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My only limit for fawns is that if it's a competitor, they should've been favoured at least once. IF there is interest from multi'ple males there shall be a rematch >Smiling

The apprentice - Wildcard - not sire
Wants to see new people and expand ties.

Maryam - Judge - maybe dam
She's a flirt, a massive flirt, easy to get jealous though and might abandon a competitor solely on that premise. Biased against visuals. Very vain.
-Met +Aapeli, Brent, ++Moloch, Ceryneitan, Ross, LEto, plum ming...

Hecate Mallory Maria Desdemona - judghe - not dam*
Seeking cattle, might allure with femenine charms but is otherwise infertile

Zephyr - ct like judge - not dam or sire
Trying to meet people mostly. Not touchy, dislikes male, favoures female competitors.

Torfastr - competitor - not sire
Prove his competative worth, meet new friends. Not flirty, a bit awkward with flirtyness.

Cannibriel - Judge - dam
Preffers competitors that are swift and agile, lightly flirty with cervines both male and female. Tends to preffer those of smalelr stature and high mobility.

nameless - wildcard act challanges and pushy in herds - not sire*
may have kids. Very not into flirtery or touchyness. Easy to get pushy.

Siddhartha - competitor - sire
Uses speed and size to his advantage. ALSO since basically all of this minus joylon happend on his day of heroism and downfall, is currently on downtime due heavy extertion ;/
Fought: Joylon Genha Pagan Eyeboi(altjid) Aepeli
+Kissare, Crescent, +Engla. ~Sielu, +Ashe(vee), Sebastian, Garai, Sabbath, Farai, Sadbhd, Easca, Chitz, ++liya

Bree - judge - dam*
mostly flirting, liked big bois with steady hard hits.

Zmajevit Castan Vuk Dragomir - competitor - not sire
new friends, test his might. But mostly to test his might. Good with the kids.

Tsubasa - judge - dam
-Met +Aapeli, +Sin, Zalyn, Abilene, Accendare, Moloch, The kittenguy.

Sommer - competitor - not sire
Typical competitor.

Tuien - judge - maybe dam
Very shy and skittish. Noot too into too heavy flirtery but likes grooming and comforting.
Met minh, ashe neli, Jolyon, ragnara...more definitely. melanie. +weird bby +rossamund +altjid

Jagoda - judge - dam*

Keyne - wildcard challanger - not dam
will occasionally stalk/harass herds untill chasad away by a competitor.??? Not with the intention to hurt, but instill some panic.
-this character is mostly included to help judges test the competency of their chosen challanger!
got chased away by joylon, easca and starkiller
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Observing from the corner

Observing from the corner where spiders live.

Eats some of the spiders

Eats some of the spiders
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Sigi by Wake

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and a track from mee

and a track from mee
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Hohohohoh Tracking

Hohohohoh Tracking
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parking myself here

parking myself here
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watching this

watching this