Medieval (Story featuring Vaharo)

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Featuring Staff's Vaharo

He sat alone, watching the birds hopping around and pecking the ground. He felt uninspired today. It was a strange feeling, and standing, he outstretched his wings and took flight. The birds were close by, following him to see where he was going.

The winged deer soon saw the old Ruins, and felt like it would be a good idea to perch there for a while. He landed on the old bricks and settled. It felt good, he liked the view and his wings and tail drooped down in relaxation. The birds followed and perched with him, chirping curiously and doing bird things.

Vaharo rested his head, and closed his eyes. Maybe a nap would make him feel better.

He opened his eyes and sat up. Yawning, he felt quite weary, and looking around, he didn't recognize where he was at. The birds weren't there, and the trees were strange species that didn't grow in the Endless Forest. He would then notice that he was no longer on the Ruins...but on the top of a very tall castle!

"Odd..., he thought at once, "How did I get here?"

He stood and outstretched his wings. The deer hopped off the castle and glided down to the ground level, but before he could land, he heard something zip past him. "What was that?", he asked and looked about.

Another thing flew past him. He now realized it was an arrow! He looked down in time to see someone in full plate armor with a bow, aiming right at him!

The deer flew and maneuvered to avoid the next arrow the knight released, and before could get the next one ready, the deer swooped down and flew above him. "What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?", he questioned at once. He would realize that the man was actually quite small - or more likely that Vaharo was much bigger than he realized.

The knight dropped his bow and unsheathed a long broadsword, shouting, "Die, foul demon!", and before Vaharo realized it, the knight was swinging the sword at him! His entire face was covered in a helmet, no flesh was exposed whatsoever.

He quickly dodged the first swipe, but the second one nicked him in the thigh. He cringed, though it was only a scratch, it did hurt! He knew he wasn't dreaming and was really here! He opened his mouth to speak something else, but felt a tingling in his throat that erupted in fire! The blast of flame went right at the knight, who quickly blocked it with a shield.

Vaharo landed now, inspecting his wound before looking back at the knight. The metal man was charging at him now, and Vaharo had lost his patience, "Enough!", he roared. Opening his muzzle, he unleashed a firestorm at the knight, who was engulfed in the flames. He watched the metal man collapse, though still moving, and still speaking, " me!"

The giant deer raised a hoof and pinned the metal man, knocking his sword away. The deer was rather angry now, and knocking the knight's helmet off, he was surprised that there was nothing inside! No human, not even a skeleton! Nothing!

"What's going on here?", he questioned immediately. The metal helmet began to rattle, and he could hear the man speaking from the helmet, "Gahh! You must have forgotten, you and I are bound in eternal combat! Have you forgotten the curse you placed on me, fiend?!", he spoke.

The deer tilted his head, "You're annoying me. I do not know what this is about, but I am going back to the Endless Forest."

"You will go nowhere! You are mine to fight for an eternity! Release me so we can continue our duel!", the helmet spoke.

Vaharo hesitated, and finally asked, "What...was the curse all about, if you do not mind refreshing my memory..."

The knight was quiet for a few moments, then spoke, "You were the last dragon, and I was going to claim your life and your hoard of treasure, but before I struck the final blow, you cursed both of us to this endless fight! Have you forgotten this?"

The deer thought about this, before finally saying, "I have treasure, then?"

"Yes, of course you do! You are a dragon, are you not?"

Vaharo released the armor, and spoke, "Take it. I have no need for it."

The armor reformed, and surprised that the dragon was surrendering his gold, he quickly ran to the castle, shouting, "Mine! All mine!!" The knight released the barricade and threw open the wooden gate at the bottom of the castle...

And a massive supply of pinecones rushed out and buried him.

Vaharo couldn't help but laugh, both of what the treasure really was but also the knight's predicament, buried under the treasure now.

He opened his eyes and sat up. The birds were all asleep, and he was on the Ruins once more. It was all a dream.

He chuckled, "Well that was entertaining...", he mused to himself.

The End
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Hah! I really love this ^^

Hah! I really love this ^^ Your writing is very refreshing and nice to read Quad. I really appreciate you doing this for me, stories need more appreciation around here. :3

Siggy by Shey

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I hope I got his personality

I hope I got his personality right, but I thought he may be one to hesitate when things don't seem right. And honestly that is a beautiful character design too, I have a fondness for dragons personally and he makes me think of one, so I couldn't resist.

I'm glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun to write Eye
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Yeah yeah ^^ I was a bit

Yeah yeah ^^ I was a bit hesitant about the fire, but since it did end up being a dream then it's perfectly fine. :3 And yes, he is hesitant and very cautious when situations seem ominous. And thanks very much ^^ I randomly doodled a dragon/deer hybrid in school one day and then thought of some colours and a name to go with it xD I love flying creatures and have a flying obsession, so that fit great.

I'm glad you had fun writing it :3 I always like to see other people's thoughts go into writing, it gives stories such variation.

Siggy by Shey