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Just Koivu is fine, too!
Means Betula pendula, or Silver Birch, in Finnish.
Picto | Young adult | Male/stag| Regular human-faced deer
Energetic | Optimistic | Positive | Friendly | Absent-minded


13. 11. Looked for company, met a lot of deer, as well as briefly met Tamun again. "I've been so bored lately..! I ran all over the forest today, hoping something nice would happen... Well, I did, I especially met a lot of fawns! But none of them wanted to hang out with me for long... I felt so bored I decided to jump over the river, I did it untill I fell in! The water's already getting cold, brrrrh. I ran all over the forest, looking for company, and hang out with a fawn and an adult deer for a while, even ran with the fawn for quite some time, but then they wanted to sit around, and I didn't wanna hold still. I also tried to hang out with some deer at the Ruins, there were a lot of fawns too..! I played spellcasting with them for a while, but the group seemed like they were interested in their own things, so I left. I met Tamun inside the large Oak! I haven't seen you in ages, Tamun..! I sat with his for a while before all those deer I saw at the Ruins came to the Oak, too! It was fun sitting around with so many deer..! But because I'd been running around so much, after I finally layed down, I quickly fell asleep...
I've been feeling kinda bored and lonely lately... I wish someone would spend some time with me."

4. 11. - Started the diary; met the nameless skull-faced fawn. "Hi everyone! Uh, I've been in the forest for a long time now, but it just now occured to me it would be fun to tell you about everything special that would happen in my life, so I decided that from now on I will tell you! Uh... Well, I guess nothing too special has happened to me lately... So this is kind off a bad first entry... But I will keep you all informed about my life from now on! I hope you will like it!

Uh, so, today wasn't too special, but I want to start this properly! I was running around the forest and I ran into a sad-looking little fawn! He was sitting inside the large Oak, there was a huge candle there too! He looked kinda sad so I wanted to keep him company, but didn't feel like sitting, so I asked him to follow me, but he didn't want to. It's OK though! I ran around the forest trying to look for company, but everyone was sleeping or occupied! Bleeeh..! Boring! I want to play with someone!"


In Game
kabuki pelt - no mask at all - noh antlers

Rauduskoivu has bright yellow eyes. He's got brown chest and stomach, black legs, black and red stripe running by his side from eyes to butt, lightly colored back, and white face with slightly brown nose. His fur is pretty short and thick, growing longer around neck and chest. He's got black, somewhat short hair that grows longer at the back. His antlers never grew out, and were left as small stubs. He's pretty average in size, perhaps a little large, but doesn't really stand out. [Between 11 and 10.]


His speech color is #CC3300

Rauduskoivu is energetic, optimistic and cheerful. He's got real positive outlook on life and it's hard to get him down. He tries to be polite, but he also has a bad habit of considering everyone his friends right away, and hasn't really grasped the concept of personal space. He's a bit absent-minded and isn't always sure about what's going on, not that being confused about things would make him anxious. He used to be a lot rowdier as a fawn, but when he grew up his antlers never did, and he's really insecure about that - the only thing that seems to get him down, really. So he tries to remember not to tick anyone off, because he doesn't want to fight. He's a bit quieter around Rut time, because he's wary of other stags during that time, knowing he'd lose any fight with his puny antlers.

Likes and Dislikes

+ Running - He really likes to run until he runs out of breath.
+ Exploring and meeting new deer and creatures - Rauduskoivu is excited by anythign new, be it places or animals!
+ Changes in weather - Koivu really likes to move, but this is something he can observe even laying down!
+ Rain - When it rains, he imagines he's with his family again.
- Fighting and violent stags - He's really insecure about fighting because of his small antlers and avoids violent stags.
- Swimming - He doesn't like to go into water, just getting wet with rain is enough for him.


Rauduskoivu is really normal in a sense, his origins aren't in any way mysterious or magical. He was born in the Forest, and used to have a mother, a father and a little sister as well. However, one night, there was a horrible storm in the forest. Koivu and his family tried to get into safety, but little Koivu, at that time only a fawn, fell into the river. His family didn't notice him missing until they'd gone into a safer place, and by that time Koivu had been flushed into a different part of the Forest. They've never met again, and it's unclear if Koivu's family is still in the Forest or not. Rauduskoivu has lived alone since then, but doesn't seem to be too upset about that. He loves it when it rains, because then he can imagine he's running with his family again.




Tamun - childhood acquintance
Kian - Tamun's friend
Kun - energetic little fellow
Zacharias - childhood acquintance

If Rauduskoivu has met your deer more than once, I'd be happy if you told me! I'm still having a hard time remembering pictos and reckognising people..!


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Tanssiva Koivu by Ruostemarras

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