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The Endless Forest on Windows 11?

Are any of you playing The Endless Forest on Windows 11?
Did you run into any issues?

The Endless Forest will be shown in a big exhibition in New York but the tech team of the organization gets a "Runtime Error!" when they connect to the network. Does anybody have any ideas how to fix this?
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Are you ready for the Second Decade?

The fourth beta version of The Endless Forest Second Decade is now available to backers AND community members!

This release is intended to be the first public release of the remake. So please download and install it and give it a spin before we open it up to everybody.

If you find any errors, please send a bug report to Thank you!

Michael Samyn + Auriea Harvey.
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Merry Christmas!

I wanted to release a new beta of the remake for Christmas but the preparations for our wedding have been too intense. Nevertheless this is going to be the last Christmas in the current version of the game! Enjoy!

We're traveling to Belgium for Christmas. I will try to keep an eye on the game but I'm not sure how much opportunity I will have to interact. Anyway, keep it silent and peaceful!

Warmth, happiness, joy, light, love, hope, confidence, contentment, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, friendship, comfort, enjoyment, pleasure, peace, gentleness, support, gratitude, humility, faith, inspiration, contemplation, time, strength, courage, joy and peace,

Michael & Auriea.
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Come to our wedding!

While work on The Endless Forest did continue over the summer, it has stalled a little bit recently because of two major reasons. The first is that I have had terrible back pain for over a month now which prevents me from spending much time at my desk. The second is that I have been putting a lot of time in the organization of our wedding, which is complicated because it takes place in Rome and most of our guests come from abroad, my family being in Belgium and Auriea's in the USA.

And by the way, you are all invited to the ceremony which will take place in the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo in the center of Rome, Italy, at 11 in the morning on Monday January 8th, 2024.

Now that the urgent work for the wedding is now mostly done and my back pain is somewhat tolerable, I can return to working on the remake of The Endless Forest in the hopes of releasing the first public beta version by Christmas.

Thank you for your patience!
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Stop exploiting bugs, please

Please try to enjoy these last months of the old game in the way it was intended to be played. We would like to keep it online until we can make a smooth transition to the remake.

Exploiting bugs seems to cause instability in the game. Resulting in crashes. Recently several accounts were lost. I don't know if these events are related but please treat the software with respect and caution. It's an old game, and thus vulnerable. Please help it survive a little longer.

If you like The Endless Forest, please play it as intended. If you don't like The Endless Forest, please don't ruin it for people who do and go play something else.
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Beta 3!

Hello everyone!

A third beta version of the remake of The Endless Forest has just been released.

An email with a download link has been sent to all backers.

Almost there.
Thank you for your patience.

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The fog and other strange effects that have been occurring lately in the Forest are not caused by us but either by a technical error or a hack. Please notify us whenever this happens and we will correct the situation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will make sure that these kinds of errors will be impossible in the remake. More news about that soon!
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Community site problem resolved

As many of you have noticed and notified us of (Thank you!), there has been a problem with the community site yesterday that caused several accounts to be removed. The site has now been restored to a backup. I hope you didn't lose too much data.

If you experience any problems with your account here, please email us at .
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Happy 2023

Happy new year, dear deer!
365 days of love, peace and warm embraces!

Michael & Auriea.
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Beta 2 now available

A second beta version of the remake of The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine is now available to backers.

Merry Christmas!

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