dag is just such a good kind-hearted dude that she just felt at ease around him Laughing out loud



By Leuvr

I should track this. >.> Dag

I should track this. >.>

Dag has the honor of being the first deer to meet Andras, who I finally played in-forest for the first time (though it was brief because of my computer acting up x.x ). He was the stag with the gray pelt and secretary bird antlers.
He may have come off as a bit crazy, but really he's just kind of random and hyper. X3

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín, Maera, Andras
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Aaww, Nevi enjoyed Dag's

Aaww, Nevi enjoyed Dag's company day before yesterday C8 She haven't seen him for a while so she was more than happy to see him again. I thought Dag would have already forgotten her. 8o
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his now ever clear

his now ever clear relationship with the Season Spirits


Now intruiging and now two (though no 2 is secret as of now) are tied in with seasons....

*skitters off*

DraakxMitra C:
Iaurdagnire's picture

Ranza -> 83.... *goes to

Ranza -> 83.... *goes to change the description from he to she* Thanks for letting me know!
Paz -> Ahaaaaaa, yes he was a bit loopy but Dag had fun all the same XD I'll have to keep a look out!
Rouda -> Heehee well Dag's memory goes by how good mine is, and I recognized her pictogram instantly! Plus, I don't think I know anyone else who has that same set so it all works ;3
Draak -> NYEEEEEEEEEES. Though, it's no secret really - I'm planning for Autumn to appear a week before the rut hopefully ;D *plots*
Draak's picture

Oooohhhh xDD I have Autumn

Oooohhhh xDD I have Autumn in the forest right now *smacked by her* XD Chime, is the Spirit of Autumn But then again, she's not THE Autumn just a spirit, but she can do 'Autumny' things XD. *stopsblabingabouthersecrets*

DraakxMitra C:
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Sorry if Vir's behavior

Sorry if Vir's behavior around Lady Bones was in any way offputting to Dag; she's pregnant. ^^;

Iaurdagnire's picture

Draak -> Haha XD I know

Draak -> Haha XD I know there's a few players here who have their characters as the spirits of , but I see them very differently to the actual seasons I've "created" XD I'm still trying to get the stories straight actually.
Hmm maybe I should stop writing "the spirit of winter" and stick to "the winter spirit" instead, just to be less confusing x)
*locks Autumn in cupboard* You can stay there until I figure you out more XD

VCG -> So THAT was Lady Bones! It didn't bother Dag at all (he understands Vir's protective behavior and leaves him be) - he was more worried about Saosin chasing after that gathering when Nevilly told us not to follow ;D
Rouda's picture

I'm sorry I have to stick my

I'm sorry I have to stick my nose here. 8D
Nevilly had awesome time with Dag, Sao and Vir, but she got curious about Nightmare and Nooit in a distance, and she thought it would be better if you three didn't follow her.
She planned to come back soon, but she couldn't spy you anywhere anymore. D8
Iaurdagnire's picture

Aww it's ok, Dag never gets

Aww it's ok, Dag never gets upset if his company have to go elsewhere. I had to leave shortly afterward anyway ;3

*un-sticks nose* XD
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Saosin wasn't going to run

Saosin wasn't going to run over to her. Just go a little closer to see what was going on. (:

Iaurdagnire's picture

I figured as much ^^ but the

I figured as much ^^ but the thing I like about Saosin is his unpredictability at times ;3 and Dag is just overly-careful and likes to have all bases covered X3 hehe
J!n's picture

Oh really. ;P How? I'm

Oh really. ;P

How? I'm curious. (:

Iaurdagnire's picture

Hmmmm well, I guess it's

Hmmmm well, I guess it's just that I know you can do loads of things, and it's a question of what you might do next. For example:
Dag: 8D.... How on earth...

Either that, or I'm just generally slow on the up-take XD
J!n's picture

Lawl!<3 Ah, well.


Ah, well.

Draak's picture

Yeah? *didnt knowthat/doesnt

Yeah? *didnt knowthat/doesnt lurk enough* XDDD.
Oh yeah? 8o makes sense, since..well...the seasons aren't uh..set...beings and can be..."messed with?"
Yeah XD though I already know it's not reffering to Chime and the winter one XD but others might not. Though on the other hand not many know about Chime.

DraakxMitra C:

Oh, I should have told you,

Oh, I should have told you, the reason Amary was taunting at those deer was because they were using Rev and Dag to spell-spam each other, and that annoyed her. She felt wasn't right or appropriate, with Rev's state and all.

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín, Maera, Andras
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Leea: Dag my friend? *tilt's

Leea: Dag my friend? *tilt's head to one side*
my alt account is spirits my deer's name's are Leeadora (this account) and her brother

Leea, Leeon,Lady Masquerade amd Lady Adora
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Paz -> Ahaaaaa I see. I left

Paz -> Ahaaaaa I see. I left the computer and came back and was like 8D did I miss something? *rearspam* XD
spiritslife -> "Yes, little one, you are indeed my friend." =) It takes me a while to update his friends list, but Leeadora will be added eventually! And yes, she may call him Dag ;D
spiritslife's picture

Leea: yay ^_^ new friend

Leea: yay ^_^ new friend *run's around in circle's get's dizzy and fall's down giggleing* ^_^
my alt account is spirits my deer's name's are Leeadora (this account) and her brother

Leea, Leeon,Lady Masquerade amd Lady Adora

I know you don't quite know

I know you don't quite know me but I have to say that I love the picture at the very top in your bio. It's very very beautiful. (: <3

Iaurdagnire's picture

First of all, your avatar

First of all, your avatar made me giggle epically XD
Secondly, thank you for the compliment! And I do believe I've seen you around a fair bit - I remember reading Roscoe's bio ;D so, hello! =)

LOL! Yeah I love Ace Ventura

LOL! Yeah I love Ace Ventura but anyways hellooo. (:

Apparanza's picture

Hehe his thoughts made me

Hehe his thoughts made me grin x3
And about the friends section... in my opinion, I think the extensions of what Dag thinks of them makes it very sincere for each friend and I really like that. However, the listing instead may definitely be easier for you {take Virgil for example - he has 123980164093 friends and if he wrote a description for each one, it would take forever and make his bio ooberly long}, especially since Dag's such a great dude and will definitely get a billion more friends in the future. It would be a drag, I think, to write something for each one xD I do the list form myself, and I've got to tell you that it's much easier to put a link to the deer and picto and BAM! You've got yourself a new friend xD



By Leuvr
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Thanks for the input =) I've

Thanks for the input =) I've changed it now as I think it would be best in the long run. I didn't think Dag would get so many friends, so I'm quite surprised XD
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Mute remembers meeting Dag

Mute remembers meeting Dag when Mute was still a fawn,Mute doesn't think Dag remembers but he wishes to become friends. Smiling

Iaurdagnire's picture

Any fawn is a friend of

Any fawn is a friend of Dag's, but his memory isn't great for when recognising pictograms. He'll be delighted to meet Mute in the forest some time =)
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Revtheyr: "I do hope you do

Revtheyr: "I do hope you do not mind, dear Dag - but I have decided to make you one of the Godfathers to my fawns... Please understand this is a gesture of respect on my part, and in no way a slander!"
"I am not the Kirin Prince my father wished me to be. I am the three-horned darling of the Forest,
and my friends are my strength."
Iaurdagnire's picture

"Slander? What a

"Slander? What a preposterous thought - Revtheyr, I am positively honored to be made a Godfather to your dear children! Thank you, my friend, for seeing me in such a respectful light."

You have made Dag one happy bunny XD
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Love the bio. :3 I hope

Love the bio. :3 I hope that maybe I can meet him in the forest some day Laughing out loud as Mort or Eva. Or maybe crash XD


I play Mortuusago and Evangeline. Eva is a fawn! Mort is my big baby boy~

Iaurdagnire's picture

Ah so you're one of the Rev

Ah so you're one of the Rev fawn players! Well, as you can see Dag has been made a Godfather, so I would hope to meet you in the forest either way ;D