Who is Niki?

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Name: Niki

Snuck into the forest: 11th of may 2010


Niki was born in a normal herd some ways outside of the forest. All the deer were the same normal shade of brown with pretty much the same outlook in life. Boring is good.
That's what they thought. Niki has always wondered about why some trees look different than others? How come only birds and bats can fly? And of course, What's in that forest? But no one ever answered him in the best of their abilities, just said that things were how they were because that's how they had always been.

Then one day, while Niki was a bit closer to the forest than normal. He heard another fawn. Niki answered the fawn's calls eagerly, wanting to meet up with a potential new friend. Niki ran towards the forest as fast as his feet could carry him and then he saw Zach. The other fawn was eager to start playing with Niki, starting with a simple follow the leader and ending with fullblown racing.

There was so much to look at and explore in the forest as Zach showed him around the place. There were trees so huge that you could run trough them, fields so lush that you could lose your way in the tall hay and flowers. The flowers, it seemed, caused Zach endless amusement as they always got stuck on Niki's ears and were difficult to get rid of.

After playing for some time with the other fawn, Niki realised that his parents might be worrying for him now. But as Niki looked around, he realised that he had no idea how to get out anymore. They had ran in such circles that it was difficult to tell what way they had gone first. Even the sun was still in the same place as it had been when he came. He was officially lost. But this was what he had wanted for a while now, something new and exciting in his life. Perhaps this wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Niki is a silent fawn that gets somewhat intimitated by adult deers when met face to face especially with all the different new colors he sees on every one. But he usually warms up to them soon enough if they don't act too agressively towards him. Once Niki is with other fawns he plunges right into different games and races with them, and sometimes he might even try to convince an adult to join in. Niki's not much of a prankster on his own but sometimes Zach manages to convince him to join in on teasing sleeping adults with different spells.

Niki's still a bit sad about himself suddenly becoming an orphan after always having his parents around him, but he's brave and eagerly grasps what the world throws him. But that doesn't mean he can't be scared every once in a while.
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"Whee! My friend, my friend

"Whee! My friend, my friend is here!" Zach bounces around Niki, making the new fawn feel as welcome as possible.

Yes..go Zach. You're in trouble, young man. You got this fellow lost. Bad fawn. ;_; <(....)

Anyways. Welcome. ^_^/ I'll be sure to keep you safe in the forest. ~_^ *tracks this*
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Thanks, and I'm sure that

Thanks, and I'm sure that Niki appreciates every friend he has in the forest ^^
He's just being shy right now so he won't say it himself.
I shall search forever. I will stomp new paths on my way. No mountain is too tall to walk over. Until I shall finally find her.
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Tracking! =) I love his past,

Tracking! =) I love his past, it's very unique and kinda sweet. <3
Any friend of Zach's is a friend of ours. ^^

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^^ It's good to know that

^^ It's good to know that there's at least one grown up deer that Niki can go to if something troubles him. Smiling
I shall search forever. I will stomp new paths on my way. No mountain is too tall to walk over. Until I shall finally find her.