{I could have}Saanra{Danced all night}

If I don't greet you, I'm sorry. I didn't connect properly and the pictos are still spreading

Art done by Sham/Sianna ♥

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January 23rd

Speech color:




Huddled against a tree


Healthy, 95%



Physical health will go up two percent per day, three if she sleeps a lot and doesn't become too stressed. This does not apply when she is sick.

The higher the stress level, the more panicy she will be. It also means that her Tics will happen in more severe bouts.


Nervous of strangers
Clingy with friends
Silently possessive(Most of the time)
Fear of abandonment
Pansexual, prefers females
Tends to get crushes quickly
Tries to hide if she has feelings

+The Bridge
+The Pond
+Long fur
+Large antlers
+Small animals

-Aggressive deer
-Bright lights
-Awkward situations
-Strangers getting too 'touchy feely'

Behavioral notes:
When nervous or otherwise upset, Saanra will make a small hissing sound and/or shake her head violently(Listen+Listen).

Notes on mental health:
Saanra is very disturbed when it comes to mental health. At a fairly young age, she has developed stress-induced Tourette's syndrome, as well as a case of (possibly permanent)Global Retrograde Amnesia. It is unknown whether she will ever regain any more than little snippets of memory of her life before.

Saanra is a deep shade of blue, with bright golden stars where her fawn-spots used to be, and bright golden stockings. The skin under her fur is dotted with scars, most she doesn't know how she came by.

Springbok/Pampas deer hybrid

1 meter (39 inches OR 3 feet 3 inches) at full height
Roughly 25 kilograms (56 pounds)

Nightfall pelt, Space Beluga antlers, Real Deer mask

by Spiritslife
by Gurgelin
by Mr.Sanguine
by RaivingLunatic
By Cicada/Bug

Appearance notes:
Saanra has the short, bushy tail, the head-shape, and antlers of a Pampas deer. Has the ears, torso and legs of a Springbok. Has a flap of skin along her back like a Springbok, which opens in a fan-like manner

If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know! I'm terrible about adding relations.

Adopted sister, and a very close friend. Dinamo is a great source of comfort, and will be looked for whenever possible

Adopted Brother, as well as a very close friend. He is a source of comfort, and will be sought out whenever possible

Adopted nephew. Acts as a babysitter to him, occasionally

Saanra sees Buttons as a close friend, and finds her comforting

Nevilly is a friend, who she has met through Alain. Will likely seek her out when possible

Morikiah is a friend, but Saanra doesn't see very much of him

A friend, as well as snuggle buddy. Will seek out whenever possible

A friendly acquaintance, as well as a playmate

A new acquaintance, as well as a curiosity

New acquaintance, finds him interesting

New acquaintance, curious of

New acquaintance, curious of

Saanra has taken a strange pity on Nightmare, even though they've never spoken

An acquaintance

Saanra, although she used to despise Crucio, is now starting to become curious of him. Will tolerate

Tolerates, lingering fear and hate

Saanra is very disturbed by Sianna, after so many times of being the victim of the phoenix-doe's mood swings


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=D Awesome! -ish tracking-

=D Awesome! -ish tracking-
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(No subject)

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she sound's so nice and is

she sound's so nice and is fun to play with so i am > tracking ^_^

Leea, Leeon,Lady Masquerade amd Lady Adora
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i did a pic of your fawn for

i did a pic of your fawn for you here is the link to the post incase you did not see it as it has been bumped down some what from last night i hope you like it ^_^


Leea, Leeon,Lady Masquerade amd Lady Adora
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such a cute deer

such a cute deer <3

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

I shall track this :v btw

I shall track this :v

btw who is that in your icon, Saanra?
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She's sweet.

She's sweet.
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So you are the other deer I

So you are the other deer I am laying with. :} I must say, she is adorable~ ♥

Also, I may or may not have come here to swoon over your Captain Jack icon @w@ ;;

@Sleepything: She loved

@Sleepything: She loved playing with Geisha today. I honestly didn't expect her to come over ♥

@Fish: That would be Captain Jack Harkness. He's in the show Torchwood and makes a few appearances in Doctor Who 8D

@Shamiya: Thank you ♥

@Ysreal: I was wondering who you were. For whatever reason, the Map wouldn't let me get to your Picto to click xD;

And I just could not resist setting his sexy face as my avatar. I was going to rotate through some Doctor Who and Torchwood avatars, but I haven't bothered changing it yet c:
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Ah, I hate when the map

Ah, I hate when the map decides to be difficult like that >_>;

And I am by no means complaining with your not bothering, hehehe ;; *w* ♥ I love how many random Doctor Who fans I've been bumping into lately, hahaha

...I just noticed I

...I just noticed I misspelled your name. Oops D|
Always fun to meet people with similar interests. More so when that interest is Doctor Who 8D
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&hearts; tracking &hearts;

♥ tracking ♥

-tracking- She's too freaking

She's too freaking adorable. <33
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Loving the new page &hearts;

Loving the new page ♥

Thank you, I like to too. It

Thank you, I like to too. It makes the page feel a bit neater, not so run-on c:
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&hearts; Track!

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Nice layout! Saanra seems

Nice layout! Saanra seems like a sweet doe Smiling

On another note, your username reminds me of an old friend of mine... ♥.

Thank you &hearts; Does it?

Thank you ♥

Does it? Well, at least it's a friend and not an enemy, right~? 8D
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Well hellooo thurr! So you're

Well hellooo thurr! So you're the one that Mori is standing over ^^

Well, I just have to put a

Well, I just have to put a track in here. I've heard about you from Selruil.

You and your deer seem nice! I hope my Dinamo and Saanra can meet each other soon enough!

{e} And just a thing, sometimes your comments dont appear on my screan, sometimes they flicker on and off when I scroll, but sometimes nothing. I cant even see the reply or edit buttons at the bottom of the comments. Is it just me?

@Faustt: Yes. Saanra has

@Faustt: Yes. Saanra has finally decided that Mori isn't a bad guy, so expect her to bouncing after him from now on xD

@Dinamo: Thank you. I'm sure they will meet sometime c:

And I think it's just you. The only coding I have on the page is for the box, and that wouldn't be affecting the comments.
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Mori's just quiet, and rather

Mori's just quiet, and rather grumpy ^^

And he doesn't bounce in public, only when he's alone XD

It doesn't matter to her if

It doesn't matter to her if he bounces or not, she just likes to bounce c:

TeeHee. c: The naked mini in

TeeHee. c: The naked mini in the darker circle is my Dinamo. I believe the one in the brighter one is Saanra?
I heard about Saan being that one from Selruil. I'm IMing her now. ;D

Yes, that's Saanra 8D

Yes, that's Saanra 8D

;D Ill get Dinamo to go say

;D Ill get Dinamo to go say hello, but Saan's jumping is totally making Dinamo like, 'Wtf?'. xDD Lovely. ♥&herats;♥

Saanra is a hyper ball of fur

Saanra is a hyper ball of fur most of the time, just as a forewarning xD
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But she's an adorable hyper

But she's an adorable hyper ball of fur that has managed to squirm her way into Mori's softer side XD
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Hello! I always loved this

Hello! I always loved this picto ♥

Thank you &hearts;

Thank you ♥
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"Good friend/Pillow" Awh

"Good friend/Pillow"

Awh ♥ He certainly doesn't mind.

Xek's just so cuddly, I just

Xek's just so cuddly, I just couldn't resist putting that. He's also a blanket and her favorite playmate~ ♥



Anyways. Thats my Dinamo with her new picto next to Levi and Saan. <3
Shes the grey mini.

Yeah, I clicked on her picto

Yeah, I clicked on her picto on the map earlier and thought "Didn't she have a different picto?" But now it's been explained c:
Also, sorry if you guys were trying to get Saanra up earlier, I passed out on my bed. I was tired and cold, and my bed was warm.
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lol Mori's feeling a rare

lol Mori's feeling a rare kind of happy today ^^
Oh, and he doesn't know how to dance.

c: Its fine, Im not sure

c: Its fine, Im not sure where Levi was going, and what Mori had in mind for Saanra.


See? IE and FF just suck when

See? IE and FF just suck when it comes to CSS xD

-Hails.- You. Are. Epic.

-Hails.- You. Are. Epic.

Thank you, btw. ♥

You're welcome c:

You're welcome c:
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"Fluffy Fortress" XD That

"Fluffy Fortress"

XD That made me laugh! <3
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Who hurt Saanra?

Who hurt Saanra?

Well, he is xD A Rock Hound

Well, he is xD

A Rock Hound is what hurt her, as part of Quad's event. She'll be fine, as long as she doesn't get into a fight with anything before the injury has healed.
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Ah I see! Mori's going to be

Ah I see! Mori's going to be like super protective of her while she's injured.

I can only imagine xD

I can only imagine xD
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she's so cute. &hearts;

she's so cute. ♥
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"All alone, little miss?

"All alone, little miss? You're kinda beat up, aren't you?" the orange stag said, eyebrows lifted slightly.

( enjoyed finding little Ra Ra ;~; )

"Mhm," the midnight blue doe

"Mhm," the midnight blue doe mumbled, resting her head up the ground near the larger stag. She didn't care how close he got anymore, she just needed some comfort. Saanra groaned as she stretched out her injured leg, her fur brushing against his as she did. The hybrid sighed as she settled onto her side. This was as comfortable as it would get.

I thought that I saw Julian earlier, but I was a bit confused at his sudden gain of skull, and wasn't sure if it was actually him xD

Dinamo laughed coldly as she

Dinamo laughed coldly as she hobbled apon Saanra. She immedately sat down and looked at Saanra, a cold sweat rolling off of her short, grey furs. All she did was smile sheepishly to her: "S-seems like m-m-me and you are in the s-same p-pickle, hnn-nn?"