Zacharias' Biography

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Zacharias' Biography

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Recent Events


"Good to see you."


Name: Zacharias ("But friends call me Zach.")


Gender: Male

Age: Five years

Birthday: 2nd of May, 2010
(Doesn't know his real birthday, but that's the day he entered the forest. Is probably a few months older than this birthday claims).

Speaks with: #3090C7

Voice: See song at the top of this bio

Love: None, willing to find one..

Appearance: ("Handsome.")

Fan antlers, Magpie pelt, Real deer mask
Appearance is very close to that what he has in-forest with the exception that his coat is more grey than blue and his antlers have slight structural differences. Has small bitewound scars on his throat, and scars from claws on his rump. A few visible scars can be seen on his face and front legs as well. They are mostly covered by fur but may be visible when shedding or wet. Eyes are golden brown.


  • Meeting new deer. Finding someone new has always been exciting for him - and "the more the merrier", right?

  • Playing with anyone who's willing to spend some time with him, adults and fawns alike.

  • Searching the forest for new experiences as he likes wandering around aimlessly.

  • Casting spells on sleeping deer and then running away before they wake up. This was his favourite past-time when he was a fawn. Truth be told, he still likes doing it. He's just a bit more careful and he makes sure that no one is around to catch him.

  • Spending time with his family. Is known to get a teeny bit silly when he does.

  • Watching his surroundings. He can spend quite a bit of time just standing on a higher ground, observing the forest around him. One must always be vigilant - otherwise one won't know what they might miss.


  • Rain. It makes his fur heavy and cold. Not to mention it makes ground slippery and hard to run on. When it rains, he's usually around the great oak, hoping the weather will change soon.

  • Zombie deer. Why, this is still unknown. He doesn't greet them, and usually just runs away when approached. Gets tense and nervous when he knows they are near.

  • Being still for long periods of time unless he's sleeping. When awake, it is better to do something than just sit still.

  • Being alone. If he's alone, he feels anxious and nervous. He prefers to have other deer close-by, even if they aren't actually spending time with him. Just seeing others is enough.

  • Violence. Zach is not a violent stag, but will defend those he cares for if he needs to. By observing his father, he learned to be righteous and to always stand up for the ones weaker than him.


Zach has calmed down a little bit from his fawn days. Back then, he used to be a hyper, bouncing little ball of energy - always running around and making others dizzy. While he still has that playful side, he has "toned down" slighty. He acts a bit more calmly, especially when there are does around. He wants to be at his best behaviour around them. Having only been what others consider "an adult" for a brief time, he still finds everything about it to be fascinating. Therefore, he makes sure to keep his antlers and his coat in top condition and can often be seen grooming himself or rubbing his antlers against a tree. He wants to look presentable - it's not just the personality that counts, after all.

Despite growing up Zach still loves running. Walking, to him, seems too slow of a way to get anywhere. If he doesn't feel the wind in his coat and hear his hooves pounding the ground, it's simply not moving to him. So, a game of chase is always welcome.

Personality-wise, Zach is a friendly, playful fellow. It is very rare for anyone to see him angry or frustrated. He always seems to see the brighter things in life. He likes hanging around fawns and his behaviour towards them is always gentle and patient. Violence is something he really dislikes and therefore he tends to avoid confrontations whenever possible. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, though - and if one finds any of them in trouble, he will do his absolute best to protect them.

Family and friends

  • Virgil ("I will make you proud.")

  • Lucian (Stepbrother. Also best friend. Would do anything for him.)

  • Willow leaf (Adopted daughter. He is very protective of her, so you better behave around her!)

  • Krystal (Adopted daughter. If you treat her wrong, you'll feel his antlers on your hide.)

  • Bird (little stepbrother)

  • Kusakagé (little stepsister)

  • Kajo (little stepbrother)

  • Daikon (nephew)

  • Orinoco (adopted little sister)

  • Calida (adopted niece)


Note on family:
Zach has no biological family of his own, but upon entering the forest he met a deer named Virgil. Virgil soon became very close to Zach and soon later he was pretty much adopted into Virgil's family. Since then has readily adopted Virgil's offspring as his siblings and feels responsible of them as an older brother would.


"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, trying to keep away from the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is very quiet when it comes to his past. He hasn't said a word about it since the moment he came into the forest. He must've had parents somewhere but he entered the forest alone. It is very likely that they have met a rather unfortunate end sometime before his arrival. His fear/dislike of Zombie deer may have something to do with this matter as well. He has refused to explain. More will probably be revealed with time.
(Also, the history can be found here but he has not told it to anyone except Lucian, Stelmaria and Dajhi.)

Now, as a young stag, he hasn't changed much. He has grown close to his half-brother Lucian. Without his adoptive family's care and support, things could've ended up very differently for him. He knows that too, and holds deep respect in his heart for everyone who helped him while he needed their help the most.

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Thank you. ^_^ It's probably

Thank you. ^_^
It's probably the first one I'm actually happy with, too..>_>
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"You're just saying that! I

"You're just saying that! I totally went easy on you, Uncle Zach!"
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It's hard for Maia to meet up

It's hard for Maia to meet up with Zach because of our time differences. She's glad to see her old friend ^^
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Zach's really happy to see

Zach's really happy to see her as well. ^_^
It's been a while, indeed.
My boy's more than happy to keep his friends some company.

Hello there ♥

Hello there ♥
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Hii! ^_^/ I hope my boy's not

Hii! ^_^/
I hope my boy's not being too boring? XD
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Hi there! The young stag that

Hi there! The young stag that joined Zach's herd was my Liam. He just wanted to keep Tandem company; thank you for letting him stick around! He may seek out Zach's herd again, if that's alright. ♥
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Hey! Good to know, thank you.

Hey! Good to know, thank you. ^_^
And sure, no problem. He noticed that they knew each other from somewhere before, therefore he wasn't even intending to chase Liam off. It's also better protection for the ladies if there is more than one stag to keep them safe from other, possibly pushy stags.
Feel free. I don't know if he'll have many herds as they seem to just spontaneously appear around him without me really trying to get one..but if he has one, welcome. ;D

Fair warning, though. He may get more possessive after the start of the second week of the rut. We'll see.
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Ohh, gotcha! Liam can be a

Ohh, gotcha! Liam can be a bit of a sissy, but he will certainly defend his friends if he must. Pushy stags beware! 8P As for the warning, that's alright; it's bound to happen since the males are all going to get restless. Although he is technically not participating in the rut, Liam will understand if Zach gets possessive. He'd be totally bummed if he were kept away from Tandem though, hehe! We shall see, indeed! :3

*shy little stalking*

*shy little stalking*
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Track <3

Awwh, my Leviathann gave this

Awwh, my Leviathann gave this poor boy and his teammate a hard time. xD

Tracking~ <3
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@Gomis, Xemi: Thank you for

@Gomis, Xemi:
Thank you for the stalks/tracks! ^_^

Haha, yes she did. Zach sure didn't see that coming, and I don't think his brother Kajo did, either. ;D Zach got utterly bummed when the other does started attacking, too. He'd never hurt a lady after all, so he was kind of forced to try and gracefully retreat. XD

But it's fine.
All's fair in love and rutting..or something like that.

Haha. It was interesting to

Haha. It was interesting to watch a few other does jump in as well. We didn't expect that. rofl.

LMAO. I doubt Lev would have hurt him.. more like boxed him around a bit. It was her duty to protect the harem while old man Virgil caught his breath! XD

And yes. All is fair in love and rutting. >u>~

Quite the romantic scene,

Quite the romantic scene, that was. Saanra really enjoyed it, there's no way she could resist so much cuddling!
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Dunno why I haven't been

Dunno why I haven't been tracking this. XD <3
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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"Well hello there. I noticed

"Well hello there. I noticed you join me while sitting with the sleeping tree deer."

Think I might track this. <3
I think this is only the second time I've seen Zach actually in the forest.
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"Greetings. My name is

"Greetings. My name is Zacharias. Nice to meet you. It's good to have company and not sit all alone."

Thank you. ^_^
I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, and River's a great character. Sorry, I was blissfully unawares of who I was sitting with. ;D Thanks for letting me know!
Zach's activity in the forest varies as I have Juliet as well to play. I tend to try and balance the two. I'm glad they got to meet now.
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"River Song. And I agree.

"River Song. And I agree. Though I must say I'm still getting use to being able to run around with no prison bars to stop me... well... not that they ever did." The golden doe said with a small chuckle, glancing down at the peacefully sleeping Quad.

You're welcome.
Oh? You never told me that when my Kaides met you. But then again I was not a full Whovian at that point. XD
And isn't she? Second only to the Doctor himself for me. And it's fine. I only realized it was Zach because of my first and only other meeting with him.

I have to admit it's the same with me. Six deer to play with. ^^
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Avatar & signature by Shimmyshimmy. ♥
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The young stag didn't really

The young stag didn't really know what the other one was talking about, but smiled politely nonetheless. "Sounds like you're a clever sort. Can I ask you why you were in it in the first place?" He asked, though he was aware that the question was rather personal. " don't have to answer if it's too personal.."he added after a moment, a little embarrassed by his curiostity.

Ah. Well, I guess it never really got mentioned? XD I didn't seem important at the time as they had other things to talk about. ~_^
I personally like Rory, too. And Rose Tyler. But River is something else, indeed.

Thank you. ^_^
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The question made her smile

The question made her smile drop, a small frown coming onto her face at the thought of what had happened that caused her to be imprisoned in Stormcage. She shook her head. She couldn't give too much away, but she could still answer the young stag's question.
"No, it's perfectly fine. In the universe where I come from, I was sent to prison for killing a man. The best man I've ever known..."

Well I was more of a One Piece/Pirate fan then so... no. XD
And true. Pranking sleeping deer by peacocking them. Hehe...
The Doctor(Eleven especially), River, Amy, Rory & Donna are my faves from New!Who.
I also like Martha and Jack.
But I'm not really a big fan of Rose. She annoys me a little. >.<
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Allow me to put a track here

Allow me to put a track here Cool
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@Keepiru, Thank you.

Thank you. ^_^


The young stag sat still, listening. Imprisoned for killing someone? That sent a shudder down his spine. Although this lady seemed to regret what she'd done, killing someone was not something one could erase. And this had happened somewhere else? Universe? He was so confused, as not much this River Song said made sense to him.
"I see," he said after a moment of thoughtful silence. "I hope this place has given you some peace and freedom from all that, then, " he added a bit cautiously, not really knowing what to say in return to something like that.

I adore David Tennant. ;D Never really liked Donna, though. So I guess we're even then. Jack's awesome. Have you watched Torchwood? If you haven't, you should. It's brilliant.
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You claimed my page.. XD Darn

You claimed my page.. XD
Darn you. Hmm..but what is this?
hshjklhf..Aah! That's so awesome. Thank you!! =D

I did? I didn't even notice.

I did? I didn't even notice. 8''''D
Aaaaa, I'm glad you like it..!
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She noticed how he tensed

She noticed how he tensed slightly at her words. But she wasn't going to lie about her past, unless it came to him. But back to the young stag sitting across from her. She hoped that her words did not scare him off. She was not a criminal who had done many horrible things.
She was a criminal who had killed one man and done a handful of stealing and impersonation... nothing more.

Listening to him speak she couldn't help but smile softly, knowing this probably confused him somewhat.

"Yes, yes it has. This place is beautiful. But I'm still a bit confused as to why I ended up here." She said, looking up to Zach, green eyes curious now.
"I'm sorry if my words confuse you. I still have to learn that most of the beings here do not know any other world."

Chris, David & Matt are all amazing. But there is just something about how Matt plays the Doctor that I can't see when I watch episodes of Nine and Ten. Still love them though. <3

Love Jack! =D
And I've seen a few episodes... need to watch more.
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@Gomis, Weird. You didn't.

Weird. You didn't. But to me it looked you did before I replied. Strange. >_>


The young stag looked at the pond before turning his gaze to this peculiar doe again. She was from the many others he knew. "Many I know have arrived here by accident or not really knowing how. The same applies to me. But this place is peaceful and I like it here." He spoke quietly, a bit lost in his thoughts. He smiled a little. "Who knows? Maybe you have a reason to be here? Or maybe your world just decided that you needed a place to relax in.." he added. It was just a random theory, but it was as valid as anything else at the moment.
"And it's fine. I find it fascinating that creatures from different worlds arrive here, to be together. Not always peacefully as different backgrounds create a lot of tension - but it's interesting." He chuckled, his ear twitching as he listened to the nearby birds for a moment. "And also very confusing at times. I'm getting used to it."

The first two seasons are awesome. As is the Children of Earth. But I don't really like the new season of Torchwood..*shrug*

Matt is brilliant, a little hyper, but brilliant. ~_^
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Ears perked towards the young

Ears perked towards the young stag as he continued to talk about how there were many others in this forest that were from other places outside the protective barrier the gods had created. Might the energy surges she had picked up just been part of the forest's magic after all? If what Zach said was true about others turning up here by accident or not knowing how the got here then it wasn't just her, the doctor and others from their world that had been brought here.
She nodded, having to agree. Even with one of the most dangerous creatures roaming the forest, this place was still peaceful and amazingly beautiful.

"Maybe so. I can't say that my life before coming here was one of relaxation. Running around everywhere, saving worlds, people, species, universes... But to tell the truth I wouldn't change the life I have for anything. I'm not proud of my past. But I still have all my future to come." She said, moving her eyes from where they had rose up towards the sky as she spoke about her life before this forest, back to the male before her as they sat together.

River listened intently to his words, a small chuckle escaping her.

"Confusion is sometimes better then knowing about what it is you're confused about. I've had to learn that the hard way."

I'll have to watch more when I can.
And I've heard Miracle Day is actually really good. But I guess it depends on the person watching. >.<

He's amazing... @____@ <3
Eleventh Doctor = The Oldest 9 Year Old In The Cosmos
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He sighed, closing his eyes

He sighed, closing his eyes for a brief moment as the autumn wind played in his fur. It was a pleasant change to the heat of summer, but also brought with it the promise of winter. The thought of cold wasn't a very tempting one. He listened to the doe, opening his eyes again when she finished.
"Hm. I think I know what you mean. Sometimes, I wish I had more than what I have now..but when I really think about it, I come to the conclusion that what I already have is something I should be thankful for. What we are is made by what we've done, who we've met. And the future is a surprise that molds us further." he spoke. She spoke of so many things, most of which were completely lost on him. Funny..she looked young, but Zach was starting to feel as if he'd be speaking to someone way older than himself. She certainly seemed to have gone through a lot.
"That could be true. I, for one, have been lucky enough to not be so curious that it would've led me into trouble." he mused, a small smile on his face.

Meh. I haven't watched the whole season yet. The beginning was great, then it turned rather boring (but that might just be me). Maybe it'll turn around again before the end? I'll have to see. XD
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Hey, you. :'3 My old MSN

Hey, you. :'3
My old MSN address somehow became corrupted a while back. I created a new one but I don't think you got my invitation. It's if you'd like to add me~.
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What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Something got caught in his

Something got caught in his tine. It wasn't a branch, though. Branches weren't so soft. Curious, the young stag tilted his head forward to make whatever it was fall to the ground. The small item landed on the frosty ground with an barely audible puff and he turned his head to look at it. Curiousity got the better of him - he'd never seen anything like it before.

Pressing his muzzle close, he took a cautious sniff. Soft material, and an unrecognizable scent. But beneath - he inhaled the scent again, to be sure. It was faint, but there was no doubt in his mind. Nukilik..

He smiled a gentle smile, memories of their group's time together coming back to him. He hadn't seen the stag in so long.. He didn't know how or when this little item had been brought here, but he was pretty sure he was meant to have it. If so, he would not leave it here in the cold. He picked it up gently and lifted his leg, carefully pulling the band up and around it. It felt..odd around his leg, but also strangely comforting.

"Thanks, Nuki. Be safe, wherever you are."

track! my fawn Alasha is

track! Eye my fawn Alasha is very happy because is with you! <3
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For you :3

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"Hello brother." The grey

"Hello brother." The grey male smiled at his older stepbrother, it had truly been a long time. Bird had left the forest awhile back without a word to anyone. When he came back recently it seems that much had changed.
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(Oh my gosh. I'm sorry if we

(Oh my gosh. I'm sorry if we ignored you. Mis and I are both multitasking so we're missing a lot of things. ;__; Plus, Zach's sick so he's not very aware of the things around him. Click on the link at the top of his bio if you want to know why. ;D)

"Bird?" The older stag lifted his head, feeling a little dizzy. It was his little brother. "You look well. Where have you been?" It had been ages since Zach had seen Bird in the forest. He'd had trouble recognizing the younger stag. "I'm sorry I'm not getting up to greet you. I'm not..feeling so well." He apologised with a small smile. His wounds still ached. "Sit..tell of your adventures."


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Hello there and thank you.

Hello there and thank you. ^_^

Tracking, he's really sweet.

Tracking, he's really sweet. <3
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Haha, hey. =) Yes, he adores

Haha, hey. =)
Yes, he adores fawns/cubs, minis and little critters in general and tries his best to protect them.
He was briefly present at Seth's birth too, being a friend of Kody's he was curious to see the newborn. I'm glad they got to finally meet properly. ^_^
You have to excuse his slight inactivity, though. He's still a bit sore after Dag's event so he's not quite his jumping, playful self he'd otherwise be.

Haha yeah, I remember him

Haha yeah, I remember him there. And pfft, no worries, Seth's had a long day so he's quite tired himself.
We're both enjoying the company anyways. (8
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Likewise. &hearts;

Likewise. ♥
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Hello. Thank you for your

Hello. Thank you for your company. + Track

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Poor Zach. I wish Maia could

Poor Zach.
I wish Maia could offer him some company.. but I can't ever seem to catch you in game.

Maybe I could throw a tiny RP here.
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brocanna, I thought that

I thought that might be Kaikias. I'm pleased to meet your character. I'm sorry Zach isn't better company right now. He appreciates Kaikias sitting with him, though. =)

I'm online even now. =) But yeah, I know what you mean. Timezones are devilishly evil. ;__;
I don't mind RPing, though. Feel free if you want to. ^_^
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I'm not home unfortunately.

I'm not home unfortunately. ;_; But I'll start up an RP soon.
Silverpaw15's picture

Aww, I see. Okay. =) A heads

Aww, I see. Okay. =)
A heads up, though. It's getting late here (as I said, darn timezones) so I may head off to bed soon. If I miss your RP message today, I'll be sure to reply to it tomorrow. =)
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Alright. I'll start, and

Alright. I'll start, and then maybe you can reply when you can. Smiling

Maia hadn't seen the older stag in a while. But she'd heard what happened, and she'd come to offer what support she could, not wanting to interrupt any private family time.

When things had quieted down, she approached him; she didn't say much, simply sat near, letting him know a friend was nearby, should he want a shoulder to lean on.