Zacharias' Biography

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Zacharias' Biography

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"Good to see you."


Name: Zacharias ("But friends call me Zach.")


Gender: Male

Age: Five years

Birthday: 2nd of May, 2010
(Doesn't know his real birthday, but that's the day he entered the forest. Is probably a few months older than this birthday claims).

Speaks with: #3090C7

Voice: See song at the top of this bio

Love: None, willing to find one..

Appearance: ("Handsome.")

Fan antlers, Magpie pelt, Real deer mask
Appearance is very close to that what he has in-forest with the exception that his coat is more grey than blue and his antlers have slight structural differences. Has small bitewound scars on his throat, and scars from claws on his rump. A few visible scars can be seen on his face and front legs as well. They are mostly covered by fur but may be visible when shedding or wet. Eyes are golden brown.


  • Meeting new deer. Finding someone new has always been exciting for him - and "the more the merrier", right?

  • Playing with anyone who's willing to spend some time with him, adults and fawns alike.

  • Searching the forest for new experiences as he likes wandering around aimlessly.

  • Casting spells on sleeping deer and then running away before they wake up. This was his favourite past-time when he was a fawn. Truth be told, he still likes doing it. He's just a bit more careful and he makes sure that no one is around to catch him.

  • Spending time with his family. Is known to get a teeny bit silly when he does.

  • Watching his surroundings. He can spend quite a bit of time just standing on a higher ground, observing the forest around him. One must always be vigilant - otherwise one won't know what they might miss.


  • Rain. It makes his fur heavy and cold. Not to mention it makes ground slippery and hard to run on. When it rains, he's usually around the great oak, hoping the weather will change soon.

  • Zombie deer. Why, this is still unknown. He doesn't greet them, and usually just runs away when approached. Gets tense and nervous when he knows they are near.

  • Being still for long periods of time unless he's sleeping. When awake, it is better to do something than just sit still.

  • Being alone. If he's alone, he feels anxious and nervous. He prefers to have other deer close-by, even if they aren't actually spending time with him. Just seeing others is enough.

  • Violence. Zach is not a violent stag, but will defend those he cares for if he needs to. By observing his father, he learned to be righteous and to always stand up for the ones weaker than him.


Zach has calmed down a little bit from his fawn days. Back then, he used to be a hyper, bouncing little ball of energy - always running around and making others dizzy. While he still has that playful side, he has "toned down" slighty. He acts a bit more calmly, especially when there are does around. He wants to be at his best behaviour around them. Having only been what others consider "an adult" for a brief time, he still finds everything about it to be fascinating. Therefore, he makes sure to keep his antlers and his coat in top condition and can often be seen grooming himself or rubbing his antlers against a tree. He wants to look presentable - it's not just the personality that counts, after all.

Despite growing up Zach still loves running. Walking, to him, seems too slow of a way to get anywhere. If he doesn't feel the wind in his coat and hear his hooves pounding the ground, it's simply not moving to him. So, a game of chase is always welcome.

Personality-wise, Zach is a friendly, playful fellow. It is very rare for anyone to see him angry or frustrated. He always seems to see the brighter things in life. He likes hanging around fawns and his behaviour towards them is always gentle and patient. Violence is something he really dislikes and therefore he tends to avoid confrontations whenever possible. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, though - and if one finds any of them in trouble, he will do his absolute best to protect them.

Family and friends

  • Virgil ("I will make you proud.")

  • Lucian (Stepbrother. Also best friend. Would do anything for him.)

  • Willow leaf (Adopted daughter. He is very protective of her, so you better behave around her!)

  • Krystal (Adopted daughter. If you treat her wrong, you'll feel his antlers on your hide.)

  • Bird (little stepbrother)

  • Kusakagé (little stepsister)

  • Kajo (little stepbrother)

  • Daikon (nephew)

  • Orinoco (adopted little sister)

  • Calida (adopted niece)


Note on family:
Zach has no biological family of his own, but upon entering the forest he met a deer named Virgil. Virgil soon became very close to Zach and soon later he was pretty much adopted into Virgil's family. Since then has readily adopted Virgil's offspring as his siblings and feels responsible of them as an older brother would.


"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, trying to keep away from the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is very quiet when it comes to his past. He hasn't said a word about it since the moment he came into the forest. He must've had parents somewhere but he entered the forest alone. It is very likely that they have met a rather unfortunate end sometime before his arrival. His fear/dislike of Zombie deer may have something to do with this matter as well. He has refused to explain. More will probably be revealed with time.
(Also, the history can be found here but he has not told it to anyone except Lucian, Stelmaria and Dajhi.)

Now, as a young stag, he hasn't changed much. He has grown close to his half-brother Lucian. Without his adoptive family's care and support, things could've ended up very differently for him. He knows that too, and holds deep respect in his heart for everyone who helped him while he needed their help the most.

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OOH! Congrats op growing up!

OOH! Congrats op growing up! I'll have to honestly say, Polt hadn't recogised him! Most likely my fault though XDD But the set, I think it's:
Fan antlers (The spikey, a bit curled ones), Magpie pelt (Darkblue, whitish belly, light white stripes on the back), and real deer mask. If I remember right, cus I did see you. XDD
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Deer Mask, Magpie Pelt, Fan

Deer Mask, Magpie Pelt, Fan Antlers. (:

Zach seems like such a fine young stag! He's grown so much... NU GROW DOWN /old

<333333333333333 /le sniffles

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Thank you, both of you. ^_^

Thank you, both of you. ^_^ Now I actually know what the set is..XD

But yes..little Zach is all grown up now. He's going to enjoy it, I bet! ^_^
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By Leuvr
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I now who you are! You are my

I now who you are! You are my clone! My evil clone! Grrrr *snarles*
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I know! I wish he could,

I know! I wish he could, though. Unfortunately it seems that I'm never online at the right times..=/
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trackity track trackity

trackity track trackity

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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Oh dear. XD It seems so,

Oh dear. XD It seems so, although Zach can hardly be called evil..XD

I have a feeling I've met you, too? I'm not sure, though.
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Kiowa is supposed to get the

Kiowa is supposed to get the zombie mask from BZD at haloween then we will be different
Though it's a long time to haloween...
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Tracking it already ^^

Tracking it already ^^
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one two Sorry for being so



Sorry for being so distant today...

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"No..she can't be gone.." His

"No..she can't be gone.." His ears fall back and a deep sadness takes over him. He hadn't even been able to say goodbye..

I'm speechless. And totally understand Virgil now.
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"I think... you need some

"I think... you need some time alone..."
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"Perhaps, but I do not shun

"Perhaps, but I do not shun company away from me if it is offered to me." He says with a kind smile. "Sadness, however great, will be overcome with time. My friend may be gone, but she has left young ones for us all to cherish. Mourning lives passed is the right thing to do, but new lives need to be embraced and enjoyed." He added softly, glancing up at the skies.
"Perhaps I will seek you out again, later."
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"If I could go back in

"If I could go back in time..." She sighs "Maybe nothing have happened after I left you..."

She smiles trying to hide her swollen eyes
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The stag's head turns to look

The stag's head turns to look at his friend, worry taking over as he notices that she has been crying. "Come, rest with me." he offers. She looks like she could use some company. "Has something happened..?" he inquires softly, worried that someone might've hurt her. If she doesn't want to talk about it, he won't pry. But he feels sad to see a friend so upset.
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"I would be lying if I say I

"I would be lying if I say I am not hurt, but I am hurt with the truth" She lowers her head, looking at the opposite side. After a time the doe continues "It will pass, eventually..." she say as she turns to him and smile. The stag looks to her, smiling back.

"...and... thanks for your kindness.." the doe rest her head at his shoulder and close her eyes.
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The stag listens, worried for

The stag listens, worried for her. The truth? He cannot help but wonder what has happened to upset her so. He cares for her, perhaps more than he himself understands just yet. Seeing her so upset hurts a little. His smile turns even softer when she rests against him. He lowers his head a little to nuzzle her, meaning to comfort and be there.
"Anytime, Dajhi. If there is anything I can do to help you, just let me know." he speaks.
She feels warm against him - and it relaxes him. Hopefully she feels the same way. He just wishes that he knew more of what had happened so he could help more.
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Aleit finally got to meet

Aleit finally got to meet you! xDD
Aleit is... basically... Zach's adopted brother, right?
I'm not very good with the adoptive family ties and such x.x
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"What did I do wrong.. Ngh..

"What did I do wrong.. Ngh.. Why are you afraid of me?... I don't... I didn't.. You.. Are you.. Mocking me?.."
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@Arrow, I'm so glad we got to

I'm so glad we got to meet. I loved the airdancing..(finally learned how to do that..XD). Tried to teach Willow leaf too (the fawn who I was with), but she had some trouble. And yes, Aleit is Zach's adoptive brother..half-brother, so to speak. ^_^ With such similar appearances, Zach feels right at home with Aleit. ;D

" You haven't done anything. I just.. Please don't think that I'm mocking you." He sighs deeply, not knowing how to explain this to his brother. "I am glad to see you." he said finally, dragging out his words as he thought of how to say this. "It is just your appearance. It brought back memories I would've gladly already forgotten. It is not your fault." he adds. It pains him that he has upset his brother but he hadn't been able to help it. The dead deer..zombies others called them..they terrified him. It didn't matter who they were. Just seeing them was enough. He had been able to relax a little around his brother, but it had taken time.

What is it with Lucian's different appearance, anyway? I thought he disliked the zombie deer stuff? XD He gave Zach quite a scare.
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He's wounded badly

He's wounded badly <3.. The zombie pelt just shows his injury's. Can't really show that with the DotD. He's had some nasty fights lately, my poor boy.

"I thought I was your brother.. Not some monster.. I'm sorry if my injuries upset you, then." He snarls. "Hope you had fun, anyway." The stag had his ears pinned to his back, a furious expression on his face. He was tired, obviously. He gave Zach a final glare before limping his way back to the pond, busy washing the blood off.

He'll be fine really<3...
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OH. O_O Oh dear.. Poor

OH. O_O Oh dear.. Poor Lucian. *pets the poor boy* I'm afraid that the brothers will have some talking to do.. Zach never meant to upset anyone.

Zach's ears fall back and he hangs his head low, clearly ashamed for his previous behaviour. "Lucian!" he calls after his brother, but dares not follow. His brother was angry and rightfully so. "Brother.." he muttered quietly, accepting the fact that he would need some time to sort this out with Lucian. Yes, he had been an idiot to react like he had - but what could anyone do if.. Oh, his memories would haunt him tonight. He swallowed slowly and headed off to rest for tonight. Maybe things would be better tomorrow. He hoped they would.

"I founds your bio!" *dances

"I founds your bio!" *dances on the page and sniffs it inquisitively*

xDD /trackofgoodness
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Haha..welcome to Zach's bio,

Haha..welcome to Zach's bio, then! ;D
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"Oh, haha, so it's official

"Oh, haha, so it's official now? Well, eh, congrats!

You better take good care of her, wuss."
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"Yes. I suppose it is." He

"Yes. I suppose it is." He said with a slightly sheepish smile. "And..I kinda owe you one, big brother." He said afterwards. It was thanks to Lucian that he'd even met her, after all.

"And you better gather up your courage too, huh? I did.." Sticks out tongue, referring to their talk earlier.
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^ *gigglesnort*

^ *gigglesnort*
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"It's fine. I owed her." The

"It's fine. I owed her." The stag smiled.
"...W-what? Oh you shut up!" Lucian snarled at his younger brother, giving him an annoyed push at his side. "You better watch it!"


Oh, brotherly love <33 XDDD
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Zach laughs, not minding

Zach laughs, not minding Luc's behaviour at all. "Or what?" he teased. "You couldn't possibly do anything right now that could ruin my mood." he chuckled, bouncing around Lucian a few times. "You can't even catch me, old boy..!" he added, teasing his brother on purpose. He wouldn't take it too far - but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Ahh...that, indeed. XD
<3 *giggles*
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I love reading Zach's entry's

I love reading Zach's entry's <3.. Luc's worried he won't be able to play with them anymore if they keep thinking of his playfullness as spying though XD.. He's really happy for both of them.
And, alright, he's a tease, but Zach deserves every bit ;x X"D I saw his teasings D8< XD

Sorry I poofed on you all. I

Sorry I poofed on you all. I spotted a friend I hadn't seen in a while and wanted to pounce them before they vanish again. :- P

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No worries. It was nice to

No worries. It was nice to see Zanny, even if it was brief. ^_^

Heh. Too bad Zan' isn't

Heh. Too bad Zan' isn't feeling good right now. He'd have shown off his not-yet-antlers stubs. :- P

And it seems we lost Willow. T.T
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I had a feeling he wasn't

I had a feeling he wasn't feeling too well (the lack of running and the sad emotes being the first clue).
But it's okay. Zach had fun just hanging out with the little guy. Keeping others protected is what he loves to do..^_^ And Zan is nice company, too.

Ah, yes. Well, Willow (played by my sis, btw) accidentally killed her game. XD She came back later with her other deer, Niki. He was the antelope pelted stag Zach so eagerly greeted and tried to introduce to Zan, too. ~_^

Anyhow, thank you for today. I got a few cute screenshots of Zach being a mini deer shelter (and I think I got the bunny in there, too..XD).

Yah, I also tried to portray

Yah, I also tried to portray a limp. But I'm not sure if others see what I see. X- D

Zan' loves the company of the little family. :3 So do I! lol I just love seeing the three together. I kinda didn't want to leave that first time but I really wanted to go say hi to my friend on my other deer. I like the family that much. :3

Aaah! So that was Willow's player playing that deer. lol Yah, Zan' would have greeted the stranger upon Zach's insistence if he wasn't currently stressed and hurt. Zan' just doesn't feel up to dealing with strangers. :- P Tell your Sis’ that maybe they can meet another time. :3
And that's cool. I didn't know Willow's player was your sister. :3 I'm hoping to get my brother into playing in the next couple of weeks. I have a doe prepared to be his fawn's mother. :- P

Yah, I got a couple of the “Zach’ over run by minis” screenies too. X- D Though I had a hard time getting shots without the fawn and the other deer in the way. :- P
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Ahh, so this is the deer that

Ahh, so this is the deer that wouldn't let me go near Zanny! Smiling
Silverpaw15's picture

Zan, I had a feeling he was

I had a feeling he was limping, because he was stopping a lot. That was why Zach didn't insist on moving any faster. So you did a good job portraying it. I understood, at least.
I'm glad you think so fondly of us. The feeling is mutual, I assure you. When we are online, we are usually talking in MSN as well, which explains why we might suddenly stop whatever we're doing and just stand still as we're typing. Bear with us. XD
But we all like Zanny a lot. Especially Willow. She considers Zan one of her best friends since they had so much fun as fawns. ^_^
And awesome - more family members into TEF! Now! XD
I know. Their timing was a bit off - I felt annoyed that they were standing right there in my wonderful screenie.. ;_;

Ahahaha..yes. That was him. Sorry. ^_^;
Zach doesn't really know who Zan knows or doesn't know and acts based on Zan's behaviour. At that time, he was worried for his friend and didn't really want anyone too close to Zan could rest. Sorry if mine and Dajhi's behaviour came across as rude - they're just very protective. ^_^;
He would've loved to help you with your mask and probably would've had he been alone (he loves to cast spells on others) but he didn't want to leave Zan alone. Sorry. ~_^
Now, he just kinda got annoyed at you for bothering them so many times. My apologies. His worry sometimes clouds his judgement a little. No hard feelings? XD

Thanks. I'm glad it was

Thanks. I'm glad it was understood by someone. :3
And I understand. I've RPed over MSN before as well as MMOs. So I'm use to that sort of 'stop everying and chat' stuff. lol
I'm glad you all also like Zanny. :3 I'm actually surprised on how well liked he is. When I started playing him I figured he'd end up being ignored. X- D But people seemed to quickly take a liking to him.
Yah, I hope he takes a liking to it. But you never know with my brother. We'll just have to see. ;- P
And yah, I was getting annoyed to but I have a small gift for you. <3

That's the best one I found where Zach' is facing the camera. I tried getting shots with pictos turned off but the fawn and nameless were blocking a proper view. :/
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Awww Zach's a mini shelter

Awww Zach's a mini shelter ^^

"I feel jealousy churning within. But I must not show it, for I do not wish to lose my friends as a result".
Such a small creature, I shall protect you from the wind and the rain. Keep your wings dry, little butterfly.
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He's so cute. How can he not

He's so cute. How can he not be liked? XD
And I think that, in general, shy deer do attract more attention to themselves because they try to hide and run away, etc. So the chance to get friends is also higher, if one allows their deer to interact.

*steals picture and saves it.* Squee! Thank you! ^_^
It's so cute! You even got the bunny in there. Awesome. ♥ boy was so confused at that point. At first, he'd just been keeping Zanny safe and then, in mere minutes, he was sheltering three minis and a bunny. He wasn't really sure what to think about it, but in the end just settled on scooting over a little bit to make room for anyone who wanted to stay under him.
I swear, Willow and Dajhi kept teasing him in MSN about it, but deep down my boy was really touched by such trust and was happy to be where he was. ^_^

(No subject)

<3<3<3 Willow Leaf

<3 Silverpaw
Haha, I think Zan's mini friends know if Zan' trusts someone then they have to be safe. :- P lol
"Oh, look! Zan's under there. Let's hide under him too!" ^.^<3
Aww, poor teased Zach'. Hehe

It's good Zan' has other stags to look up to besides Reed. He'll rely on them to teach him how to be a proper stag. ^_~ Maybe Reed wont turn him into a punk. ;- P
Silverpaw15's picture

Willow, Aww..she's jealous

Aww..she's jealous because everyone stole her spot under Zach. XD Don't worry, there's plenty of room..and it's not like she can't stay under him some other time. XD

I had a feeling that was the reason, too. But it looked like they had a lot of fun. XD
Haha..yeah..Zach really doesn't like Reed. Reed's always trying to get to Dajhi. O_o And trying to provoke Zach to start a fight. Zach would have no chance against thim so..yeah. Zach tries to avoid Reed. XD
Let's hope Zan won't get too many bad habits from him. ~_^

Hehe I kinda rememer this one

Hehe I kinda rememer this one time (I have a poor memory but I /think/ this is how it happened) when Zan' was following Reed around. Dajhi was sensed in the forest and Reed lead Zan' over to her before resting and watching from a distance. I think he might have been either trying to dump Zan' off on the doe or trying to use Zan' to gain her trust. I'm not sure. :- P

And Reed already has Zan' thinking he can pick on someone. ;- P I haven't had Zan' pick on him since the first day Reed taught him that yet. Because of him being stressed and all. But I have plans to go and do it to see what happens. Though it's been hinted that Zan' might be putting himself in harms way by the player. I'm curious on what will happen. X- D
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ROFL. "He's not a bad

ROFL. "He's not a bad kisser." AND YOU LOVED the macarena, no lies Zach. Tsk.
"Hear him talk about how he teases me. You should nuzzle Dahji's behind and see him go CRAZY. It's fun."
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Fascinating biooo! (: Nice

Fascinating biooo! (: Nice set up!!!
Silverpaw15's picture

Well, hello. And thank you.

Well, hello.
And thank you. ^_^
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PFFFZOMGOSH I GOT TO PLAY WITH YOOOU Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud That was made of win. I apologize for having to sit Axel down, my forest is starting to go into limbo too much so I can't see what's going on really D: So like, I'll hope it clears up and come find you again if it does :3

Silverpaw15's picture

No need to apologise. My

No need to apologise. My forest was acting up, too. For some reason, it was lagging horribly. XD
But I found you! Haha, I had to double check the picto to be sure. I just kinda rushed over so that I wouldn't miss you or anything. XD *glomps Axel*

And then, when you were just sitting, I was like "No, she can't be away! No fair! Wake up, Axel! You must be here when I finally found you!" XD
But yes, it was epic. A few more meetings and he'll probably be introduced to "butt-nuzzle tag". If he hasn't already been, that is. XD
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O.o Zach is getting in to a

O.o Zach is getting in to a lot of fights these days... but luckily Willow always manages to be somewhere else at the time.
Such a small creature, I shall protect you from the wind and the rain. Keep your wings dry, little butterfly.