The Cardinal's Dream (Story featuring Tea)

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The Cardinal's Dream
Featuring SoliloquyChryseis' Tea

Most legends under the Sun
Were forged in ancient history
But this legend was one
That happened very recently

The recent legend begins
In the Birch trees very high
In a Forest that never ends
Sat a cardinal that wished to fly

She was a young child in her nest
And to her mother she sang
But when she tried to fly her best
She hit the ground with a bang

It was fortunate that a doe was close
Tea the feathered one she was called
She quickly and quietly approached
Fearful she would be appalled

"Please help me, I fell down!"
The little cardinal cheeped to her
"And my mother is a lovely brown"
She added the detail right after

Tea blinked, though thankful now
That the little one was still alive
And lowering her head with a bow
She spoke a pleasant reply

"I will find your mother, my dear.
That I will promise to you.
But I do not know how to get you near
Your nest in the tree too."

The cardinal closed her eyes
Saying something unexpected it seemed
"I know how to get to the nest of mine,
I'll fly just as I've dreamed."

Tea gave a tilt of her head
And came close to the little thing
"How will you fly back homestead
Without your feathery wings?"

"It is easy, mother taught me."
The cardinal cheerfully chimed
"With many flaps of my wings
I'll be there in no time!"

She flapped and fluttered and tried
But soon wore herself out well
But she was determined with all her might
To fly from where she fell

The doe watched, but had an thought
And from her headdress of feathers
She plucked out a whole lot
And attached them without tethers

The little one flapped and with peacock strength
She lifted right off the ground
"I'm flying! I'm flying!!", she spoke with faith
And soared above Tea all around

The doe smiled and watched her new friend fly
Back in her nest just in time
As her mother came, Tea breathed a sigh
Thankful for the protective sign

But as she turned to walk away
She felt a whisper in her ear
"You have done well this day,
Accept our gift, Tea our dear."

The Twin Gods had watched all of these things
And with their powers applying
Tea's back sprouted beautiful red wings
And she flew herself without trying!

So those who help others in need
Remember this legend is true
For the Twin Gods watch every good deed
And their gifts may come to you
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Aww...Quad T_T That was so

Aww...Quad T_T That was so beautiful! Thank you! This is going right on Tea's Bio! Thank you so much! And she appreciates it too!

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I haven't written anything

I haven't written anything that rhymed in a long time, it's actually pretty fun but much like a puzzle. Sometimes you want to write a line and then find out there aren't any words that rhyme with what you pick, so you have to use something else. XD

But I'm glad you liked it Eye
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I think it worked out lovely!

I think it worked out lovely! Thank you again ^^


Bumping because I just wanted to let you know that this story officially happened. You can read Tea's latest update HERE, and see that it just fit so perfectly.

Thank you, again, for writing this for her, I am so happy to use it! Smiling
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Aww I'm glad it worked out

Aww I'm glad it worked out for her storyline, that's awesome XD I had a lot of fun writing this so I'm happy it's an official part of her history
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Been wanting to add it, and

Laughing out loud Been wanting to add it, and it just seemed so perfect ^^