Fall From Grace - The Beginning of the End (Story, Chapter 1 finished, Character Slots available)

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This is the continuation of Fall From Grace - Rise of the Supreme Talux. I'm still working out the chapters for this but please feel free to track.


Character Slots - (More will be available when I think of what else I need)

2-6 infected deer who fight against their will for Noctuis (must have antlers, and will be cured of the infection later in the story)*** - Bastilion, Darkweaver, Nekumbra, Loki

Several characters who do as Noctuis says (non infected, minor role, can be anyone) - Julianna, Nate

5-7 deer who volunteer to be temporarily infected by Iugulare (can be anyone) - Ryff

(*** - Please contact me via skype at quadzilla7@live.com if you're interested in having a character fill this role. I need to ask permission about something first before I add you to the list)

People I need to add -
All of Zerg's deer!
All of Pega's deer!

Also, for those who may be unfamiliar with my characters, here are the links to their biographies if you need them:

Quad - Hex - Zephyr
Iugulare, Anirapio, and Nekumbra - Noctuis


Fall From Grace
The Beginning of the End

Wake Up

"Wake up, Zephyr. It's time for your lessons."

The voice was familiar. Raspy, strange sounding. It wasn't her father's voice, but...belonged to her father's former enemy.

"Mmmmmhhh...five more minutes...", Zephyr mumbled in her sleep

Iugulare humphed. "Your father is waiting on you. We shouldn't keep him waiting. Get up!"

Zephyr groaned and sat up, yawning widely. She was still getting used to Iugulare not being a threat, though her heart raced around the stoat. "I'm up...I'm up...", she mumbled once again and stood, shaking her fur and headdress. She turned her head away from Iugulare so she wouldn't look at her, but asked, "What are we doing today?"

The stoat walked around her so their eyes met. "Flying practice first, then you and I will...well...I'm going to infect you and you will attempt to release yourself from the dream state.", she spoke bluntly.

Zephyr blinked a few times, making sure she understood what Iugulare just said. But before she could contemplate it any further, the stoat nudged her, "Go on! Quad's waiting!"

The doe twitched right at first from the contact on her leg, expecting to feel the familiar burn from the infection, but instead all she felt was an ice cold sensation. She jumped and ran off in one direction.

Iugulare rolled her eyes, "Pond, Zephyr! Pond!!"

The doe was going toward the Playground, and changed direction to the Pond. She sighed, shaking her head as she ran off. She wasn't used to having an agenda.


The day continued on schedule. Quad and Zephyr spread their Grand Talux wings and took to the air, using the Pond as a good runway to avoid colliding with trees. To Quad's surprise, his daughter was a great flyer. She had learned much while Quad was gone, but of course there was more to learn. "Good! Good! Now...let's work on our velocity. Try to catch up with me!", Quad called, and in a flash, he had transformed into his Supreme Talux form. It was much faster than just his Grand Talux wings, but it did have a few disadvantages - he still hadn't figured out how to vocalize his words using a beak, so all Zephyr would hear is "Graaaak!" before the giant bird took off.

Zephyr huffed, and pursued. He was getting away at first, but she was persistent, and using a trick she had figured out, she was able to maneuver her wings closer to her body to decrease her wind resistance. She was gaining on the Supreme Talux, little by little, as they soared over the Endless Forest.

When she was just barely able to reach him, she flapped a wing and brushed the tip of his tail. He looked back and nodded, slowing down. The two glided back to the Pond where they both landed, Zephyr huffing to catch her breath while Quad transformed back into his winged antelope form. "Great job...great job, Zeph!"

"Thanks...I...well...did learn from the best...", the doe replied, and raising her head, she spotted Iugulare approaching. She quickly turned back to Quad, whispering, "Please, can we not do this?"

Her father smiled, "It'll be fine, trust me. It took me a long time to develop this skill myself. I think you'll want it if the worst ever happens.", and turned to Iugulare, "She's ready."

"Very well. Come on. Remember what you've learned and you will be able to break my dream state. But be warned...", Iugulare spoke, frowning, "I give pleasant dreams. Noctuis...if he ever caught you in his infectious grasp, he would torture you in a nightmare."

Zephyr gulped, and nodded slowly. She approached the stoat and without warning, Iugulare put a paw on her chest. It burned this time. Zephyr twitched, "Aaahh!! G-Gods...that stings!", she cried at once. "I know, I know, just let it take you...", Iugulare instructed.

Zephyr resisted, trembling in pain as the infectious goo went up her neck. She struggled quite a bit once it began to envelop her cheeks and head. She shut her eyes, and exhaling slowly, she released the tension in her muscles. At that moment, the virus entered into her skull, infecting her brain. She collapsed on the spot.

Quad watched while Iugulare stood over her. The doe lay motionless. "Is she...?", Quad asked at once, and the stoat nodded, "Just fine. She's in the dream state now."

Mar Sart was passing by when he noticed what was going on. "Quad? Is everything all right?", he asked, approaching the blackbuck.

Quad turned and met eyes with him, "Oh hey...yes this is just practice. Iugulare is teaching Zephyr a bit about her infection...", he replied.

The Thamin looked to the stoat and the doe, then back at Quad, "That doesn't look pleasant at all." and he motioned for Quad to follow him, out of Iugulare's range of hearing. The two walked off in the direction of the old Bridge, and when they were far enough that they thought it would be safe to speak, Mar Sart looked Quad in the eyes and spoke sternly, "I'm concerned, Quad. Can we trust her, after all she's done?"

The antelope sighed, "I know it is tough to trust her. I don't even know all there is about her, she's...complicated...", he admitted, but continued, "But if being at a truce like this will stop others from being hurt by her, what choice do I have?"

Mar Sart exhaled, before speaking, "You have a duty, Quad. I wish I could say more, but...I do not think you could survive an eternity as her mate without something compromising this 'truce'. You know this as well as I do. She'll turn on you, maybe without you realizing it."

Quad looked back to where Iugulare and Zephyr were, "I know it is a risk to take, but right now...I'd much rather have her on our side than trying to infect us all."

The Thamin sighed and nodded, "I only hope you know what you're doing."

Mar Sart went on his way, and Quad returned in time to see Zephyr awake. She groaned and sat up, shaking her head, "Urghhh...pounding headache..."

Iugulare chuckled, "It comes with the infection, I'm afraid.", and removing the globs of black virus from her body, the alien continued, "Well done, I believe you broke the dream faster than your father."

The doe blinked and looked to Quad with a smile. Quad chuckled a bit himself, "Yeah...I'm sure you did too, Zeph...", though he will admit he was a little embarrassed there.


"It took far too long to arrive...", Noctuis spoke to himself, glaring into the sky, "It should have gotten here far sooner than this. I wonder what caused the delay, hoo-hoo..."

He tilted his head, "No matter. I have been patient long enough. Now, it is time to...let our hero as well as the rest of this planet know the odds they are up against. Perhaps I shall find a few minions to infect...", he flew off here, scanning about for a few easy targets. He didn't have to search long, as the first two he spotted were Anirapio and Nekumbra.

The two were sitting in the Birch Forest by the Playground, having a conversation when the owl swooped down on them. Noctuis slammed into Anirapio first, his white infection covering her belly. "Mhhhh!! Nek, run!!", she spoke telepathically to the spider doe, who was stunned in fear, her spider legs locking up at the sight. Anirapio was easy to turn into an infected minion, and glaring at Nekumbra with glazed eyes, the Daog pounced and enveloped the doe, covering her in the infection as well.

With Nekumbra and Anirapio now at the will of the owl, Noctuis clicked his beak in pleasure. He looked back at the sky, pleased with his plan. "Yes, this will do quite nicely. Come along, we have others we need to infect, hoo-hoo!"


To be continued...
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I'll just place a track

I'll just place a track here...
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First bit of Chapter 1 is up,

First bit of Chapter 1 is up, as well as character slots XD

Let me know if you guys would like a brief synopsis of what this story is about. I don't want to give away too much but if you are considering offering a character and need a bit more info, feel free to ask here or you can contact me on my skype at Eye
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Hmm... e// I could offer Ryff

e// I could offer Ryff to fight under Iugulare or just be a bystander. If you still need a slot-filler. I guess I'm not really involved in anything but I've always been fascinated, heh.
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Ah I need to clarify

Ah I need to clarify something - the infected ones will be doing something Noctuis wants, not Iugulare. Though you reminded me of some very important slots I need to add in which Iugulare does need to infect some volunteers. But anyway...if you decide to be one of Noctuis' victims, just be prepared.
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You're always free to use any

You're always free to use any of my deer that you'd like. ^^
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Thanks guys, I'll decide who

Thanks guys, I'll decide who and where soon.
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*pushes her herd forward if

*pushes her herd forward if they're needed*
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Chapter one is finished, now

Chapter one is finished, now you guys should have an idea about the plot XD

I also changed one of the character slot parameters since I had a better idea. The idea is that several characters realize that the Earth may be in trouble if Noctuis' demands aren't met, so they do what Noctuis commands. They're not infecteds, but they feel as if they don't have a choice.

I'll most likely continue this once I have a few more for the first part. But before I add anyone to that group, I need to make sure of something. If you're interested, please contact me on my skype at and I'll fill you in on the details. I want to make sure I have permission to use your character in a certain way.
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You've got free reign to use

You've got free reign to use any of my deer as you see fit.

Julianna and Nate would both voluntarily serve Noctuis, although Julianna would have to be hired.
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Thanks for the deer everyone.

Thanks for the deer everyone. I can still use many more so if anyone else is interested in being a part of this story, let me know.

I've been working on a playlist like I did the first Fall From Grace story as well. I originally was going to make it all AWOLNATION songs, but I've picked some other songs for the chapters including 30 Seconds to Mars, Deadmau5, and Shinedown.
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Last call for the "infected

Last call for the "infected deer who fight against their will for Noctuis" character slot. I'll be writing that segment of the story very soon, so if you want your deer to be a part of that group, let me know now. Remember I need to ask you permission about something concerning that role before I add you to the list Eye