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You all completely smashed last years "kill count" of 60 creatures. The total number of creatures you slayed over this event was

Largest pack in forest at one time: 6, on Sunday.
Demon players: Myself, Munkel, Veedeer, Hraeth, Kaoori & Mauvable
Number of TEF users who participated in and out of forest: 68
Number of unique blogs/writings inspired by the event: Pending; some links are broken/I can't find them all ;;

If you participated in this event, please leave a link in the comments to the pictogram you played with. This is very important - no link, no love! And you don't have to do this for every timeslot you went to if you were the same character every time. You only need to post the name and picto again if you played someone different.

M&A have kindly changed the weather for us like last year - Thank you! ♥

URL for linking to: http://endlessforest.org/community/node/84484

IN-FOREST COMMUNITY EVENT - Everyone Welcome to play!

Dates: 29th, 30th and the 31st of March (Friday, Sat & Sun)
NEW - 6 time slots in which to participate UK London time:

Friday between 11:00pm-Midnight
Saturday between 4:00pm-5:30pm and 11:00pm-12:30am
**Sunday between 8:00pm - 9:00pm and 10:30pm-Midnight

Timezone Converter - Select "Europe/London" in the "From" field, then your timezone to find out times.
** Daylight Savings time is in effect in Europe on this day! Check the timezone converter for the correct time.

Guidelines and information are below, and specific objectives for each day will be posted in due course. If you could please post a link to your character pictograms(s), along with their name(s) if you participated in any of the games, that would be wonderful. Thank you! Feel free to ask questions.

OOC players can also participate!


Basic information:
This is a series of in-forest war-games similar to the one I hosted last year. The enemy you must fight off are minions of Velocity - they are not deer and are carnivorous, and you can picture them as canine, feline, or something else entirely (old plotline description of them).
You can either battle them yourself in forest during the allotted times, or do something creative yourself (writing/drawing) depicting your character fighting one (or more!) of them. You can of course do both!
You do not need to know about Dag or the story in order to participate. This is just a great game to let loose and have an epic battle!
In forest the creatures are defined by this pictogram (below for quick reference), and wear the default set with the long mask only.

Dandelion Hill (the hill by the Ruins). If you want to come along just to watch, you are free to sit a sensible distance from the hill.

The creatures actions:
• "Surprised" and "Head Tilt" - This is the equivalent of them baring their teeth and roaring/hissing. They will try to use this to bait and intimidate.
• "Antlers" - An attack using their claws and teeth. It is entirely up to you as to whether your character takes damage.
To kill one: It must be hit by the antlers action a certain number of times (the number won't be revealed this time!). The creatures are stronger this time around, and may take longer to kill. The antlers action is purely to make this rule simple; you can translate this action however you like as an attack, just as I will be translating the antler action as the creatures to mean an attack with teeth and claws.

Your character's behaviour:
• If your character decides to chase one away please do not run it all around the forest disrupting other peoples play. Once it is at a safe distance, return to the Hill - others may need your help!
• If you need a break during the game, sit your avatar down - sitting deer will be left alone.
IMPORTANT! Mooing is forbidden for this game. This is so not to disrupt other players who don't want to be involved.




Unseasonable weather has carried on in the forest for long enough, and recently there has been a sense of foreboding... This time last year, residents of the forest young and old became warriors in a great war.
The forest is unsettled.

Tonight, familiar razor teeth chatter and hiss in the shadows. They're waiting for something, and while they are here, they may as well settle a few scores with those who slayed them the year before. They remember each and every one of you... some more than others. They won't take kindly to new recruits, either.

There is nothing to protect, but each other. They are tactical creatures that will work as a pack, so you will need to pay attention as to who they will be trying to single out. They are fast, and are able to attack the hill at all angles, so watch your backs...



4:00pm-5:30pm and 11:00pm-12:30am

In the presence of Death, Dag's true purpose had become apparent. He is to be the Equilibrium; the restoration of balance the forest and the God's needed. The stag had exposed Velocity's hand - he had taken not just Summer, but all 4 seasons from the world in the hopes of securing what he wanted - Iaurdagnire's very soul. In order for Dag to do as he promised the Red and Gold... he would need to surrender his life and forsake himself for a greater good.

However, Dag's freedom alone would mean mortality, that was always the crux of his journey. And so he defined the terms of the release of the Season Spirits as well as his own. He made his case to Velocity that in his mortality, death is an inevitability... And that fact of true life was all he ever wanted.
"There will be a time I will walk with you, and you have my word... as long as I have yours."

It was done. But nothing is as simple as it seems.

A thick fog has descended...
Dag's body lays crumpled on the hill. He had been delivered back to the forest in an indiscreet and thundering crash, followed by a bright light as if a spark had fallen from the sun. His body bruised and broken from his year long war in the underworld where suffering was nothing, but it all felt real now. Disorientated and overcome with sickness and fatigue, the stag could not move let alone open his eyes to see where he was.

If one is to look closely, they will notice the ground becoming saturated with blood around his chest. The deadly wound that had ensured his journey had returned with his life... Velocity knew this.

Time of of the essence, for his suffering is too great to overcome... Your objective is to protect Dag from Velocity's demons, now stronger than ever; they will happily make his death quicker and painless...



8:00pm - 9:00pm and 10:30pm-Midnight

The monsters grow in numbers and have not weakened in their onslaught.
The brave become braver still in defending their stronghold, but despite efforts...
Dag's wound will not heal itself, and his will to wait out the war and hold on is fading.

Objective #1 - text/roleplay response. This is an option if you haven't been able to make it to any of the in forest parts, but still want to contribute somehow. You can do this even if you have been to the in forest parts if you want to - it's completely optional!
Shout, scream at him for his selfishness if he is to give up now after everything he has put you through. Tend to his wound and tell him stories of what he's missed in his year of absence. Tell him what he has to live for. Whatever you want your character to say, you have until 11:30pm UK time to do it. You can reply in this blog or make your own blog with your response and link to it here.

Objective #2 - In forest
The demons still come flying through the fog thick and fast, their roars filling the forest... you must be the ones to stop them.
Keep going, your warrior spirits are sure to put fire into Dag's bones...


Though he gave no real response... He listened. To some, he had no choice but to, screaming at him to stop his nonsense. The very least he could do was open his eyes... But he couldn't. All he managed was a twitch of his ear - he hoped they knew. Numb from blood-loss, everything felt like a dream. The smell of sulfur... perhaps he was still in battle. The yelps and hyena chatter as they fell, and those triumphant roars... That is him roaring, it must be. But the voices? Were they with him? Were they fighting with him?

No, that wasn't him fighting. He could feel it. A gentle wind.
This was a natural place.
He was home. After all this time... His heart ached, and not just from the wound. What could he do? Nothing seemed to move, no matter how much he tried to tell it to. The realization that he was done had sunk in.
Will... Will isn't everything, after all. He always thought will surpassed the state of your own body, but it wasn't true. He understood how an old friend must have felt, at the end of the line, because that is all the body wants to do.

Fortunately, he wasn't the one who built him. The forest did.
There have been hard times, here and there. But they taught him right from wrong, they taught him to fight, and taught him to be... well, who he is. That's why his pictogram - his soul - could never leave.
Hah, his very name doesn't even belong to himself; there are creatures in this forest that forged every little bit of it, in their own way.

And who would have foreseen that one of them - a very small, celestial creature - would zip its way through the mayhem... to be the one to secure his fate to live.

"... It is time now. We'll be okay, Dag."

Cry is using his own energy to heal him. He will grow tired and weak... do your best to protect him.



"Hm-hm. I think you need to leave now."

The Endless Forest is under all of your supremacy.

Remove what is left of them together.

G A M E O V E R.

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Track! My page. Muah ha

Track! Smiling

My page. Muah ha ha!
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOMFG YES
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Yes! Track. :'D

Yes! Track. :'D
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Yay! Track-a-lack :3

Yay! Track-a-lack :3
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Yeeeees. Exited. Will

Yeeeees. Exited. Will definitly do my best to be around again!
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Ill try my darndest to be

Ill try my darndest to be there. I gotta be damnit.
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Tracking! Man, I need to go

Tracking! Man, I need to go check out a timezone converter.
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i should be here \o/

i should be here \o/


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By Leuvr
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Ooh! Looking forward to

Ooh! Looking forward to this, hopefully will be around!
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hrrrn, will do my best to be

hrrrn, will do my best to be around. |D


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But seriously, tracking

But seriously, tracking Eye
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Track dis. : D

Track dis. : D

Trackity track

Trackity track
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Hurhur, count on me being

Hurhur, count on me being there! =D
I'm not sure how well I'll be able to participate on the night slots (as your 11pm is 1am for me xD) but I shall surely try!

It'll be a blast. I don't know if I'll be able to document it like I did last time, but I think I'll give it a shot, too. ;D
It'll be good to have Dag home again.
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ohhhh~ Where is the location?

Where is the location?
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Inufur - "Dandelion Hill",

Inufur - "Dandelion Hill", which is the hill behind the Ruins (the one in this picture) ^^

Excited excited excited. I'll hopefully be enlisting the help of M&A to provide some foggy weather like last time too... or would night be a good option this time? I can't remember the list time I was in the forest when it was night (not twilight), is it dark enough to be a little haunting or should I stick with fog?
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Friday time added, going to

Friday time added, going to be sneaking things in here over the next week or so...
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BOUT TIME DAG should be here


should be here one of those days. ;_;
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Tracking this so hard.

Tracking this so hard. Excitement wheee!

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This is getting exciting. ; u

This is getting exciting. ; u ; I hope to attend.
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lsjdflksdjdl oh

lsjdflksdjdl oh interesting!!! TRACK
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
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Yeeeeeees. I am so thereee!

Yeeeeeees. I am so thereee! Might be able to make all of them. We'll see if something pops up or not. These seem nicely spread though, great to give all timezones a chance!
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! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! !

My schedule actually works

My schedule actually works well during those days. Hopefully I can pop in at least one of those times.
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didnt even hit the reply

didnt even hit the reply button more than once what
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ugh noo im going to cry

ugh noo im going to cry :c

im leaving for washington the 28th and even though im bringing my laptop i doubt id be able to get on.
this sucks ass..wish i was going to be home :/
ugh. i wish dina could help..would feel so weird for her not to.
please dont bother changing anything though..
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Awh nuuu dindindin

Awh nuuu dindindin <3 don't worry, I'll put up another thing for people who aren't able to attend in forest but still want to do some writing/roleplaying their character kicking ass to still be included at the end (':
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By Leuvr
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okay good to hear that ;;

okay good to hear that ;;
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I'll try to be there on the

I'll try to be there on the 30th! Smiling So excited!
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Yus! I so hope I'm home and

Yus! I so hope I'm home and can take part.
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You will see Zach there, for

You will see Zach there, for sure. ;D
(This time with antlers, because I say so! xD Poor guy was so lost last time due to dropping them just before the event. xD)

I probably won't be able to participate during the night slots since they're quite late for me (unless I suddenly feel like staying up to 3am for you. xD). But we'll see. I will try to be online for the day slots and the final slot on Sunday.

I just hope I won't be confused by the fact that we change to summer time on Sunday and my clocks will turn one hour forward. xD
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Oh man, I forgot about clocks

Oh man, I forgot about clocks changing o_o when do yours actually change? Ours don't change until 1am Sunday so it doesn't actually effect me |'D I don't know when they change for other timezones.

But not to worry, I'll be putting notices like 'starts in 1 hour!' etc in the title so people can work it out from there. I'll also be on skype beforehand to help people (for those who don't have it, my skype is: dagnire)

First update! All the guidelines are there, which are a re-hash of last years ones. Each day will have a different objective that will be posted a couple of hours before the first time slot on that day (:
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Track C:< Im soooo in. This

Track C:< Im soooo in. This is OOC or IC? O.o because it be weird for Pitch, one of my characters to be fighting off something that it is kinda connected to. For example there both evil and take cruel delight in hurting and scaring others. So,.. Im not quite sure...
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Looked at the times and

Looked at the times and because of le busy easter work weekend I can only come to the last one. Baw ;;
Ah well. Ill be there.
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eeee Excited for this! ;u;

eeee Excited for this! ;u; <3

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Despite spring’s wake, the

Despite spring’s wake, the days had been cold. As if a higher force was holding the comforting warmth back, to have the creatures of these woods suffer. Suffer because their cycle, their nature, their self was yearning for spring, ready for spring, and done with winter. The mood was in the air, like a thick, gooey haze it swept through the trees of the birch and the old forest alike. A mere sniff of a nose could taste it. Yes, indeed, winter should be over.

But it was not.

And so they kept on shivering, outside and inside alike. The days were getting longer, and as if there was some kind of a contest with the sun, the chill was determined to stay. It was even as bold as to cover the ground with more snow; a thin layer, but there it was. One could only hope the few days of pure sun inbetween, which, despite the icy grip, managed to struggle through, would extend to longer periods of time.

Her fur was full, still. In her mind, a worry had begun to gnaw on her mood; what if this thick coat would persist, again? Summer would be another hell, literally. Well, so far, there were only so little signs of spring, even. Though; her setup had always been hopeful, and optimistic. She knew, spring would come, life would blossom, and then Summer came, to bring it to its fullest extend.
For now though, it were only her weary steps that stomped through the woods; no birds sang, and the other noises of life in the woods seemed mute. How strange, she wondered. Even for the stiff days that were passing, this seemed unnatural.

Her wander had no aim, despite keeping to move. The broad caribou hooves were mastering the ground, nothing much she had to worry about – were she was selfish as to only consider her well-being. No, in fact she had much to worry about.
But for today, she delved into the sweet grounds of having nothing in mind, no plan at all. And that would have stayed this were, would she not have passed by a hill.

This hill… stories had been told about it. Dandelion Hill they called it now; and a place of great tragedy and victory alike. For her, it was a place of great regret – another reminder how she had forsaken her friends in the forest for a whole year. Her travels had been for good reason, but she judged herself harshly, and unjustly. Not logical, she told herself, but she could not help being what she was.
Dandelion Hill. Here, the great fortress, Iaurdagnire, had found his gruesome end by the antlers of the raven stag Ephiré. Both names were not unfamiliar to Aurora, who bore no title of such magnitude herself. Not even just familiar, two friends they were, unforgettable faces in her life. She closed two keen azure eyes to take a deep breath, as if to breathe in the history of this place. Echoes of pain, torment, but also hope.
For Dandelion Hill was also were the brave inhabitants of the forest had fought to protect Iaurdagnire’s precious pictograph from the shadowy beasts. Those stories of bravery had also reached the sage’s ears.

And now? Now he rested under this hill, in hope of waking some day. Oh, how Aurora wished for that day to pass. The day in which the most respectable figure of the forest, he friend Iaurdagnire, would rise from the ground and once more gracefully strode through the woods. His appearance appeared before her inner eye; and Aurora once more breathed the past.

Spoken with utter devotion, the piebald’s tender and tranquil voice rang through the snow-covered grasses of Dandelion Hill. Three words, which bore sincerety of such weight, it could crush a rock.

”I miss you.”

And then, three more. Alight, ablaze, the lifeforce of the caribou channeled into it.

”Please come back.”

A tear fell on the snow, pure, leaving a round hole in the snowy cover.
The sun began to shine.

Can't tell you how pissed I am that I will miss out on this one. U:
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Ours changes around 3am our

Ours changes around 3am our time Sunday morning. So we'll already be in summer time on Sunday. But that's alright. I'll just change my clocks in time so I know. xD
It just means that I may not be able to participate in the final slot since the time difference will be 3 hours at that time..=P
I'll see what I can do, though. I want to participate as much as possible. I had such fun last time. =D

oooh, track.

oooh, track.