Sage's Enchantments and Curios

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"Oh, hello! Were you looking to have something enchanted? I have a few things I could trade as well if you were curious."

Sage's Enchantments and Curios is now open! Currently being run out of one of her old favorite corners of the ruins, she has decided to offer some of her enchanted items for trade. Most are small things that she has worked on for practice, but are still fairly useful or interesting enough that she thinks someone else may like them as well. She may also bring items from her species' homeworld to offer as additional inventory.

She can do small enchantments on non-magical items that are brought to her as well, again in trade for something that she may find useful for herself.

Interactions/requests for trades can be held either on this page or through Discord. Leave your Discord name here or send me a message there (username is Sycamorre#8919) if you want to work something out on there! IC interactions aren't really necessary, but my main goal here is to have her interact with the forest at large through this so it is encouraged!

Examples of items that Sage would like in trade:
- Alchemical or potentially alchemical ingredients (herbs/plants/minerals/etc.)
- Small interesting items that could serve as "toys" for her small dragon familiar, Nadur
- Books or other things that contain some kind of knowledge

This list is not at all exclusive, and she is willing to look at other things or even services in trade instead. She may be pickier about what she trades some of the more unique items for.

Examples of enchantments that Sage can do:
- Light (an item can temporarily emit a dim or bright light when activated)
- Durability (increases an item's strength or keeps an item from rotting/wearing down)
- Detect (can detect a specified type of presence when activated: magic/life/undead/etc. Not specific individuals)
- Haste (makes the user move and act faster temporarily when activated)

As Sage grows in experience and magical skill, she will be able to do stronger and more elaborate enchantments. However, if there is something that your character would like done that isn't on the list, ask about it! Please note that all enchantments will have some sort of limit to what they can do for balance reasons.

Current Inventory:
(item images will come in time)

- Light Pinecones
These pinecones are perfect for hanging around a dimly lit den. An elongated touch will activate them and they will stay lit for up to 12 hours or until they are touched again to dismiss the effect. With each hour that they are not activated, they will "recharge" one hour's worth of the effect. She plans on keeping a decent stock of these at all times, as they're fairly easy to do.

- Detect Magic Amber Necklace

A piece of amber found near the Old Oak that has a trapped feather inside. Sage was able to find an old. long rosary chain inside that ruins that she could use to turn it into a necklace. When activated using a designated word, the wearer will be able to sense the presence of magic and magical items in the area around them. The effect lasts for up to 10 minutes. It can be used twice a day.

- Message Earring
Not a true earring, but clamps around the cartilage of the ear. An item she enchanted outside of the forest. Allows the wearer to whisper a brief message to someone they know or have seen who are within 120 ft. of them. Only works on the same plane/dimension and no one else can hear what is said. The recipient can whisper a short reply back. Total of 10 uses a day until Sage can improve the enchantment.

(I promise I'll make this prettier later, I just wanted to get this down so she can officially start doing these interactions)
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Trackin'! This sounds like a

Trackin'! This sounds like a fun idea and I'm interested to see what happens with it.

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Tracking! Interested as well

Tracking! Interested as well (:
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Yess, sounds fun! Keeping an

Yess, sounds fun! Keeping an eye on this.


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(Bumping because even though

(Bumping because even though it's not 100% done and her inventory is very slim right now, I'm considering this open for business and interaction! I'll tidy things up over time. All suggestions for what the shop should have are more than welcome!)
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Gonna follow this.

Gonna follow this.

I'm never here anymore but

I'm never here anymore but KICKS THE DOOR DOWN TO TRACK THIS
-- Malakh (he/him). Formerly MoonlitStar. I'm not on the community site much and I'm in-game even less but shhh.
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Archelius might want to set

Archelius might want to set up a bartering system or some kind with her lol. He's been dabbling in crafting and enchanting lately as well. XD Most of the time though he just collects items together for magic crafting purposes or more often than not for necromancy, but he does know how to make enchanted pendants with effects based off materials available. :3
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@Zerg: Sage would be very

@Zerg: Sage would be very interested in bartering, especially if some of the things he brings in have effects than she can learn and possibly add to her arsenal at some point. Not sure what she could offer at the moment unless he would be looking for something specific but if he gets the itch to talk it out, she'd be down for it :>

@Everyone else: Why hello frands
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It's the light she notices

It's the light she notices first. Vrasa is drawn to it like a moth, her eyes shining in the reflection. She quickly realizes it's a pinecone -- but glowing. Could pinecones glow? Apparently so, as this one was. It's like a big firefly! she thinks.

So fascinated is she that she barely notices the kirin-esque owner of the objects. That is, until she nearly trips over them as she studies the fascinating object. She squeaks in surprise, managing a small "sorry!" as she backs up.

It takes her a moment to put two and two together. She looks from the pinecone to Sage, considering. Then her face lights up and she grins, a bit too widely to be entirely comfortable. Not that that's her fault.

"Is that your pinecone?" she asks. "It's pretty!"

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Sage had been watching in

Sage had been watching in silence, observing the smaller one in curiosity while Vrasa had been entranced by the pinecone. She has seen plenty of odd creatures in the forest, but she was definitely a new one. The apology was accepted with a smile, and she nodded at the question that followed.

"Thank you! It is mine. They all are." She motioned to the tree that grew between the foundations of the ruins, which had been decorated with a vine holding multiple pinecones, some of which were lit as well. "You're welcome to look at them."
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"Oooh!" The child's eyes go

"Oooh!" The child's eyes go wide in astonishment. "You've got lots," she adds, observing the branches with lit pinecones. Vrasa bites her lip and furrows her brow, clearly deep in thought once more. When she speaks, it's slowly as she continues to consider her words.

"If you've got lots, do you wanna share?" She tilts her head to the side, eyeing the shop owner again. She sure was cool-looking, like a big deer with a horn and teeth. "I can share some..." She pauses to consider. "...mushrooms? Only don't tell mama, I'm not s'posed to eat 'em but maybe I can share if I don't eat 'em--" she babbles, doing a half-dance of excitement.

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The kind of mushrooms not for

The kind of mushrooms not for eating... Interesting. Whether or not they had any alchemical use besides poisons was her main concern but her own curiosity was piqued nonetheless. And well... if the kid was not supposed to eat them anyway, then perhaps it was a good thing to trade for them? Out of sight out of mind, that sort of thing.

"Well, if you think your mama would not care too much that you traded them away, then I would very much like to share with you. A pinecone for the mushrooms."
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There's a fading yaaay! as

There's a fading yaaay! as Vrasa bolts off, eagerly searching for mushrooms.

She returns intermittently, dropping mushrooms at Sage's hooves before bolting off again. She seems intent on her job--she barely leaves time for a single word before she's off again for more. Most of the mushrooms she finds are the typical forest kind. Some of them seem to have absorbed some of the forest's magic; others are nothing more than average mushrooms. However, Vrasa does find two much odder mushrooms: one that's oddly star-shaped and one that is a vibrant orange-red. How she found them is anyone's guess.

Once she's finally exhausted herself, she plops down in front of Sage with an eager expression. "Izzat enough mushrooms?" she asks, waiting to see if even more would be needed for a fair trade.

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Sage couldn't help but

Sage couldn't help but chuckle, charmed by the enthusiasm. "That's plenty," Sage answered, looking over the haul and eyeing the more unique ones. She then turned to her own display of finished pinecones and took one off by a small vine loop attached to the base that held it on the larger structure. She carefully placed it in front of Vrasa where she could grab it by the loop herself.

"There you are. If you press lightlt against it for a few seconds, it will start to light up. You can make it stop the same way. If it stops glowing, give it time to recharge, alright? And be careful, it can still break."
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Vrasa eyes the pinecone,

Vrasa eyes the pinecone, nodding solemnly as Sage presents it to her. She takes it gently in her mouth by the loop. At the owner's instructions, Vrasa places it on the ground and taps it with a hoof. When it lights up, she giggles.

"Thank you missy spiky-deer!" she says, then gently picks up the pinecone again. Vrasa bounces away, the pinecone bumping gently against the side of her face.

[Thank you, that was fun! 'v' I saw light up pinecones and I knew Vrasa had to have one.]

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