The Waterwalker (Featuring Aniu)

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The Waterwalker
Featuring RikkaChan's Aniu
Requested by SoliloquyChryseis

"Hey! Hey you!"

"Yeah, you!"

"Want to dance on the water with me?"

Aniu laughed, calling out to anyone and everyone who would look over. Sure enough, several deer gathered around the Pond shallows, looking out into the center of the body of water.

And there was Aniu, dancing on the water's surface.

"No way...", one fawn gasped. A nameless stag shook his head, "What a bunch of rubbish! I don't know how anyone can do that!"

The demon deer chuckled, "Come on, I'm getting lonely out here! Come dance with me!"

The fawn, gullible as he was, did a running jump and splashed into the water. He emerged a few seconds later, sopping wet and looking around in embarrassment.

Aniu chuckled, and kept going on "What's a matter? Can't figure it out? Come on out here!"

Another fawn, a different one with poppies in her ears, tried but slipped and fell into the Pond. She clamored out, shaking her fur out and looking around for her flowers, which had floated off into the center of the water.

This continued for quite some time, and every moment a deer jumped onto the water thinking it was solid and splashing in, Aniu held back his laughter. Soon, the crowd began to decrease in number, one by one each soaking wet deer walked off baffled and embarrassed, until Aniu was at the Pond all alone.

He looked down and smiled, "I don't normally ask you for favors, but this was great. Thanks for the fun!"

Beneath the water, he was standing on two fairly large flat turtles, who were really the Twin Gods in disguise. "You are quite welcome, but as they say, all good things must come to an end...", Auriea spoke, and before he realized it, the turtles vanished beneath him and he splashed into the water. He clamored to the shallows and pulled himself out, but had such a great afternoon that he really laughed it off. The demon deer shook his wet fur and went on his way. And nobody ever figured out his secret.

The End
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Haha, this was a real joy to

Haha, this was a real joy to read. I think you've captured Aniu's personality quite well!
Aniu has never met the Twin Gods before; he's downright terrified of them. However; I like to imagine this to be a moment in the future! I've had a plot in mind for a while, but lack the money to get it in action. The boy is always getting involved with Godly activity. XD

Anyway, thank you so much for writing this for me; I love this story, and it certainly put a smile on my face~ and thank you, SoliloquyChryseis for requesting my character! You are so sweet to think of me. ;u;
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Yeaaahhh I realized it may be

Yeaaahhh I realized it may be a slight issue, but I had the idea in mind and figured there could be some sort of mutual agreement, if even for a day. I'm sorry it's so short but there really wasn't much to the story, just a funny idea I thought up. Originally they were going to be frogs instead of turtles, but I thought, "...he might be too heavy to be standing on frogs..."

But I'm glad you enjoyed it XD
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Aw, don't apologize! This

Aw, don't apologize! This story was a very fun read. ♥
I actually really like the fact that you used turtles, very good choice! They remind me of a few native stories I read in the past.~