Any TEFers in Syria?

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Hey guys, I'm not sure if we have any TEF players in Syria or not, but please keep them and all of Syria in your thoughts while they're going through a difficult time.

The Syrian government has shut off access to the internet for the country. I just heard about this tonight.

Here's a few links on the event if you'd like to read more:

Syria's internet in apparent blackout
Syria Internet Goes Down, Traffic Monitoring Sites Confirm
Reports: Internet down in Syria
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I've got family over there.

I've got family over there. Aunts, uncles, cousins... Never met any of them, but still.
My dad tries to stay in touch with them, but looks like that's going to be harder now. (One cousin was talking to him via Facebook.)
Last I heard, they managed to leave Aleppo.

My goodness, I hadn't heard

My goodness, I hadn't heard of this until now! Thank you for informing us, Quad. Sometimes the news people here aren't very reliable :/

I very much hope that things will be alright.