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Bio may contain mature language, such as cursing. Otherwise I intent to keep my bios clean from 'mature material'

Last update: 12th of April

Physical: 100%. - Healthy

Mental: 70% - Mourning

Thoughts: "I promise dad. I will take good care of them..."

"You look a lot older then last time dad.."

"I am."

"Oh." A cricket chirps. "I'm older too." He nods.

"Into a greater stag. You will be prime soon."

Lucian laughed. "I don't need any of that. Got my son right here. What more could I ask for?"

A smile. His first son really is successful, and he didn't really need to say anything to show he agreed. "I am proud of you, all."

"I'd be dissapointed if you weren't." The younger stag smiles broadly. He's glad to hear his father is proud of him. If anything, that was all he ever strived to hear in his life. By now though it has become clear to him that he had always been.

"You lead the family well."

A firm nod. "I will. Good luck. And well, heh, I love you, dad."

"I love you too, all of you."

"We know. Not a moment would we doubt."

Held the deer back who wanted to follow his father as he went to let out his last breath in solitude. Later, went to the final restingplace of his father, to say his last goodbyes. Followed by his family.



Male - Stag - ♂

Creation: 15-09-2009
Deer: 5 Years old
Human: 25 Years old.

Red deer/TEF forest deer mix

In-forest set
DotD pelt - Real deer mask - Default antlers

Musk - Urine - Tree bark



Lucian is actually not a very different stag. He likes girls, likes to sharpen his antlers, likes to show off, loves to fool around. Just a boy.
Though Lucian's feral side and human side can sometimes mix, causing confusion for himself and for others. In the past he has had issues to seperate lust and love, but has seemingly been working this out. Though, during the rut, his emotions will likely go up again.
Lucian is highly stubborn, never giving up and always pushing through, often too far. He likes to get things his way, and loves to win. He has fought stags far bigger than himself, and is very experienced in combat. Lucian knows exactly how to push another down, but can be far too enthusiastic, hurting himself in the process.

There is a streak of a leader within Lucian, making others follow him on command. During his adulthood, Lucian has become very bossy, and has taken it upon him to herd his family together, as his father mostly acted like a distant leader. He holds a great respect to Virgil, in his younger years always trying to get his approval. But right now, the only approval Lucian needs is of his own son.

Lucian's antlers have always been important to him. He keeps them sharp, polished. He absolutely loathes the birds landing in them, for they could poop and mess up his antlers again. (Or his hair, the terror.) He can occasionally be found shaking his head when in the birch, trying to get rid of the persistant birds.
Lucian has an allergy to purple flowers, causing him to sneeze, his eyes to water and swell. Poppies on the other hand, can make Lucian seem a little stoned. Or very happy.
Though he isn't fond of that much either.

The stag can be, quite the bully. If he doesn't approve of another deer's behaivor, he is surely quite capable of making them uncomfortable. Lucian can be very mean, but also very direct. He's pretty much unable of lying, saying things as how they are.


Lucian is a mix of a red deer, and a TEF-forest deer. Giving him the ability to be as feral as well as more emotional. He is a herbivore, sheds his antlers in the early spring, and ruts during autumn. (September/october) But he is also capable of love, happiness, sadness, you name it. During his youth, the mix of both emotional as feral was very confusing to him, but he seems to have grown over that.

He sees well in the dark, but is usually awake at daylight. He has a strong sense of smell, hearing, and can be very quick on his hooves. His antlers are made for sparring with those of his own species, but he can take on stags quite a bit past his size as well. Mostly due to stubbornness. Lucian is very agile, quick, and capable of delivering blows. He adapts to the situation, be a stag smaller or bigger than him. But ofcourse, arrogance can get the best of one easily.


Each deer that meets Lucian will get a different response out of him. Why that is, and what his actions mean, can be read here.

• Lucian is a stag, and at times feral. This means he is hesistant bowing down to other stags. He rather evades trouble than creates it, though.

• Lucian likes does. He has no problem greeting and interacting with them, but he will be a bit watchful if he does not know your deer.

• Most of the forest actions mean what they mean, though each changes meaning when used at different times, in different situations. So can a taunt mean "back off!" but when in play, it's a teasing method, or even a "why you! You brat!"

• Lucian is very watchful. He will listen, stand, and look around quite often. Sneaking onto him can be nearly impossible. Body language besides forest-actions are actions like showing his side = I mean no harm. Turning towards you is a watchful, attentive and sometimes agressive stand. He will always be looking at something, his head is not turned randomly.

• Hopping is usually a sign that he is happy.

• Scraping his antlers against trees with Lower antlers + Nod, means he is sharpening them. Not so much an agressive as a dominant action.

• Rubbing trees means he is scenting them. He will do this to safeguard the environment, but it can also be a sign of dominance.

• Lucian judges by in-forest appereance. Only after I have maybe checked out the bio, or know the character, will he be capable of responding more accurate. But above all, do not be suprised if he takes you as a stag if you have big antlers.


Dajhi(Love ♥)

Dajhi and Lucian have been close since they were young and naïve. The two went through many ups and downs before finally coming together. Both can be very stubborn and can clash at times, but will always make up.
Dajhi means the world to Lucian. He loves to make her blush, smile, laugh. As long as she's happy, so is he. She has been his biggest support.
Took a break from the forest to explore his origins after Dajhi had seemingly gone missing. Lately, had started to gradually return to his home, when he found Dajhi coming back as well.
She is his biggest treasure, and noone or nothing goes above her. He will be reckless in her defense.

Virgil(Biological father†)

Virgil is Lucian's father and biggest example. He looks up to him, always trying to make his father proud. Though now, Lucian has learned to stand on his own, and is less likely to search for fathers approval. He now has his own way of doing.
Still, his father telling him he is proud of him still meant the world to Lucian.
Passed away recently. Lucian has been entrusted with the leadership over the family. Takes this role seriously. Right now, though, heartbroken over the loss of his one example. His one hero.

Lady Bones(Biological mother)

His mother. Especially close to her during fawnhood, growing more distant as he grew up. A feral deer and a more human deer are an entirely different world, ofcourse, but much of his stubborn and upbeat personality comes from her. Doesn't see, distant from.

Daikon(Biological son)

His little bundle of pride and joy. Daikon is his and Dajhi's firstborn son, and spoiled rotten. Though Lucian tries to put his authority down, he's still not very sure how to be a good father. But we don't get born good parents, do we? Lucian learns as much each day as Daikon does. Whatever happens, Lucian is very protective about the boy and won't let harm come to him.


Started off as an annoyance, meeting with his slightly younger half sister during "puberty." She was merely a very annoying girly doe. Nothing of his taste.
Though as the two grew older, they also grew more tolerant. Alane is still the victim of Lucian's bullying, especially when Kajo is around too, but he loves her and looks out for her like a big brother would. Has left the forest.


He recognises a lot of himself in this young doe, to his own suprise. He can be a bit protective of her but mainly lets her do her own thing. But, surely, he IS her big brother, and if you bring her into trouble, it's likely Lucian won't just let that go. Grew distant of her.


He taught the kid how to butt-nuzzle a woman at a young age, and has great fun playing with Kajo. Lucian stole Dajhi away from Kajo but has never thought much of it. He thought it was cute the kid had a crush on her, though. Has left the forest.

Sira(Adopted daughter)

Sira was adopted by Dajhi and Lucian. He loves to play with the doe and finds her very nice company. One that actually takes him seriously at times. Gone.

Djinn(Adopted daughter Disowned)

Lucian had his doubts by Djinn at first, firstly adopted by Dajhi. But wanted to give her a chance anyway, and adopted her as his own as well. Soon it seemed Djinn was actually a lot like Lucian, and could've been his biological child. Their personality's are very alike, both stubborn and both great bullies. Lucian loves to teach this young doe some of his skills.
Has disowned her after an argument, finding her loyalities certainly did not lay with her mother.

Zach(Adopted brother)

Zach was adopted by Virgil, and soon introduced to Lucian. Lucian adored the fawn quite quickly, hopping and bouncing around with him. Lucian later introduced Dajhi to Zach, whom became mates. Though, Lucian did happen to "steal" her back later. The two had been tense for a while, but it seems brothers will always be brothers. Lucian adores Zach, and is very grateful to have him as his brother.


Stelmaria was a doe Lucian met whilst Dajhi was gone. He accidentally ran into her, unaware she was a skittish doe. And ofcourse, scared her. He was determined to make up to her, trying everything to let her let him come close. They quickly became close, Lucian taking it on him to protect the doe. He was sure he had fallen in love with her, but became unsure of this later. It seemed most of his feelings were based on his ability to protect her.
Doesn't see around anymore, fading relationship.


Nukilik was the stag whom helped a heavily battered Lucian get on his hooves again. Nuk was Lucian's support and main foundation. They grew close quickly, and with Nukilik Lucian confused his more feral and human emotions, confusing lust with love. The two were able to figure it out, though, and remain friends. Though it troubles Lucian to know he hurt Nukilik. Has left the forest.
Recently found one of his red bands, wears it around a tine, much like the previous one he ended up losing.


Krystal was adopted by Dajhi and Zach, something Lucian can be a bit snarly about. He adores Krystal as if she was one of his own adopted, but feels restricted since she is not. He finds the small doe to have great courage, and a temper that makes him grin. He loves to playfight with Krystal, and to pull pranks on others. Though most of the time, Lucian himself is the victim.


A playfull doe he took a liking to. Doesn't see her as often anymore, but always has fun whenever she is around.


Used to regard this one as family, a little dissapointed he now no longer sees the stag. Lucian had looked forward to share first-time-father experiences with the stag, but has now given up on it. Fading?


Aurora is a friendly doe, and because of this Lucian finds it easy to talk to her. Though, she tends to talk a little too much for the stag's liking. But he knows her interest is honest, and respects this. He likes to spend time with her once in a while. Has left the forest.

Willow Leaf(Friend)

Willow is Zach's adopted daughter. Lucian likes to play with her, and has watched her grow up into a doe as he has watched her father grow into a stag. Gone?

Senri(Friendly to)

Dajhi likes Senri, and because of this Lucian kind of accepts him around, though there is a bit of tension. He rather likes spending time with Dajhi alone, and can be seen raising an eyebrow if then Senri barges inbetween. But, hey, Dajhi likes him, so Lucian is a nice boy. Gone?


Daddy's girlfriend. Kiyoko comes closer to Lucian age-wise as to Virgil, but Lucian still holds a deep respect for the doe. (He'd do for anyone to be able to put up with his father.) He's a little shy towards her, as if she is far above him. When she gives him a greeting nuzzle, you can imagine Lucian looking like a little boy recieving a kiss on the forehead from a pretty lady. Has left the forest.


A rather large stag, but with a playful nature. A friend of Virgil's. Dag was one to watch Lucian grow up, Lucian finds him to be a rather wise figure. Gone?


A nice doe that sometimes comes to spend time around.


Another large stag, one Lucian seems to trust. Tried to introduce Stelmaria to him in the past.


Used to somehow see this one as his own, but quickly disposed of those feelings as they were not returned. Put faith in the young stag in the past but, now finds this to have been lost time. Lucian lost all respect for the stag after having heard he abandoned both Stelmaria and Dajhi when they needed him. Especially for abandoning Dajhi with predators whilst pregnant. Unsure, may be misjudged.


This little stag always seems to go after Dajhi's attention. This little stag always seems to be followed by Lucian's antlers.


Has hunted Lucian in the past, trying to kill him. Lucian has fought back and has many times been badly battered by the big stag. Has fought against him in fear he'd take Dajhi away from him if he'd lose. Can get greatly upset with Dajhi if she hangs out with him.


Used to have a crush on Dajhi, Lucian despises him for, in his eyes, playing this trick on many does in the forest. Finds him to be a bit of a "loverstag" and doesn't want him near his family. At all.
Is by now, likely just chasing him away to prove Dajhi what a strong stag he is.


Hunted him as a fawn because he was born Virgil's son. Was simply mad at Lucian for not being his own, as he had raped his mother in the past.
Will not tolerate him near his family.


Has attacked Stelmaria several times, going after Dajhi as well. Lucian has had brutal fights with the stag. Loathes violently, will not tolerate around any of his family members.

(If I forgot you and you think your deer should be on here, please tell me! I'm only human, I tend to forget. I'm not proud of it either!)


As Lucian grew into a teenager, more time was spend with his father. He taught him how to behave, how to defend himself, how to handle other deer around him. Even though the young buck acted like he wanted nothing to do with his father, he grew to respect him greatly. Always trying to make him proud.
During this young age, he met a doe of the same age, Dajhi. Not being aware of what love was, the boy developed a small crush on this cheerfull individual.
But before he could define his feelings, Dajhi left his sight. Being unsure if she'd ever return, the stag got into a little teenage depression.

Being pulled out of it by his father, Lucian slowly got back to his playful self, though now a little less trusting, perhaps. Deer could leave, he had never thought of that before. Lucian met a shy doe named Stelmaria, someone he could protect and take care of. Later on a stag named Nukilik. In the meantime, his father adopted a young fawn named Zach, a fawn Lucian quickly adopted as his own brother.

A time of confusion about love, sexuality and feelings broke through for Lucian, as he was reaching adulthood.
And then, Dajhi returned.

The two admitted to having had a crush on eachother in the past, but Lucian decided he no longer felt that way after her absence.
Still Dajhi stuck around, and the two grew very close as friends. Lucian introduced her to his brother Zach, and the two became mates, despite Dajhi being quite a bit older.

Lucian on the other hand, still seemed to doubt and struggle around. Settling didn't seem like his thing. And during the rut, things just got thrown out of hand.
Dajhi and Lucian still weren't able to let go of eachother, admitting this to eachother in secret.

It took quite some while before Dajhi and Zach broke up, and Dajhi got pregnant with Lucian's child.
Lucian dissapointed other love interests, but seemed to finally have settled with Dajhi. The two are now officially a couple, and a family.

As Virgil left the forest, Lucian has taken over on leading the family, taking care of his son as well. It proves a task for him but, the stag isn't done showing his worth yet. Finally he seems to start growing up, becoming a more responsible adult.


• Allergic to the purple flowers in the forest. Will sneeze severely when casted with them, or when accidentally walking into a patch. (Less bad during winter)

• Poppies make him slightly high.

• Quite stubborn. Will not easily admit mistakes.

• Carries a silver ring on one of his tines.

• Carries a red band on another tine.

• Can curse quite a lot. Rude, and disrespectful.

• Slight scottish accent, from his father.

• Likes to flirt. Likes it even more to see Dajhi get mad at the does he flirts with.

• Always bullying his poor brother Zach.

• Likes to crossdress, perhaps a secret fetish?

• Starts talking into a weird heavy accent when angry or upset.

By me

By others

Lucian is a character and is portrayed as such. His opinions do not always match mine, nor should his actions be taken personally. However, if you feel uncomfortable or confused, do not hesitate to tell me! I take responsibility for my character's actions as I am the player and the one behind him.
You can contact me at:
And for msn:

*first track* c: cool

*first track*
c: cool character

This layout is amazing *-*

This layout is amazing *-*

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*Steals his antlers*

*Steals his antlers*
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"There's no use in trying to

"There's no use in trying to hide from me, big brother. See? I followed you even here."

(Just because Zach knows that he needs to keep an eye on his big brother. If he gets into trouble, he should at least have backup who knows about it. ♥ )

tracking again

tracking again

extra track

extra track Smiling
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I must tell you again, I like

I must tell you again, I like this bio... the color selection is amazing, just like the layout. It fits so well for Lucian.

*drools on handsome

*drools on handsome biography* 8DD~♥

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tracking again

tracking again <3

Tracking :3 &hearts;

Tracking :3 ♥
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Hey there handsomee. &hearts;

Hey there handsomee. ♥

(No subject)

Laughing out loud
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Lucy~ 8D Kajo: -gives

Lucy~ 8D
Kajo: -gives flowers-
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Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer

I believe my deer had a brief

I believe my deer had a brief encounter with Virgil, Lucian, 21 and a couple of other deer/fawns yesterday? He happened to be wearing the nightfall pelt, skull mask and real deer antlers.
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RP Blog *click*

This biography is really

This biography is really impressive o_o
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You think so? Thank you

You think so? Thank you <3
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and thus, the biography of

and thus, the biography of uncle Lucian has been tracked XD
Such a small creature, I shall protect you from the wind and the rain. Keep your wings dry, little butterfly.
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''Why you have to be so

''Why you have to be so mean..? I wasn't trying to hurt anyone..'' young white buck murmured a bit upsetly, when that one has chased him farther.

[had to bring it up that Hannah wasn't planning to cause any harm :'D don't have to answer]
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"You scare my friend. You

"You scare my friend. You don't have to stalk us, we don't even know you. I only warned you." The stag stood his ground, his friends behind him.

(I know dear <3 XD But Lucian always keeps strangers at bay when Stelmaria is around so they don't scare him. And he has been protective around Dajhi as well. He didn't mean to harm Hannah either, just tell him off after he started to creep back.)
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Nah, just one little curious

Nah, just one little curious creature. : D
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Tracking this, DUH. &hearts;

Tracking this, DUH. ♥

"Luuuciaaaaan~, I didn't know

"Luuuciaaaaan~, I didn't know you were a big sister too. Keh-heh... Hey, can you remember where you antlers fell off? Maybe I could strap them on my head somehow..."
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"Watch it, brat. My antlers

"Watch it, brat. My antlers will go back bigger than the previous onces. And yes, I remember, and no, I won't tell you." *Sticks out tongue*

"Brat? You take that back!

"Brat? You take that back! Want a taste of what I gave that stag that ran from me like a girl?"

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"You mean skipped from you in

"You mean skipped from you in his manly, manly ways." *Raises an eyebrow* "Ooh, I'm shiveriing, please don't hurt me oh great Kusa!"

;_; XDD
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" I was sinking... and

" I was sinking... and falling, at the same time, endlessly... But while I was feeling just cold and darkness on me, then, I've felt your presence,your warmth, I've felt you... I'd like to cry, I'd like to hold on you, but I don't manage to move... And even if this terribly scares me, I can feel you, and I'm sure I'm safe "
Thanks a lot for coming to Sira ^^
Sira & Ophidia
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"What happend to you? Where

"What happend to you? Where was I when you needed me? I am so sorry Sira, I'm here now." Lucian had started to clean the does wounds, trying to go about it as calmy as he possibly could. "You rest, alright? I'll take care of you."
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"There was a fawn... such a

"There was a fawn... such a little one... He was so innocent, so defenseless..." the doe's eyes were staring the empty and her voice sounded trembling " I... I have HAD to protect him! It hasn't been a smart choice... I didn't expect this. But you don't have to feel sorry, at all. Thanks... for being here" Suddenly the doe looks unconscious.
Sira & Ophidia



Trackin~ Btw did Lucian


Btw did Lucian meet/fight a stag (crying mask+Beluga pelt+Default antlers)yesterday? He was with a fawn near the mega-sized blue flowerbed o3o

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Pretty sure he did, yes.

Pretty sure he did, yes. Dajhi was in labour and ofcourse Lucian was scared said stag would go into the blue bowl. He was happy his friend Nukilik (Skull mask, kabuki pelt and ram antlers) was there to help distract your stag and led them away.

Ah, then hello there~ Oh,

Laughing out loud Ah, then hello there~
Oh, thanks for letting me know the name of the other stag as well... Smiling

Seikin was just curious, and couldn't understand why Lucian didn't react to his greeting. xD He got quite confused when Lucian attacked him, and his fighting sense took over and fought your stag back. Meep, didn't figure that the other friendly stag was bait for dump Sei o3o' Oh well, sorry he disturbed >.>'

congrats on the fawn ^^

congrats on the fawn ^^
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Lucian. Phion thought as she

Lucian. Phion thought as she approached, announcing her arrival with a bugle that spoke volumes. I won't get any closer, But please come here. It spoke.

Lucian did not seem to understand... she was only trying to apologize for her actions on the birthing day. Did he not see that she would not get any closer? Hmhm. He is a good, protective father.

Phion walked a distance to lay down by De Drinkplaatz, only to find the pair were also headed that way. Dai is beautiful. She thought. No wonder he is protecting the fawn so closely.

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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Paz: Thank youu!

Thank youu! ♥


The stag narrowed his eyes at the loud doe. Surely she was going to betray their location, he had started to taunt at her. She didn't seem to have good intentions, screaming at him like that. There were a few basic languages he understood as "non-threathening." but the doe was showing none. He had remembered her antlers.
He would make sure she got no closer; she could be a jealous mother, intent on harming other fawns. None of such the stag would allow. He tossed his head, before setting down between Phion and the fawn. Keeping an eye on the unfamilair doe.
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Ooh..this looks great!

Ooh..this looks great! O_O
The headlines on the left, at least on my screen, are a bit difficult to read due to their light greenish color. But maybe that's just me.
(but..psst. You've mis-spelled "Appearance" >_>)

I adored what you've got written about Zach. It was wonderful to read. ^_^
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Phion to "Other" in

Phion to "Other" in relationships

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!

*pokes* Tilly aint gone :3

*pokes* Tilly aint gone :3 -serches relations- me no see Tilly -slinks away for being a bother- xD

btw i LOVE what you did with his bio@u@
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Thank you for the compliment!

Thank you for the compliment! XD
I took Tilly out because he never sees her anymore, and quite frankly I would not know at all what he'd think of her atm, ahaha XD Nothing bad though. But it's been quite some time, no? XD
I think I can still put here up there though, looking up her bio again reminded me of those times he protected her. Or attempted to XD

Yes it has been quite some

Yes it has been quite some time. When im usually on her it seems like were not on at the same time xD. Ya i remember all those scary deers with big antlers haha c:
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the little text about Djinn

the little text about Djinn is so wonderful ♥

I love the CSS here so much.

I love the CSS here so much. My gosh...it's wonderful~ ♥
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This is such a cool bio c:

This is such a cool bio c: Nice job on it!
This land is made of love and peace!
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Sorry for the things that

Sorry for the things that happed today, he must be pretty angry at Corell. =( <3
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I think he's very worried and

I think he's very worried and dissapointed in both of them XD Angry at children? Hard to be! Also, when he lowers his antlers.. This is mostly a "pushing" method, he wanted to tell Daikon and Corell to "go back." XD But yap.
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Yeah, I understand that..They

Yeah, I understand that..They are young and It isnt so easy to get control over both of them xD I guess that Corell wants to do stupid things while she is young, haha ^^
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He took a deep breath, before

He took a deep breath, before reluctantly approaching his father. Young Daikon had his head low in shame.
He came to realize he did bad yesterday, and felt terrible for it. Not so much for his family, but moreso concerned for getting one of his best friends into trouble.

"Da'..?" He spoke lowly, quietly. "I'm.. I'm sorry about yesterday..."
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When the stag saw his son

When the stag saw his son approach, he stood up, rising above the young buck. Lucian's expression was stern, quite a change from the usual playful grin he would carry around. "Are you? I was worried sick, you could've gotten hurt quite badly!" He spoke, turning to Daikon. "You didn't just bring yourself into danger, you also dragged Corell into it! And then Kajo had to come resque you! You brought even him unnecessary harm! Deer get hurt to defend you being stupid." Lucian spoke harshly, still angry for what had occured. "I thought I taught you better." Finally his tone seemed to calm down, as he raised his head to look away for a moment. He realized his son came to apologise, not to get another speech rained down on him.

"I hope you atleast learned from it." His tone back to normal, one eye turned to look at Daikon. Lucian let out a deep breath. "Alright. But you should be apologising to Kajo as well. He came to defend you, whilst you were the attacker." Finally Lucian lowered his muzzle to give his son a slight reassuring nudge. "It's ok."