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~If you would like to roleplay with Maia, you may do so here~

Name: Maia

Gender: Female

Species: Red Deer

Age: Adult

Pictogram: X

Official Color: #659EC7

Also known as:

May be addressed as a: Hind

Specifically: Bactrian Deer

Birthday: Unknown

Sounds like: Hedy Buress

Call: ...

Immediate Family:

Snowshoe, Mate ♥
Peregryn, Daughter, born 4/29/13

Tobias, Brother
Bran, Nephew

Adopted Family:


Additional Relationships:

Zach, first friend
Kajo, best friend
Henna, good friend
Stelmaria, friend
Toukan, acquaintance

~Please let me know if I've forgotten anyone~


Maia is a kind doe, but she is extremely socially awkward. In most social interactions and situations, she does not know how to act, and may simply stand there, or back away and watch from a distance. Maia wants to join in, but she simply does not know how.
Often one can see this young hind speaking with the butterflies or spending a quiet afternoon in a flower patch with them. Those who have warmed up to her know there is more to her than
her quiet awkwardness.


Maia is nothing special looking when it comes to the looks of an Endless Forest Deer- no frills or special markings. Her bland tannish-red pelt would have helped her survive well in the wild, not standing out and announcing her presence to predators. Her underside and rump are of a lighter color than the rest of her body, and her green eyes are the most vibrant of all. They show much personality when she speaks, and to get a clue of exactly what she's thinking, one could look into those eyes to find out.



Maia is usually found where butterflies are - in her awkward growth spurt she found herself conversing more with them than other deer. She's at home in sunny flower patches all around the forest.

Top art by Acer, bottom art by jd.
All actions are in-character. Maia does not represent her player.
If you would like to speak with me for whatever reason, you may contact me privately via email which is redskychild @ aol.com.
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Track~!! 8D

Track~!! 8D

By Leuvr
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-tumbles through here-

-tumbles through here-

Quote:and the

and the butterflies

I'm a YT link! Click me!
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oh wow... I love that song..

oh wow... I love that song..
Thanks for the tracks too. I'll have this up and running soon, just been exhausted lately. Smiling
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Hai. This is a late track.

Hai. This is a late track.
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This is also a late track.

This is also a late track. *shot*
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added quick ref.

added quick ref.
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henna's totally not

henna's totally not creeping.


adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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aww, thank you..

aww, thank you.. Smiling
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Lovely, track ♥.

Lovely, track ♥.

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The young bull was not the

The young bull was not the most graceful creature to step foot in the forest, but he was not aiming for stealth at this moment. He simply wished to share what he had found in the early morning hours: mushrooms, lots of them, carefully picked from a ring not far from the ruins. He found himself drawn to them in late summer and had consumed his fair share, hoping that his newfound friend would enjoy them as much as he did. He approached her as she slept, dropping his find near her side and nosing it closer with the white of his muzzle. With the simplest of smiles, he left in what remained of last night's snow fall.

Tracking, hope you don't

Tracking, hope you don't mind. Daikon's curious about her!
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not at all. She's just very

not at all. She's just very awkward.. I hope he doesn't get offended.

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Maia seems very keen on what

Maia seems very keen on what she's dealing with. ♥
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you think so? I'm afraid she

you think so? I'm afraid she comes out as noobish, but that's a compliment. Thank you so much. She hopes to meet Lynetta again. Smiling
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Fff, I didn't know you played

Fff, I didn't know you played her. S is rather pissy with stranger does, so his intentions and mood with them kinda fluctuates. Anyway, was nice meeting her.
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Haha, it was fun. Sao scared

Haha, it was fun. Sao scared the hell out of her, she's so timid. xD
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S likes that though, fff.

S likes that though, fff. -slaps him- Poor gal.
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Tracking c:

Tracking c:
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^^ thanks!

^^ thanks!
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Watched him as he felt it

Watched him as he felt it kick, then lay on her side, using him as a makeshift pollow, hoping to find some sleep.

trololo *shot*
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LMFAO Kali also ♥


also ♥
look out, kid.