II: Dandelion Hill | War Drum

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60 of Velocity's demons have been slain.

The dandelion had been clawed at 96 times out of a possible 100.


Thank you everyone who participated, and if you would like to still get involved if you couldn't be there in forest, see the end of this blog. There's no deadline if you want to write/draw/do anything involving your character fighting a creature.

Thank you Munkel, Vee and Hraeth for helping me play the bad guys! Also thank you to M&A who provided the weather. I'm sure without the fog it would have been a lot less dramatic!

Part I | Part II | Part III

Dandelion Hill retained its serenity in the aftermath, though a scar as great as the one draped across the Giant's chest is yet to have healed. A scar that like any over was rarely looked upon and never, ever questioned.

A tired soldier treads in the dark one night, coursing for that last taste of war as the final coat of polish to a heavy heart of stone. It is by chance Ravenflight is passing the hill, and something pulled at her that lead her eyes to a dim shaft of light softly pulsing from within the crater. The empty quills on the back of her head bristle as she lowers her horns toward it by instinct, creeping closer until she can peer over the edge.

There, half embedded into clay and tangled roots, is a name. Elated by her discovery, she smiles broadly and looks around, calling for anyone who cared to hear her...

"Dag is alive, he must be..."

In-forest Community Event

Velocity's creatures will surface hidden in a blanket of fog, and once they arrive they will descend onto Dandelion Hill and stop at nothing in fulfilling their task. They wish to rip Iaurdagnire's name from the forest floor, but will you let them take it?

In Forest: 31st March - 1st April (Sat & Sun)
4 time slots in which to participate UK London time:
Saturday between 4:00pm-5:30pm and 11:00pm-12:30am
Sunday between 12 Noon -1:00pm and 10:00pm-Midnight

Timezone Converter - Select "Europe/London" in the "From" field, then your timezone to find out times.

Your task is to protect the Dandelion that holds onto Dag's pictogram from the creatures Velocity has sent to steal it. Dag has faced them once before, and this old plotline contains the only description of them. They are not deer and are carnivorous, and you can picture them as canine, feline, or something else entirely. This is very much a war-game, and you can either battle them in forest or do something creative yourself (writing/drawing) depicting your character fighting one of them. You can of course do both, and I would love to see any screenshots of your epic battles!
You do not have to know about Dag or this plot in order to participate (:

In forest, this is the pictogram you must look out for (and the hill behind the ruins is where the dandelion is, for those who don't know). It is unclear how many creatures there are, so you must be on your guard when the time comes. It is also a third generation pictogram, which means the map cannot help you!


The creatures actions:
• "Paw Ground" - This is a digging action. If one manages to get to the dandelion and can pull off this action on top of it, it counts as one dig towards Dag's pictogram. The amount of times this is allowed to happen will be counted up at the end and may effect the next portion of the story!
• "Surprised" and "Head Tilt" - This is the equivalent of them baring their teeth and roaring/hissing. They will try to use this to bait and intimidate.
• "Antlers" - An attack using their claws and teeth. It is entirely up to you as to whether your character takes damage.

To kill one: It must be hit by the antlers action* 5 times on separate occasions. For example, 2 deer attacking one at the same time will still only count as 1 hit, not 2.
*The antlers action is purely to make this rule simple; you can translate this action however you like as an attack, just as I will be translating the antler action as the creatures to mean an attack with teeth and claws.

Your character's behaviour:
• In the interest of making it a fun, tactical game, if your character decides to chase one away please do not run it all around the forest disrupting other peoples play. Once it is at a safe distance, return to the dandelion - others may need your help!
IMPORTANT! Mooing is forbidden for this game. Again, so not to disrupt other players who don't want to be involved.

At the end of the two-day game I will tally up the scores of how many were killed, and there will be some honourable mentions of characters who did particularly well.

If you have any questions, please ask! (:


After you participate in forest, could you please post a link to the pictogram you were playing and what time slot you played in? Thank you!

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And It makes me happy that you included Ravey in that. LET ME GO AND UPDATE MY THINGY NOW.
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i love doing these i hope i

i love doing these i hope i can make it jkhlj kamehamefloooof
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AaAaah. Your art. ♥

AaAaah. Your art. ♥
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Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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al;siudgfd <3

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

I'm pumped.

I'm pumped.
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-flings self at gorgeous

-flings self at gorgeous images/story- <3
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Yay! So excited. If I miss

Yay! So excited.

If I miss everything because I’m at work though I’m going to cry, cry, cry. Look at this river of tears. Look at it!

Ah well, cool none the less. Can’t wait to see what happens. ^^
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Happy belated 3 years,

Happy belated 3 years, Daggie. Ilu soo. ♥

Still, so pumped.
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Ohmy, can't wait to see what

Ohmy, can't wait to see what would happen.
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I'm just working out times

I'm just working out times now, I hope you'll all be able to make it at at least one point. It'll be across the weekend at 3 different times, and if push comes to shove I could probably add a fourth if need be.

Will update very soon (:

Also Dina you're so lovely <3 I'll go comment there now.

Edit: Event detail update! Wall of text I know, but the game is pretty simple. See the pictogram in forest and stop it from getting to the dandelion ;D
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I will be there!

I will be there!
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Ooh! I'll be there I'll be

Ooh! I'll be there I'll be there! Not the early one at sunday though, bugfest..
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I know it says "hit by

I know it says "hit by antlers", but what if the deer attacking can't use antlers? (Toukan can't use his yet.) Should I use the "lower antlers" action anyway, and just pretend he's "boxing" with hooves?

^ Exact same question for my

^ Exact same question for my Dinamo..though I doubt I will actually use her.
Even though she is the only one who knows him, Nash is a noble guy and would love to help a cause.

Goodness this is going to be epic.
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I may just download 3.4 for

I may just download 3.4 for this :>
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This actually seems like it

This actually seems like it could be an immense amount of fun. I'll try and bring a deer in if I can! ^^

Sounds like Lacie's going to

Sounds like Lacie's going to have to go all out.

I'm stoked, hnnn.

Hmm, quick question; Do your

Hmm, quick question; Do your character have to known Dag to participate in the event or is it alright if they heard stories of him and just want to a favour to him?

Hm, sounds interesting! I'll

Hm, sounds interesting!
I'll see if I can make it with one of my characters.
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This is great! Thank you Dag!

This is great! Thank you Dag! <3
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Wow, this sounds really epic!

Wow, this sounds really epic! @_____@
I'm still a terrible newbie and don't know very much about Dag but I hope I can join this weekend, too. <3

Questions. - How evasive are


- How evasive are they, exactly? They seem to be small, so perhaps they have more agility?
- How inclined are they to attack? Are they more willing to run, or are they going to go right into a fight?
- How much damage can they do when they attack? Do they have a "pack mentality" at all?
- Are they able to regenerate in any way?

I just realized that since it's on a weekend, I probably won't be able to get on to actually do this in-Forest. But I don't want to write anything without knowing jack about their actual capabilities. I don't want Lacie to get completely overpowered by them, but I don't want her godmoding either, haha.
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Pega & Dina - Of course you

Pega & Dina - Of course you can still use other actions like rearing in order to attack, but I didn't want to over-complicate the rules so "antlers" is the only countable action in terms of the 5 hits needed in order to kill. You can translate that action as your character attacking them however they are able to, just like I will be using "antlers" to translate their attack of claws and teeth. (: I hope that makes sense.

Torturer - Nope, your character does not have to know Dag (: with all my events the plotline isn't essential in participating in the game, it's for everyone! Including OOC players who just want to have a bit of fun (: I mean, you can even use your IC deer and play them OOC for this if it's more comfortable. It's all entirely up to you.

Nachtblume - I'm always happy when newbies want to join in :'D I hope you can! Like I said above, it's okay if you don't know much about Dag, the plot is just an excuse to play a (hopefully) fun game in forest c:

Lung - amg questions.
- They are very agile with a pack mentality. I imagine them to be a little like hyenas; opportunistic and baiting, striking fast but avoiding being attacked themselves. I kind of imagine them to behave and sound a bit like the viper-wolves in Avatar. When they do attack, their intent is to do as much damage as possible.
- They cannot regenerate, so once one is killed, that is it.
...I'm so excited if you're going to do a piece of writing for this oDo



Thank you for the answers though. <3
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Ohhh, ok. So I can do exactly

Ohhh, ok. So I can do exactly what I was thinking then. =D Thanks!
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This is going to be amazing,

This is going to be amazing, Dag 8D♥

By Leuvr
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Slight time change for the

Slight time change for the first one tomorrow! I've changed it to 4:00pm - 5:30pm, so nothing major (:
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The stories you create and

The stories you create and events you plan for the community are so...incredible.
I would love to participate in this, but my guy isn't much of a fighter, and community events like this one intimidate the hell out of me, I'm such a pansy. ene

But the fact that you create such interesting and well-thought-out events to involve us in Dag's story just makes me happy. I admire you and everyone who participates so much.
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Anjali - ;; That's so sweet

Anjali - ;; That's so sweet of you to say, thank you so much! But don't feel like you can't participate if you want to - you can be an "ooc" deer, or even play your character OOCly if you want to join in for fun. There's really no rules concerning how you get involved, as long as you want to play then that's great (:

Or alternatively, you can park your deer somewhere close and be a spectator ;D -gives pom-poms for cheering- hehe ♥

LOL GUYS that first blast was crazy-fun 8D just to let you know the creatures won't be in forest constantly for the full time limit (otherwise it'd be boring and won't last long), you just have to be vigilant and spot them when they do show up (;

We participated in the first

We participated in the first time slot. ; u ; and we plan to be there for the others.

alskdhf this is such a blast. 8D
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nameless: *steals the picto*

nameless: *steals the picto* hi
everyone: ROAR
nameless: ... hi
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^ adkaad

^ adkaad
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Herla is there, pom poms a

Herla is there, pom poms a pumping and handing out rose wreaths to the victors. First time slot. Likely the others as well.
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^ Okay so I completely forgot

^ Okay so I completely forgot about this glitch 8| I'm fixing it right now.

From now on the creatures will be wearing the long mask just to stand out.

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Eph is participating in the

Eph is participating in the first timeslot! (and probably will participate in the last one too)

Sho and I had a blast

Sho and I had a blast participating in the first timeslot. c:
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Kari was rabid in the first

Kari was rabid in the first slot. 83
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Apparanza is participating in

Apparanza is participating in the first time slot ♥ (:

By Leuvr
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Djinn helps during the first

Djinn helps during the first slot (:
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This is so fun XD especially

This is so fun XD especially when this happened:

Me(creature): -hiss/baiting-
Kari/Eph/Geh: >8C -runs towards-
Me: shitshitshitSHITSHITSHIT

Ends in 15 mins! Last chance to kick ass until this evening!