Beautiful Dreamers (Story featuring Laghodessa)

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Beautiful Dreamers
Featuring Zergarikiaka's Laghodessa and Quad's Trunks

It was three o'clock, the witching hour, a common time of the night for the more restless deer to be wandering around. While the fawns slumbered and the does huddled with their mates, Laghodessa haunted around. She was bored tonight, and wide awake. Not a good combination.

There were the usual night-goers such as owls that hooted and broke the silence, as well as a rustle in the foliage of a rabbit that could not sleep as well. These held her interest for only a moment before she walked past. She was in a strange mood, as if something was missing that she searched for...or more specifically, the Forest was too quiet and she wanted some excitement at 3:00 in the morning.

She went to the Pond, and watched for a short while. The rippling waters let off a nice sound, but it bored her after a few moments, and she was gone once more. She began to head to the Ruins when passing by the Old Oak, she heard a noise. Turning, there was a brief flash of light.

"Hmm?", she mused to herself, and approached to see what was going on.

Within, there was someone standing over a fawn. She didn't recognize him at first, but she was more surprised at what she saw going on. Above the fawn was something peculiar...a mass of black smoke that had tiny tendrils, lashing out at the one standing above it. "Easy now...", the stag spoke, as the fawn beneath squirmed and shuddered.

Laghodessa watched quietly as the stag touched his antler to the smoky mass, and suddenly it burst into light, shimmering in hues of pinks, blues, and greens. The fawn settled and breathed a sigh of relief in her sleep.

The stag turned and was surprised to see Laghodessa there. "Oh, hello...I didn't know I had company...", the red-faced one spoke and bowed, "I am Trunks, and you are?", he asked.

The doe chuckled, "Laghodessa...", she replied with a bow herself, "If I may ask, what were you doing there?"

The stag looked back at the sleeping fawn, "It is a bit of a story, really, but...well...I am a ghost.", he began, looking back to her, "Does this surprise you in any way?"

Laghodessa blinked a few times, and began to laugh, "No, not at all...", she spoke.

Trunks smiled, "Very well then...sometime there are reactions out of that. Now, I died many years ago as a fawn, but was brought back to life by the Twin Gods and entrusted to protect the young ones for several years until my time is more year before I pass on. My services to the fawns includes removing nightmares from their dreams, which is what you just witnessed.", he would continue, but motioned another way and began to walk off. Laghodessa followed with deep interest, more glad that something was actually happening tonight.

Soon they found a pair of fawns sleeping close to one another, and Trunks said, "See? They have the black clouds as well." "I do not see them...wait...ahh...there they are...", she spoke, as soon the darkness above the fawns came into view. It seemed that only those close to Trunks could notice these 'dream clouds'.

"I'll plant the first dream, and if you would like, you may plant the second.", Trunks spoke, and brushing his antler along the first black cloud, it transformed and became a lovely shade of green before vanishing. He looked back to her, "Easy as that...just think of what kind of dream you'd like to give them and it will take over the nightmare they are currently having."

Laghodessa approached the second dark cloud, the little tendrils whipping and lashing in her direction. She exhaled slowly, closing her eyes, and thinking of something beautiful for the little one to dream of.

Brushing her feathery crown along the nightmare cloud, it changed colors immediately, becoming a bright aqua just like her eyes, before it vanished. She smiled and saw that it worked just as she wished. "I've always wanted to visit a this little one will get to experience it for me.", she said, and saw the fawn's frightened face change to one of surprise and amazement in his sleep.


The two would sweep along the Forest, planting beautiful dreams into all the fawns' minds. Laghodessa continued on until she saw someone she didn't expect slumbering with a black cloud over his head.

Darkweaver was kicking and squirming in his sleep. Laghodessa smiled, and looking back at Trunks, she approached her mate and gave him a kiss on his skull. Her peacock feathers brushed along the cloud, and it became a deep, dark crimson before vanishing.

Trunks tilted his head curiously, "What sort of dream was that?", he asked.

Laghodessa chuckled and shook her head, "I'm sorry, but it's something private...something I know Darkweaver has always wanted to do."

The ghost smiled and nodded, then bowed to her. He would continue on his mission of protecting the fawns alone, while Laghodessa curled next to Darkweaver and closed her eyes. In her slumber, she joined her mate in the dream she just planted, and neither would ever speak of the dream but both enjoyed it thoroughly.

The End
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Eeee~ Thank you Quad! This is

Thank you Quad! This is a very adorable story! I love it!
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It's been a while since

It's been a while since Trunks has been around, I thought it would be nice if he and Laghodessa had a story together.

And I left the dream she planted for Dark vague so it's anything you think they'd want to experience together XD. Glad you liked it.